ClickWorker, a platform to generate income with tasks and mini-jobs

ClickWorker is an online platform created in 2005 and with which you can generate extra income by performing multiple tasks and mini-jobs. Since its foundation, it has positioned itself as one of the main crowdsourcing pages, as evidenced by its more than 3 million active users.

If you like mini jobs and have free time, without a doubt this platform is for you. Here you will find various activities such as filling out surveys, translations, image categorization, proofreading, content verification, web search, application testing...

ClickWorker Main Features

  • Developed by the German company Clickworker GmbH in 2005.
  • The income generated can be requested from €5.
  • It has an excellent rating, above 9 out of 10.
  • Money can be withdrawn via bank transfer or PayPal.
  • The referral system is limited and only one level, in this case €5 is obtained when a referral earns €10 for the first time.
  • The ClickWorker platform is in English and German.
  • This platform can be accessed from any country, but you must be over 18 years of age to be able to work on it.

How to register?

Enter ClickWorker, click on the "Register" button, then select "Earn Money Online", enter the country of origin and complete your basic personal information, such as name, place of residence, date of birth, email, among others.

Once the information is complete, click on "Sign Up" and you will receive an email with which you can verify your new account and start generating extra income from the comfort of your home.

How to complete the profile?

After registering on the platform, the next step will be to complete the profile. To do so, you will have to go to the "ClickWorker profile" section and select the languages ​​you handle, the level of each one of them. As well as, indicate personal skills, aptitudes and hobbies.

Earning money on ClickWorker

You can earn money doing tasks and mini jobs. They are usually very easy to perform, such as:
  • Fill out surveys.
  • Make translations.
  • Categorize images.
  • Correct texts.
  • Check content.
  • Search the web.
  • Test apps.
  • Make transcripts.
  • Write content.
As you can see, ClickWorker allows you to perform a wide variety of tasks with which you can generate extra income. Each of these activities has its own challenges and opportunities. Therefore, it will be the user who decides which one to work with.

What is UHRS?

UHRS is a platform to generate income with mini jobs that is associated with ClickWorker. However, to enter it you will have to present two tests. The first is a language test, in which you must demonstrate your command of English and get the questions right by more than 85%.

If you manage to pass the language test, you will have to take a second test. There you will find some questions about how this platform works. After this, you will receive an email with the necessary data to be able to enter UHRS and start working.

How do referrals work?

ClickWorker's referral system is single level, that is, you will only earn profits for your direct referrals and in a single opportunity. In this way, when a person you have referred generates their first €10, you will get €5 instantly.

As you can see, €5 per referral is a good profit, and since it is a well-known and fairly stable platform, the chances of other people registering and starting to generate income are high, thus increasing your chances of earning money.

Is it a scam or does it really pay?

ClickWorker is not a scam and it really pays, in fact, since its inception this platform has been characterized by fulfilling its commitments to all its users, who see this platform as an important resource to generate extra income.

The ClickWorker platform makes its payments through a bank transfer or using PayPal services, so the rewards system is quite safe. At this point, it is important to note that withdrawals are made weekly automatically starting at €5.

Some questions about ClickWorker

1) Can I use a VPN on ClickWorker?

Unfortunately ClickWorker does not accept VPNs to work within its platform.

2) How should I complete my ClickWorker profile?

When completing your profile in ClickWorker you must be completely honest and enter your real data.

3) What do you mean by Tax identification number?

The tax identification number is the taxpayer's identification number and is used to process tax matters. In the case of ClickWorker, the platform uses it to manage payments.

4) I have been accessing the platform for several days and I don't see jobs. Is that okay?

That's normal, don't worry and keep trying.

5) I wanted to register in ClickWorker but the page tells me that my country is not available. What should I do?

Sometimes the platform does not have jobs for certain countries, but that does not mean that that country is banned from the system, you just have to wait a bit and register later.

6) If I don't pass the UHRS test, can I do it later?

That is not possible, in any case you will have to register with a new email, username and PayPal account.

Advantages and disadvantages

Below we will mention the main advantages and disadvantages of using ClickWorker:

  • ClickWorker is a reliable platform.
  • It is accessible from any country.
  • Payments are received by PayPal or bank transfer.
  • It's completely free.
  • It allows you to generate significant income.
  • It has a wide range of mini jobs.
  • You can charge from €5.
  • You must know English.
  • Sometimes there are not many jobs available.

Conclusions about ClickWorker

After analyzing the ClickWorker structure and the way to earn money with it, we can affirm that it is a robust, serious and totally responsible platform, in which you can generate extra income in very creative ways.

The number of tasks available on this platform makes it highly demanded. It is also available in almost every country in the world and its registration is very easy to carry out. Without a doubt, with ClickWorker you are one click away from earning money.

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