CPAgrip: Complete Guide

CPAGrip is an excellent platform to earn money online. The truth is that you can get a lot of money and without any investment at all.

In this article I am going to explain step by step how you can start generating income with CPAGrip and all the methods and strategies you can apply.

But, first of all you have to know everything about CPAGip:

What is CPAGrip?

CPAGrip is one of the best CPA Marketing platforms that allows you to lock content behind offer walls. That means that if a person wants to see the content, they first have to complete the offer to unlock it. When the offer is complete you receive the payment.

CPAGrip allows you to monetize mobile traffic as well as desktop traffic. They have a variety of offers and tools to monetize your traffic and generate income on a consistent basis.

Depending on the type of offer and the country, you can earn from $0.15 up to $20 and more.

If you are interested in CPAGrip and want to learn how to earn money, register and follow the guide step by step.

How to make money with CPAGrip?

Once you have registered in CPAGrip you can start earning money . I will try to explain step by step and with all the details, so that you understand how each tool works and thus make the most of it from the beginning.


Here in this section you can see the home page, the chat, the statistics, etc…

The dashboard is useful when you want to see what's new on the platform, for example, if you want to see the latest offers added or which offers are performing best. This way you can get an idea in case you want to promote an offer. You will also be able to see what other users earn live.

Statistics and Graphs

This is where you will see everything that happens. All the statistics and graphs of your campaign are in this section.

Now we are going to know the CPAGrip tools, and learn how to earn money with them:

content containers

With this tool you can do awesome content blocking. You can customize to your liking such as:
  • you can customize the charging method
  • access time
  • the background and color scheme
  • you can customize the unlock action and you can even make CSS adjustments.
There are plenty of templates to choose from and all content boxes are mobile friendly.

URL / File Locker Manager

This tool is really a gold mine if you know how to use it. With this tool you can block any URL or file you want. If the visitor wants to access the content or download the file, they first have to complete a short survey. Just like content containers, this tool gives you plenty of ways to customize.

Take a look to see an example:

Example / URL Locker

video lockers

Tool similar to URL Locker that allows you to block videos behind the offer wall.

It is a good tool to earn money with CPAGrip, but I prefer the URL Locker more.

wall of offers

With this tool you can create offers that allow the visitor to take a survey and earn virtual coins, with which they can unlock the content, download a game or an application. It is a good tool to make money with CPAGrip, although I consider it a bit heavy.

Other tools…


  • This tool notifies a server when any potential customer is received.
  • Track your CPA conversions
  • It offers a multi-postback tool and RSS Lead Checker.

live chat

You can contact the other users and join the live chat. This tool will be unlocked once $25.00 is reached.

Payment Center

They offer several payment methods. Among the best I find PayPal, Payoneer, Western Union and Checks by mail. To make a payment you have to reach the minimum amount of $50.00. Payments are made every 30 days. Users who earn more than $1,000 can request payment every 15 days.

Sign up and start earning money

Advantages and Disadvantages of CPAGrip

  • Registration is very easy.
  • All the tools are very easy to use.
  • The live chat section shows you the income of other users and allows you to get advice.
  • Detailed statistics for each each tool.
  • Very easy to customize anything because of the preview feature.
  • Great variety of tools.
  • Very good payment methods.
  • The Video Locker tool is a bit difficult to implement.

My personal opinion

CPAGrip is a very good CPA network to earn money. The tools and customization options are among the best.

Using the URL Locker tool and creating a good landing page and good content, with CPAGrip you can earn a lot of money. Take a look at the “Incentives” offers.

Ready to get started with CPAGrip?

If you have thought about making money with CPAGrip but don't know where to start, take a look:

1. First of all, open an account...

Sign up

2. Once done, think about what you want to monetize.

3. You need to discover what kind of public you can direct your campaigns to and how you can reach them.

4. If you have chosen the niche to monetize and found out who your target audience will be, then you can start creating your campaign.

In four steps you can start earning money with CPAGrip. Now it all depends on your skills and imagination to create successful campaigns.
Examples of types of content you can create:
  • Anything of your own that you can create.
  • Guides, tutorials, cheats for video games, codes, etc...
  • Write eBooks.
  • Write valuable content on various topics.
  • Create your own mobile application.
  • Create download files, etc…
These are just a few examples of how you could use your imagination to make money with CPAGrip. Once these contents are created, there are many ways to promote them. Analyze all aspects well before creating the campaign and then share your link.

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