GrabPoints, win online rewards completely free

GrabPoints is a Get Paid To page that allows you to earn online rewards completely free, or if you prefer, you can also get real money by redeeming points earned within the platform. To do this, the system has several means of payment, including PayPal, Skrill and Amazon Gift Card.

Something interesting about this platform is that previously it worked as an application, however, after a while, its owners decided to change it and currently it is only possible to access it from its website.

What you will find in this blog

  1. Main aspects of GrabPoints
  2. GrabPoints registration process
  3. How to generate income?
  4. Referral system in GrabPoints
  5. How can I withdraw my winnings?
  6. Is GrabPoints safe? Does it really pay?
  7. Advantages and disadvantages
  8. Opinion about GrabPoints

Main aspects of GrabPoints

GrabPoints reward people for completing certain tasks, activities, or mini-jobs online. For example, seeing advertisements, downloading apps, registering on other websites...

Among the main aspects of GrabPoints we can highlight the following:
  • It was developed by "The Marketing Group Inc", a British company founded in 2014, whose specialty is advertising and marketing.
  • The minimum amount to request a withdrawal is 3 thousand points, which is equivalent to $3.
  • Payment methods include large electronic platforms, such as PayPal and Skrill, as well as a wide variety of gift cards, including Amazon.
  • Unlimited 1-level referral system with which you can obtain up to 250 points from your guests, as long as they reach a thousand points.
  • The official language of GrabPoints is English.
  • GrabPoints can be accessed from any country in the world.

GrabPoints registration process

Signing up for GrabPoints is extremely easy. You only have to enter their website, provide your email and a personal password. Then you will receive an email so you can confirm your new account, and in that way you will be ready to start earning money in this magnificent GPT.

How to generate income?

Although it is true that this platform is in English, its design and architecture are very user-friendly. Also with the google translator there is no word that you cannot understand.

In GrabPoints there are several clearly defined sections with which you can win prizes and money, and they are:
  • Paid surveys: this section of the platform is dedicated to completing market studies that are updated daily.
  • The wall of offers: in this section you will find various activities, such as downloading applications, viewing advertisements and registering on web pages.
  • Watch videos: as its name indicates, this section is dedicated to watching videos on the platform.
  • Complete offers: the activity in this section is focused on registering on other sites by completing some information.
  • Download apps: a section dedicated exclusively to downloading and testing applications.
  • Promotional Codes: This section is quite interesting, and basically consists of looking for codes or coupons on social networks and then uploading them to the system and obtaining additional points.

Referral system in GrabPoints

Like other GPT sites, GrabPoints has its own referral system, with which you can earn up to 250 points when your guests reach 1000 points.

In this regard, it is important to clarify that the system makes a distinction between users from different countries. Awarding the maximum score (250 points) to people who register from the United States, Canada and Great Britain. While users from Latin American countries are given a lower reward (25 points).

How can I withdraw my winnings?

GrabPoints awards points to your users once they complete the activities. These points can be exchanged for rewards within the system, such as Amazon gift cards. Or for real money through the electronic payment gateways of PayPal and Skrill.

In the case of PayPal you will need to accumulate 3000 points, that is, $3; if you are going to withdraw money by Skrill you need 3600 points or $3.6 and to get an Amazon gift card you must have a minimum of 3500 points or $3.5.

In addition to this, the GrabPoints platform rewards its users with gift cards or gift cards from iTunes, PlayStation and Google Play.

Is GrabPoints safe? Does it really pay?

GrabPoints has been in operation since 2016, and since then it has paid all its users in a timely manner. In general terms, payments through PayPal and Skrill are received in 1 or 2 days. However, in some cases it may take a little longer.

Fortunately, the system has good technical support to help its users solve any setbacks regarding the withdrawal of their income.

Advantages and disadvantages

Below we will mention the main advantages and disadvantages of using GrabPoints:

  • GrabPoints is a free platform.
  • It has a fairly extensive portfolio to earn money.
  • The minimum amount to request a withdrawal is low.
  • It has been running for several years and paying on time.
  • It has a quite interesting catalog of prizes.
  • You can access it from anywhere in the world.
  • By remaining inactive for 30 continuous days you can lose the points obtained.
  • The difference in the referral system for users from Latin American countries is abysmal.

Opinion about GrabPoints

After several years of activity within GrabPoints, I can affirm that it is an excellent platform to win prizes and money online completely free.

GrabPoints is a complete, robust and reliable GPT page, which has an impressive variety of activities with which you can generate extra income from the comfort of your home.

My recommendation is that you try it and start earning points on this interesting Get Paid To platform. Finally, remember to remain active within 30 days, otherwise you may lose the points earned.

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