Earn Money with AdCombo

Many people may say that CPA Marketing networks are the same. Actually, if you look for the opportunities that each CPA network offers you, you will realize that they are not at all the same. The way to make money with AdCombo is really in the details and the little things that make a difference.

An excellent CPA advertising network that has managed to make a name for itself in such a competitive space.

As the home page also says: ¨ AdCombo has changed CPA Marketing forever ¨ and it's not that they want to change CPA Marketing forever, they already have.

AdCombo is the most fantastic network that exists to make money on the Internet. They have higher conversion rates than many CPA networks and very good affiliate managers who constantly guide you.

Anyone can make money with AdCombo, so we are going to discover step by step what are the ways and the best tricks to make money with this CPA network.

What is AdCombo?

AdCombo is an affiliate network that started in early 2014 and has managed to gain quite a reputation in such a short time. They are based in Canada, but also operate in 5 other cities around the world.

They prepared a software in private for more than a year, making sure that the services will be first class.

Earn money with AdCombo, you can do it as a publisher or as an advertiser. AdCombo are looking for a balance between advertisers and publishers, offering quality traffic and very high payouts, making sure that both parties get what they are looking for. As AdCombo specializes in CPA Marketing , they are able to offer a better and much more personalized service for publishers than many other CPA networks.

Registration and requirements

Registration is one of the easiest things to do and takes less than 24 hours if done correctly. After filling in the registration form, in a few hours a representative from AdCombo will contact you by email and ask for some information about what he does and how he intends to promote the network. If you effectively answer these questions, you will be approved and you can end your membership.

To meet the basic requirements you have to take into account the following:
  • The publisher must not host prohibited content.
  • You cannot have more than one account on the same platform.
  • You have to be honest about what you do and how you reach your audience to promote offers.
The platform is very strict with these rules, but if you stick to them, you will be able to do a great job and make a lot of money with AdCombo.

Register as a publisher

Once registered as an editor, you will be assigned a username and password. Within the platform you will find a very professional and easy to navigate design. AdCombo offers you more than 1000 offers between different industries, such as gaming, dating, business, commerce, etc…

Main features of AdCombo

  • The offers are exclusive, therefore you will not find such offers in any other CPA network.
  • Style Pages are localized for more than 40 regions around the world. They only have two fields to fill out and it's the easiest way to get customers.
  • Payments are made twice a week through PayPal and other transfer systems.
  • Another good feature that this network has is that it accepts any type of traffic.
  • They have a wide range of offerings in different industries.
Another nice feature that we don't find in many CPA networks is the Cash-on Delivery model that works like this:
  1. The client who places the order through our destination page, has to enter the name and telephone number.
  2. In an hour or two an agent will contact the customer by phone.
  3. Once the customer has confirmed the order by phone, you receive the money in your account.

Other features

  • Statistics: allows you to observe the performance metrics of your campaigns.
  • News: here you can see updates, offers and other information.
  • Offers
  • Tickets: A form of extra help for when you don't want to contact your personal manager.
  • Payments: allows you to make payments and see all the history.
  • Referral history: show your affiliates.
  • History: here you can see all your activity on the network.
  • Tools: you can edit, translate landing pages and add domains.
  • Settings: you can change the general settings, security and your payment method.
  • Help: you will find an answer to your questions.
  • Blog: it will take you to the site's blog, where you can see the latest posts,

How to start making money with AdCombo

Most of the offers on your network are affiliate offers, paying you a set amount of money each time you get a new lead. Anyone can start earning money with AdCombo without any investment.
How to find a lucrative offer?

To start making money with AdCombo, the quality of the offer is important. A lot of AdCombo offers are cash on delivery, which can help with your affiliate cash flow.

To find the right offer, you have to filter offers based on country, categories, traffic source, and conversion rate. For example, adult oriented offers are more suitable for adult websites and therefore you will have to look for an adult traffic source.

Once the offer is selected, the unique tracking URL is found at the top. You can use up to 4 subaccounts. Just below you will find the available landing pages and by clicking you will see the preview of each one. At the bottom of the offers page, you will find the details, the commission, the traffic source and the restrictions.

Advantages of using AdCombo

When looking at the advantages that publishers have to earn money with AdCombo, we find the following:
  • Account setup is quick and easy.
  • They have a 24 hour opening process.
  • Choosing and running an offer is really simple.
  • The members area is easy to navigate.
  • They offer the best payment terms. You have the freedom to charge twice a week and the minimum payment is not very high.
  • There have never been any complaints about payments on the platform.
  • The support team is truly exceptional. The quality of customer service is superior to the rest of the CPA networks.


  • It does not allow you to run global campaigns because they have restricted your market to a single level.
  • The website is a bit plain, although for many this is not a disadvantage.

Final conclusion

All the major pieces are in place to enable a lucrative opportunity on the platform and the efficient workflow is a huge plus.

As they offer the best paid features on the market, it's a test every publisher should try and start making money with AdCombo.

Start earning money with AdCombo

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