How to make money reading books on the Internet (10 profitable websites)

If you're a “bookworm” or really enjoy reading, chances are you're excited about making money reading books.

At the moment, there are many websites that pay you to read . Thus, you could do a pleasurable activity and get paid at the same time. Wouldn't that be amazing?

Certainly, you will not generate thousands of dollars reading books on the Internet, but if you want to diversify your sources of income without so much effort, this option could fit you like a glove.

Will you actually get paid for reading?

The answer is yes. You can generate extra income from wherever you are if you register on the correct and reliable websites.

This is a great alternative to cover minor expenses. Best of all, you can get down to work during your leisure time, or even while doing other activities of your day to day.

As if that were not enough, in most cases you do not need extraordinary skills to take advantage of this form of Internet income generation .
Literally anyone could benefit from it and that's an advantage you don't usually get that easily.

Websites to make money reading books

 make money reading books
These are the best websites, to earn money reading, from any corner of the planet.

1. Goodreads

This platform is specially designed to write reviews about your favorite books. It's a huge subsidiary of Amazon, and once you sign up you can create reading lists, and even many publisher catalog bookstores.

Another advantage that you should keep in mind is that very interesting job offers are usually published there.
Some of these include creating professional reviews or doing proofreading for the many authors who make a living on Goodreads.

Mixtus Media finds this site great for sharing reviews of works that you find exciting.

But at the same time, that's a great way to support other authors and help them gain visibility and authority in this digital environment.
Consequently, a win-win situation is created that could keep you motivated and satisfied.

2. Audiobook Creative Exchange of Amazon

If you'd like to use your voice to record audiobooks, the Audiobook Creative Exchange of Amazon is shaping up to be a great platform to make money reading books.

What should you do? Start by registering on the website as a storyteller. Once you are accepted, select a book from the list that they provide you and dedicate yourself to recording.

The payment is calculated based on the hours that the recording requires. Plus, you can earn up to 20% royalties on user purchases of audiobooks you narrated with your own voice, according to Indeed .

3. Online Book Club

This website can pay you anywhere from $5 to $60 to do online book reviews. It is a book club that will help you earn money by reading in a fun, easy and reliable way.

However, it has a clear policy: You will not receive financial compensation for the first review you share on the site.

This measure allows them to assess whether you are really qualified to perform this type of task online.
Also, from time to time they could send you physical books totally free. You will surely love this benefit if you are a fan of reading!

4.Kirkus _

This company is dedicated to creating book reviews, and even does work directly for Amazon.
This digital magazine is looking for experts and novices who want to write reviews online.

Please note that reviews are typically at least 350 words in length and must be completed within 15 days.
Also, it should be noted that you can maximize your extra income from home by sharing reviews in two languages: English and Spanish.

5. Prolific Academic

It is a free platform that allows users to participate in paid surveys and market research in exchange for payment in foreign currency.

Surveys are generally based on scientific studies and are well known; to the point that very prestigious universities, including Oxford, support them.
Additionally, payments can be received by PayPal . Therefore, if you reside in Latin America and want to join the site, you will not have problems when making your withdrawals.

Keep in mind that after registering, you will need to complete a series of personal questions to successfully set up your account.

In this sense, it is very important that you complete this step and be as specific as possible, since this will determine the quantity and quality of the surveys you receive each month.

6. Discovery

This platform will allow you to review independent books that could generate you extra income , as well as many hours of fun.

You just have to register and complete an online form . If you're accepted as a book reviewer, you'll be able to get down to business right away.

The library of indie works that are available on Discovery is really extensive; so you shouldn't have any problems when choosing the works that deserve review.

7. Any Subject Books

This platform will help you earn money reading. You will literally receive your payments in cash.
Its self-publishing services have given it great dynamism and have also attracted dozens of authors and reviewers online.

In this case, your payments will depend on the volume of the book and its level of difficulty. But you could still generate significant income as an active member of this site.

8. The US Review of Books

If you are not an amateur book reviewer, let alone a beginner writing reviews, this site could become your best source of income on the Internet.
However, your reviews should be of a professional quality, as this is a very prestigious and well-known national organization.

The good thing is that its catalog is varied and extensive, since it does not have any book discrimination policy.
Once you register you must request permission to read the works that you like the most and finally you will be able to share a review of 250 or 300 words completely online.

9. Publishers Weekly

It is one of the most recognized online magazines right now, thanks to the focus they give to international book publishing.
This has allowed them to impact more readers and reach a much broader and more diverse audience.

Specifically, you will be able to review self-published books that cover a wide variety of topics or interests.

Every week they post job openings related to creating freelance reviews.
Therefore, you could have assignments quite frequently, which will increase your income more quickly.

10. Booklist Publications

It is widely known as a prestigious magazine for librarians. In fact, the American Library Association is leading this great initiative.

Before you apply on the site, make sure you have the skills to do an amazing job.
If you meet the requirements and are qualified to become a member of Booklist Publications, you could create short reviews of books published on the site without hassle or headache.

Alternatives to earn money reading on the Internet

make money reading books
Currently, there are different ways to earn money reading online. Below we will explain the most common:

writing reviews

Did you know that an average of 3,000 books are published every day? We are really talking about a very broad and constantly moving market.

Right now, there are dozens of websites that can pay you to read books, in exchange for sharing an honest review.
Some of them pay $5 for each 350-word review, while others pay a little more for a longer review (1,000 or 1,500 words).

And if you are already immersed in this market segment, you could negotiate your own rates yourself.

Proofreading and editing work

 make money reading books
Creating online reviews is not the only way to earn money reading. If you have writing and proofreading skills, you could also serve as an online editor or proofreader.

Once authors finish writing their books, they must undergo meticulous review, proofreading, and editing before being released to the market.

You can do this work independently, joining freelance platforms , such as Upwork or Fiverr , which will allow you to manage your portfolio and your professional fees with greater freedom.

Lend your voice for audiobooks

Another way to monetize this passion is by reading books out loud. Basically, you will lend your voice to record audiobooks and in return you will receive a significant salary.
However, for this you must have certain skills ; like having a good diction, an impeccable pronunciation, and in many cases, a neutral accent.

Also, it should be noted that you must take this job very seriously. Do not try to monetize it on your own, because you could get into serious trouble.

For example, if you decide to record a narrated version of a work, without the authorization of its writer, you could commit an infringement and face a lawsuit.

So, don't try to read books to upload them to YouTube or then directly profit from them.
Instead, dedicate yourself to taking advantage of this type of work on a freelance basis , either in specialized portals, or through a legally established publisher.

paid surveys

Paid surveys also allow you to earn extra dollars every month. All you have to do is read their prompts and then complete simple tasks to make money online.
The key is to join the most lucrative and secure survey panels on the market to avoid scams and maximize your time reading and working.

You can register on these sites for free and receive cash, through PayPal, as well as physical prizes, gift cards or electronic vouchers from large businesses.

Start earning money reading

You have just met ten profitable websites to earn money reading: without stress, at your own pace and from anywhere in the world.
If you are passionate about reading and you have not started to monetize it, it is time to get down to work.

At this time, the Internet offers you endless facilities to generate extra income, without so much effort and without exclusive dedication.
Really, you have many options within reach to conquer your financial freedom through the web. Are you ready to generate recurring income with reading?

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