Can you get free Shein gift card?

Who has not ever dreamed of getting that garment that they like so much without having to dig deep into their pockets? Hunting for deals and discounts has become a common practice . And of course, Shein, the fashion store is in the eye of the hurricane. But is it really possible to get these cards for free?

Shein is an online fashion platform that has conquered millions of users around the world. With their wide variety of products at very competitive prices, it's no wonder many are looking for ways to get even more discounts. Next, we tell you everything you need to know about these cards .

What are Shein gift cards?

Shein gift cards are basically a balance that you can use to buy on the platform . You can buy them for yourself or as a gift to someone. But beware, you will not get a physical card. Instead, you will receive an email with the card number and PIN. You just have to enter this information in your Shein profile and that's it, you already have a balance to spend.

Can you get Shein gift cards without paying and for free?

This is where things get interesting. On the Internet, there are pages that claim to be able to generate Shein gift card codes for free. According to these websites, with the click of a button, you can get a gift card of up to $750 USD to buy at Shein. But is this true? The answer is NO .

These pages often ask you to complete surveys or provide personal data to "verify" your identity. In some cases, they even ask you to confirm your phone number via SMS . But, even if you provide this information, it does not guarantee that you will get the gift card. In fact, these pages often remain "pending validation" even after you have provided the data. Therefore, these pages are a scam .

How to officially get Shein gift cards

The only safe and official way to get Shein gift cards is through the Shein platform itself . After speaking directly with a person in charge of Shein, they confirmed that only they sell these gift cards. Therefore, to ensure that you do not fall for any scam, we advise you to purchase them exclusively on their official platform.

Alternatives to get coupons and discounts at Shein

Although free Shein gift cards are not a real option, there are other legitimate ways to save money on the platform. Here we leave you some:
  • Cashback systems : There are web pages that allow you to recover part of the money you spend on your purchases. These systems can offer you between 2% and 20% of the value of your purchase. For example, iGraal offers a discount on Shein .
  • Discount coupons : Shein usually offers discount coupons that you can apply in the basket before paying. There are extensions and websites that offer these discounts with a Google search you find many. The most famous is the chollometro .
  • Games, points and contests : Shein offers several ways to earn discounts through games, accumulation of points and participation in contests. In the app itself you will find the games.

Final opinion: are Shein's free gift cards a scam?

The free Shein gift card offers you find on the internet are all scams. These offers are usually scams that seek to obtain your personal data. In addition, Shein has a double security system for its gift cards, which includes a numerical code and a PIN, which makes it even more unlikely that they can be obtained for free .

Therefore, it is important that you be cautious and avoid giving out your personal details in exchange for free gift cards . Instead, we recommend that you use the legitimate ways to get discounts on Shein that we have mentioned above. Remember, if something seems too good to be true, it probably isn't.

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