Is Redbubble reliable? opinions and how it works

If you are a designer or you are in this world of fashion or anything else relevant that deals with the creation of products, surely you have heard of these platforms that let you sell your designs in their different stores, you take any product and give it your your own style and put it up for sale on these platforms without spending anything more than time creating the design and other important data, which sounds really good, but does it really work?

Today I will talk about Redbubble, a platform with this very interesting system, we will touch on how it works, how reliable it can be and everything relevant so that you can decide if the platform is for you.Earn money with Redbubble

What is Redbubble and how does it work?

Redbubble is a platform where you can create and sell your designs without investing anything more than your time and imagination, there is a wide variety of products where you can capture your art and start earning money, the operation is the same as many other platforms, you create the design to your liking either of t-shirts, mugs and other products that will be available once you register, and you put it on sale in your store that will be within the platform, so that when there is a person who is interested in buying your product, they can do it without no problem.

Redbubble is in charge of printing the product and sending it to the recipient of the interested person, this of course will cost you a commission that will come from the price of the product itself.

What types of designs can I use on Redbubble?

  • Vector designs adjusting the size.
  • Photos taken by you.
  • You can be inspired by images already created and modify them to your liking.
  • Illustrations always taking into account the dimensions.

Redbubble measurements

One of the most important things to be able to have and deliver a quality article on this platform are the measurements, in addition to the fact that the same platform has certain requirements to accept your design, this will also make the article of higher quality after printing it.

The platform tells us that our designs will be better printed if we create the design with a high resolution, making it clear that it refers to the resolution in pixels , not the file size. In this case, it is best to follow the resolution recommended by the platform.

Below I leave the link where you will find all the recommended resolutions, separated by type of product.

Important points

  • It has 24-hour customer service
  • You have to wait a month to receive your earnings.
  • You don't need to invest

What is the redbubble partner program?

The redbubble partner program is a system that the platform uses to open up the possibility of working with popular brands, this is that the platform has a certain list of brands with which it is associated and with which we can make our fan art inspired, this with official licenses, of course, for this you must meet certain requirements depending on the brand you want to work with, the better you adapt to the guidelines requested by each brand, the greater chances you will have that your work will be accepted.

Once you have made your design with the established guidelines, you can upload it to Redbubble and tag the corresponding brand so they can review it and if everything is correct it can be accepted, if you don't know how to tag it, you just have to read the brand guidelines there That information also comes.

If you want more information about this system and how to get your design accepted, just enter ( HERE )

How to make money with Redbubble?

I think that I have already explained the system well before, basically you upload a product with your own design and if you achieve sales you earn money, now I will focus on explaining the steps you must take to start earning money with redbubble.

The first thing we must do, as in almost all platforms, is to register, after this we will begin to upload our designed articles with their respective description and review , in this we have to take into account that if we use keywords you will have more possibilities of achieving sales.

The other point that we must keep in mind when creating our design are the measurements that I leave above, in some cases the platform templates you and other data that can be used to achieve a more professional product, so I advise you to go to the page that I leave above

When will I receive the money from Redbubble? payment methods

In order to receive our earnings, we must reach the minimum of 20 euros, with respect to commissions and how much you will earn for each sale, let me tell you that everything will depend on the type of product and brand you sell, since this directly influences the price, you can Take a look at the platform's catalog to get an idea of ​​the prices.

The creation commission is included in the price , which also depends on the product and brand in which you want to capture your design.

the withdrawal of our earnings will be done through PayPal every 15th of the month, of course, as long as you have reached the minimum, which is 20 euros, in the video you have more information on the subject, in addition to giving your opinion on the platform.


  • 24 hour customer service
  • Easy to use
  • Variety of products you can work with
  • You don't need to invest
  • You have to wait a month to receive your earnings.
  • You need to have creativity

Frequent questions

How much money do I earn per sale?

The commissions and how much you will earn for each sale will depend on the type of product and brand you sell, since this directly influences the price, you can take a look at the platform's catalog to get an idea of ​​the prices.

How do I withdraw my earnings from Redbubble?

I have left a video so that you can understand the process perfectly, I recommend that you watch it, regarding the payment methods and minimums, let me tell you that on Redbubble it is withdrawn through paypal once you have the minimum of 20 euros, it is important to have Keep in mind that payments are made every 15th of the month, and if the 15th of that month falls on a weekend, you will receive it until the 17th.

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