, earn free money and collect with a minimum amount of 1 $ is a Get Paid To page created in 2012, with which you can generate significant income online for free. To date, this platform has delivered more than $4,950,000 to all its users; As you will see, a not insignificant figure for a website of this style.

Behind is the emblematic company 99 Ventures LTD, who is responsible for creating other similar pages. Such as, Rewarding Ways and Offernation, who have in their guarantee to be one of the best GPT pages that I have tried.

Relevant aspects of

  • engages in multiple activities, including surveys, videos, banner ads, website registrations, contests, and online offers.
  • Developed by the British company 99 Ventures LTD, whose head office is in London.
  • Winnings can be withdrawn from $1.
  • Various electronic methods of withdrawing money, including; PayPal, Skrill, Bitcoin and Amazon gift cards.
  • Referral system of 1 unlimited level with which you can earn up to 25% of the income of your guests.
  • The official language of is English.
  • You can register on this platform from anywhere in the world.

How does it work?

Its operation is not very different from other GPT platforms. Basically, the page will reward you every time you complete some of its activities, including answering surveys, downloading and testing apps, watching advertisements, playing video games, among others. has two sections, one called “Your Cash” and another called “Your Points”. In the first one, all the money you get by completing activities will accumulate automatically. While in the second the points obtained will be accumulated.

This is so, because the platform can reward you with real money or with points; keep in mind that the latter can be exchanged for prizes or money in the section called "Convert Points & Cash".

At this point it is worth mentioning that 1 point in is equivalent to $0.01, meaning that $1 would be 100 points in the system. It is also important to note that the platform allows you to exchange dollars for points.

registration process

Registering in is very fast, simple and will not take more than 1 minute. To do this, you only have to enter its official page and click on "Join Free" where you can fill in your basic information, which includes name, email, password...

Likewise, you must indicate to the system the email you will use to collect your earnings through PayPal, Krill or Bitcoin. It is important to mention that the only requirement that the platform requires is that you be over 18 years of age.

Once this requirement is met and the requested information is completed, you must click on the button that says "Create Account", and in this way you will be ready to use and start earning money online.

How can I generate income? has four sections to earn money and accumulate points, which we will describe below:

Paid surveys: this section is dedicated to surveys and in it you can find up to 13 panels with a fairly wide variety of market studies. In general, answering these surveys will take you between 10 to 15 minutes and the payment is made in dollars.

The reward for completing each survey will change from one to another, for this reason I recommend going to the chat where you will find valuable information about market studies and the ones that pay the best. In particular, I like the ones found in the section called “Your-Surveys Worldwide Direct Unlimited”.

Wall of offers: this is a section to earn points, here you can perform countless tasks. For example, watching videos, registering on web pages, downloading applications, among others.

Referrals: like other similar platforms, has its own referral system in which you can earn up to 25% of the income of your guests, not bad for a page of this style.

Contests: finally, it has a contest system that rewards the best users of the platform. Where up to 1000 dollars are distributed every three months to the 20 best users.

How to withdraw my earnings?

Requesting a withdrawal at is very easy since you only need to have accumulated $1. To do so, you must go to the “Withdraw Cash” submenu where you will find several payment methods, including PayPal, Skrill and Bitcoin. For the first two you only need to have $1, while to withdraw Bitcoin you will need to accumulate $40.

Keep in mind that the first time you withdraw money, the system will verify your account through a phone call, where you will be given a pin or number that you must enter into the platform. All this is done to increase the security and reliability of the system.

Is safe? Does it really pay? is a safe and 100% reliable page. Behind it is 99 Ventures LTD, a serious and responsible company that has spent several years exclusively dedicated to developing GPT platforms successfully.

Since I started using SuperPay. I have been able to confirm my responsibility regarding the withdrawal of my income, without a doubt I would recommend it as an excellent way to generate extra income.

Advantages and disadvantages

Below we will mention the main advantages and disadvantages of using

  • is a free platform.
  • The minimum amount to make a withdrawal is low.
  • It has been running for more than a decade.
  • You have several options to withdraw your earnings.
  • When you enter they give you $0.20.
  • You can register from anywhere in the world.
  • It has a wide variety of tasks and activities to earn money.
  • It has a pretty lucrative prize system.
  • Pay on time.
  • The official language of the page is English.

Opinion about is an excellent platform to earn money online, doing small activities and micro jobs. Since I have been using this page, I have been able to corroborate its responsibility when paying its users on time.

Within this platform you can find a wide portfolio of tasks and activities with which to earn money online, as well as accumulate extra points that you can also exchange for real money.

Without fear of being wrong, is a great GPT site worth trying, so go ahead and indulge in its charms.

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