The 7 best platforms to sell books

Selling your books is a great way to share your material with other readers , as well as allowing you to save space and easily earn money . Therefore, using a site to sell books is a very good way to start. Some of these allow you to sell your books with total autonomy, while others work differently, since you must send your books to the platform to resell them and receive your money.

On the Internet there is no shortage of platforms dedicated to the sale of books that you can use to earn some money and even buy other titles. Therefore, here we will present the best platforms to sell books, so you can choose the one that meets your expectations.

What are the best platforms to sell e-books and digital books?

There are thousands of platforms that allow you to sell your digital books and earn a good income, including:

1. Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing

Amazon definitely dominates the market in various sectors. Kindle Direct Publishing was launched in the year 2000 , and even though ebooks weren't very popular at that time, it was still built with the future in mind. Currently, Amazon is the one that controls the market and having so many users makes it a good alternative for independent authors.

  • It has many users, which gives it greater reach.
  • Quick and easy process to publish.
  • Search visibility algorithm, which can be your ally if you are just starting out.
  • Option for self-promotion.
  • Payment of fees for each page they can read.
  • You can only have access to all the tools, if you publish the exclusive of your book on the platform.
  • With such a wide user base, the competition is great.


Bubok is one of the pioneering platforms in the book sales publishing marketIn addition, it also allows you to choose between a large library of ebooks and paper, where you not only have these advantages, but also have the possibility that your book reaches at least 1,000 digital bookstores , and this includes Amazon, Corte English and Book House.

  • Access to different bookstores and platforms to sell books.
  • The profits from the sale of the book are distributed in 80% of the profits for the author and the other 20% is kept by the Bubok publishing house.
  • By using Bubok you can order as many copies as you want for sale.
  • You will not have access to all the tools or possibilities of the market, if you do not cancel the subscription of the paid pack.
  • It does not have a proofreader or a layout artist. So the generated files will be printed in the same way that you send them.


Another great option for you to make yourself known as an author through a platform to sell books is using Lulu . This is a very popular site for offering a print-on-demand service. In addition, Lulu will allow you to learn about the self-publishing stages and will help you publish your book on its platform.

  • You can integrate your profile from another commerce page and sell directly.
  • It has Word format templates available that you can use and choose the size of the pages.
  • It offers some very useful tools so that you can easily create your covers.
  • It has very high commissions for the distribution of books.
  • Any book you want to publish will need an ISBN number.

4. Smashwords

Smashwords offers you a different business model , since it is not only a platform to sell books, but it also offers you access to its affiliate program, which works as follows: you are in charge of getting a customer who buys a book by any other author and in return you get a part of that sale in the form of commission.

  • It works as a distribution site, which is why it offers access to numerous sales platforms and bookstores.
  • Shows daily reports on the sales of some bookstores.
  • You can purchase special promotions to help you increase the number of sales of your book.
  • The platform is entirely in English and most of its market is Anglo-Saxon.
  • Your book's file format will need to meet certain specifications.


One of the most recommended platforms by independent authors is Kobo . Since with it you can make your book reach many parts of the world and to use it, you just have to choose your country and set the price of the product. In addition, one of the features that stands out the most is the ease of use that Kobo has, so if you are a beginner you will not have any problems using it.

  • Full reader access to the ebook publications library.
  • The stages you must go through to make your publication are very simple and intuitive.
  • The earnings offered by the platform are similar to those of Amazon (70% in case the book has a price greater than $2.99)
  • Fairly limited market reach.
  • Algorithm with little search optimization.

6. Apple Books

It is a very useful online tool for you, since it has a great scope, which in case you are a beginner author will integrate you into the general categories of each genre together with great authors. In addition, the ebooks that are offered within this platform are sold through ibooks Author, which is a very intuitive tool from Apple.

  • Access to the community of users and potential buyers of the Apple brand.
  • Access to a public with greater purchasing power in the market.
  • By using it you will be able to customize your publications much more.
  • The process is complicated when making publications.
  • In case you do not have a Mac, the easiest way to access this platform is through third parties.
  • The author's earnings for each book sold are much lower when compared to other platforms.
  • Little chance of being recognized if you are an independent author.

7.Google Play Books

Google Play Books is one of the great platforms in the ebook market and, as with Apple, it offers a sales system that allows you to be together with great titles. Through this tool you can publish your books in ebook format and enter a market with millions of users.

  • You will have access to the community of users that owns the Google Play books platform.
  • It allows you to make a different offer than the one that usually involves Amazon.
  • The competition is usually not that great if you are a freelance author.
  • It has a smaller market reach than other big ones like Amazon.
  • Self-publishing is much more complicated than on Amazon.
  • It does not offer the function for printing on demand.

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