PopAds: complete guide to earn money

There are many pop-up ad platforms out there these days and finding the best network for your site or blog can be a tricky task, so I'm sure you'll love learning about this network. PopAds.net is currently considered the best Pop-under promotion advertising platform. In this regard, keep reading this PopAds review and I will show you why it is a leading Pop-Under advertising network .

These days, most advertising systems have a strict need for high traffic to join their system as a publisher. This can be very irritating for new publishers who do not have a significant volume of traffic to their site or blog. Similarly, there can be no guarantee of payments, and there may be problems with rates and charges. At that time, you can perceive what problems may arise when you select an advertising system to monetize your blog traffic.

This means you can't just pick an ad deal and start monetizing. You need an open system that pays well, is genuine, secure, and offers some payment alternatives.

So, let's do a quick review and see what PopAds.net really brings to publishers.

PopAds Review and Main Features

These are part of the criteria by which you judge any ad network ( rates, payouts, quality, and speed ). So, in case you are really stumped as to which promotion system would be best for you, I thought that PopAds could be a great option for advertising organization. It is a simple and secure advertising system that pays the most amazing rates to its publishers.

PopAds.net has the reputation of being the most famous advertising system in the field of affiliate marketing. They are actually one of the most established advertising systems out there, dating back to the year 2010. They have a really substantial stock overview along with a wide range of accessible payment methods.

Traffic occurs when a guest visits a site that carries PopAds advertising content. As the guest visits the site, a pop-up window shows the URL published by the advertiser.

PopAds is a network that specializes in Pop-under ads , although it also offers ads like Pop-up , Tab under and Tab-up.

Also, most of the publishing systems have a problem, for example, the payment minimum, payment methods or approval. However, with PopAds there is no such problem. PopAds.net is considered as a standout among the best promotion systems for entertainment sites as well.

PopAds offers a CPV (cost per view) dependent ad system

In this sense, your guests do not have to touch anything. Every time you visit your site and it is placed anywhere on your page, it will open a popup ad in another tab and you will earn money from this. Plus, they offer the most amazing CPV rates in the business, which can be as high as $6 per 1000 ads viewed. CPV rates depend on the geographical area of ​​the invitees and the theme of the site.

Clearly, you might want to find out more about this PopAds ad platform. In this sense, we are going to see why PopAds is considered the best ad network.

Distributors have an extraordinary preferred point of view when they join PopAds. To tell the truth, PopAds is one of the highest ad systems and the most notable fees. In addition, it offers a simple and fast site approval procedure. Filter all traffic from intermediaries, bots, mobiles, and work on improving the quality of traffic.

Similarly, you have many approaches in alternatives that incorporate the class and the keyword to get the best speed and quality of traffic control.

Main Features of PopAds

As a matter of first importance, PopAds is the best ad network.

Second, PopAds represents considerable authority for serving Pop-under ads. Pop-up ad promotions do not require space on your site, and are displayed in a separate window or tab of the program. At that time, PopAds. it can end up being a decent way to earn extra money from your blog or website.

Third, PopAds' CPM rates are one of the most remarkable in the business. They pay great eCPM rates for publishers. For sites that receive traffic from English-speaking countries, eg the United States, CPM costs can be as high as $6 per thousand impressions. The eCPM rate relates to traffic originating from multiple nations. In general, distributors can expect CPM rates of $0.60 to $3.00 per thousand impressions for worldwide traffic.

PopAds.net offers a low payout limit of $5 , and you can withdraw money instantly whenever you reach this amount. It offers several payment methods to its publishers. You can withdraw your money through PayPal , Payza, Payoneer and bank transfer. Another great advantage is that it also offers an interesting referral system with which you can get a bonus of up to 10%.

PopAds Highlights

Take the example of other advertising systems in the Internet world, a large part of them pay once every 30 days. In any case, the good thing about PopAds.net is that they pay every day. Also, it's not important to stay in control to have at least $100 in your Popads.net account, not even $10. With only $5 you can withdraw your money. Therefore, you only need to earn $5 to request your first payout. If you withdraw the money through PayPal, the money arrives instantly in your account.

In this way, PopAds can become the most important approach to improve the profits of your blog.


The operation of the platform is very simple and is divided into 3 main sections:
  1. Advertiser panel.
  2. Publisher Dashboard.
  3. Account Manager .
Here, we focus on the Advertiser Dashboard, as a large portion of users are also interested in buying traffic. There is also a different area that allows you to do another campaign. Additionally, there is a reporting area to follow the execution of your campaigns live. Finally, you have a basic learning form with 17 questions that is currently accessible.

Statistics and optimization

PopAds offers you statistics constantly. Be that as it may, the reports are not very specific and are defined as you get with other promotion systems. Taking all aspects into account, you can see general information, including impressions and spending. Also, you can confirm the information by site ID.

To do this, you need to tap on the reports in the " Advertiser Dashboard ". At that point, choose the date and time. Then with the « Additional filtering », you can all the campaigns for the specific countries. You can actually research many fascinating metrics like website traffic and bid offers.

PopAds traffic

PopAds is one of the largest traffic networks out there. PopAds has extremely liberal terms and does not go after those high-traffic publisher sites. Also, it recognizes a wide range of sites and supports all themes and niches.

The beneficial thing about PopAds is that you have done a quality rating. In this way, the better the content of a site, the higher the rate. Another aspect to take into account is that it offers both desktop traffic and mobile traffic as well.

Offers and campaigns

Types of promotions: select pops (PopUnder, Popup, Tab-under, Tab-up)

View Costs: CPV

Campaigns: adults and standard.


Minimum deposit: $10 for PayPal and AlertPay. Be that as it may, there is no base amount for bank transfers.

Is PopAds a reliable ad network?

Despite the fact that there are many untrustworthy promotion systems, this is not the case with PopAds. I have written this article to clarify this uncertainty in the minds of publishers.

You can feel free to try to host the PopAds ad for your blog or site. There are several Pop installation tests, which can be effectively discovered over the Internet. Consequently, you can, without much effort, locate the promo code on your blog or site and expect to earn handsome profits through this amazing growing advertising system.

Needs to get approval

PopAds has no explicit need for approval to display ads on your site or blog. It recognizes a wide range of destinations, for example, adult destinations, non-adult destinations, subdomains, etc.

The registration procedure takes only a couple of minutes. When you've completed the site registration technique, you'll automatically get approved and can start making money from your blog or website.

Payment Methods

They have a delivery option every day. PopAds.net pays its publishers via PayPal, AlertPay and bank exchange. Your base fee is only $5. You can withdraw the money you have earned whenever you need it. When your income reaches $5.

You can also transfer money from your publisher account to your advertiser account and vice versa.

On which sites can I use PopAds?

PopAds are not very useful for sites with high-quality content. That is exactly the motivation behind why we are not using PopAds on our websites and web magazines.

To use PopAds effectively you must have a high traffic blog. If you have an entertainment blog, pops can be a valuable method of creating a decent payout measure and saving money online. PopAds also works admirably on gifting and cashback sites.

In a nutshell, the advantage of using the PopAds network is the following :

  • High CPM offers: an average of $3 and more than $6 depending on the country.
  • There are no basic traffic needs.
  • They accept traffic from all countries.
  • Low minimum payout limit – $5
  • Accept any type of site.
  • Several payment methods and, in addition, payments are made instantly.

Conclusion :

The Pop audit shows that it is not just a well-known pup-under system. It is also a genuine advertising system and with which you can earn a lot of money as an advertiser and publisher.

It has a simple registration methodology with no basic traffic needs. Plus, it offers the highest CPM rates in the business.

Consequently, PopAds offers several points of interest for publishers who want to run Pop-under Ads on their sites to monetize their traffic.

PopAds.net is a Pop-Under promotion network with tons of traffic and capabilities. It really is a great opportunity to earn money online.

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