List of the 10 youtubers that earn the most money per year worldwide

Being a content creator is for many one of the most overwhelming jobs that exists today. However, it can also be one of the most fun to do and beneficial; You can see this in the list of the 10 youtubers that earn the most money per year .

Although it may seem easy to many, being a successful youtuber is not a process that happens overnight; It is essential to be patient, have time and dedication . Since, these will be the pillars that will keep you in the foreground at all times; Some or another SEO strategy must even be applied to position.

The truth is not an easy task, but there are a lot of people who have achieved success. What allows them, to be able to live on YouTube and have a life of billionaires. Next, a TOP of the youtubers that earned the most money between June 1, 2019 and June 1, 2020 according to journalists from Forbes magazine, are the following.

10. Jeffree Star ($15 million)

At number 10 is Jeffree Star , who has stood out in the digital world for sharing multiple videos where he shows material related to makeup in general and fashion.

This youtuber currently has his own cosmetics brand, and one of the most prominent in the sector . However, in recent years more than one controversy has arisen against him, where accusations related to racism and his sexual life are seen.
  • Average annual earnings: $15 million.
  • Total subscribers: 16.2 million.

9. David Dobrik ($15.5 million)

David Dobrik is a 24-year-old young adult who lives in the United States and who, according to FORBES magazine, is one of the youtubers that earns the most money per year . His main theme is comedy and humor. However, he previously dedicated himself to generating content on Vine, but this changed in 2014 when he opened his account on YouTube.

Nowadays, he also has a TikTok channel where he uploads material daily, doing all kinds of challenges that are requested by a massive audience. In addition, thanks to his fame, multiple companies known as EA Sports or Bumble sponsored his content .
  • Average annual earnings: $15.5 million.
  • Total subscribers: 18.3 million.

8. Blippi ($17 million)

Blippi 's YouTube channel belongs to a 32-year-old young adult who shows great enthusiasm for teaching the little ones at home. With this, it is intuited that educational and entertaining material for children can be seen on his channel .

It should be noted that he has only been in the industry for 6 years, and is currently positioned as one of the highest paid youtubers . Furthermore, he already owns his own line of toys, which he sells through multiple marketplaces, like Amazon, for example.
  • Average annual earnings: $17 million.
  • Total subscribers: 27.4 million (the figure is distributed among the different channels it owns).

7. Like Nastya ($18.5 million)

Anastasia Radzinskaya is a 6-year-old Russian-born girl. On her successful YouTube channel, this little girl plays with her father and they carry out various educational activities for her audience.

In 2019, he was positioned in FORBES magazine as one of the children who earns the most money with the video platform , and during the 2019-2020 evaluation period, he consolidated once again accumulating a million-dollar profit of:
  • Average annual earnings: $18.5 million.
  • Total subscribers: the sum of subscribers of all its channels makes an approximate of 190.6 million.

6. Preston Playz ($19 million)

Preston is a young youtuber who earns a fortune thanks to his videos related to video games . His content can be categorized as suitable for people of multiple ages, and his career as a content creator began in mid-2010.

Thanks to his dedication and perseverance in playing today's most popular installments, such as Minecraft, Fortnite or Call Of Duty, Preston Arsement became one of the most money- earning youtubers in a year , according to FORBES magazine reports. .
  • Average annual earnings: $19 million.
  • Total subscribers: 18.3 million on his main account.

5. Markiplier ($19.5 million)

Markiplier is the nickname given by Mark Fischbach to his YouTube channel. This character is 32 years old and has been creating charismatic and fun content for YouTube since 2012.

His integration into comedy was a success, and thanks to his discipline, today he is one of the youtubers that earns the most money in his category and has the most number of subscribers. His annual earnings are around:
  • Average annual earnings: $19.5 million.
  • Total subscribers: 30.3 million.

4. Rhett and Link ($20 million)

In addition to children, comedy and video games, we also find the duo of Rhett and Link . These American citizens have stood out on the video platform, and have been recognized by FORBES as 2 of the youtubers that have earned the most money in a year.

In addition to dedicating themselves to creating content for YouTube, this couple of friends also works offline; such as acting, singing, film directing, among others.
  • Average annual earnings: $20 million.
  • Total subscribers: 41.8 million.

3. Dude Perfect ($23 million)

This YouTube channel is managed by a group of 5 friends who are dedicated to carrying out multiple activities with the aim of entertaining their demanding and perfectionist public; from sports activities, to creating or making their own inventions and putting them to the test .

It should be noted that it is one of the channels with the most views on the video platform; accumulating a total of 13 billion views since its creation in 2009 . Their great success led them to be recognized by FORBES as part of the youtubers that earn the most money per year.
  • Average annual earnings: $23 million.
  • Total subscribers: 56.8 million.

2. MrBeast ($24 million)

Jimmy Donaldson is one of the most viral and viewed youtubers on the Internet . This thanks to his videos in which he uses and gives away fortunes of money in material goods or the like.

His career as a youtuber began in the middle of 2011, and from that moment to the present date, he accumulated an amazing number of followers, in addition to having a great fortune that any other content creator would like to have .
  • Average annual earnings: $24 million.
  • Total subscribers: 49 million.

1. Ryan Kaji ($29.5 million)

To finish the TOP, in the number 1 position we find Ryan Kaji , a little boy who was born in 2011 and who together with his family create content for the most used video platform on the Internet.

The little youtuber ranked #1 for the incredible fortune he minted in the 2019-2020 time frame . In addition, that he has also liked his personality and the type of content he offers.
  • Average annual earnings: $29.5 million.
  • Total subscribers: 41.7 million.

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