Adnow: Contextual advertising in "Related Content" mode for your articles on the Blog

Adnow is asomewhat special advertising platform for bloggers and webmasters . It does not base its ads on simple conventional banners of different sizes. Adnow, shows a block of contextual Ads wherever you want (usually these ads are placed at the end of each entry) that link to articles on other web pages.

One of the main advantages of this type of advertising is that they integrate very well with the content, since they link to other similar content in such a way that the user often does not even realize that they are clicking on an ad.
This helps tremendously in generating more advertising revenue from ad space on our blogs and sites.

Some Adnow data rescued from its website are:

  • They have more than 150,000 publishers (mostly bloggers) working with them.
  • They ensure that all their advertising goes through pre-moderation, which makes it 100% secure.
  • Ads are fully compatible with any other ad type, including Adsense. The latter only prevents the ads from being placed next to their blocks, so that they can be confused. In this case, it can never be so.
  • Adnow ads display a square image, over a black text that prevents them from being confused with conventional banners.

AdNow Features

Ad Types: Contextual

Ad Formats: Content box

Minimum Payment: $20 Payments are made weekly via Paypal starting at $20 USD or bank transfer. If your income does not reach the minimum, it accumulates month by month until it is completed.

Payment frequency: Net+7 (every 7 days)

Payment methods: Paypal , Bank Transfer

Site popularity: Very High

Country of origin: England

Restrictions: Forcing visitors to click on ads, placing the block in a video player, pop-up or others, as well as any other action that artificially increases the number of clicks and/or impressions. See their terms of conditions

Proof of payment: Yes

Referrals: Adnow has a referral system that will allow you to get extra income. It is a 5% commission for each user you invite. If 5 of your guests get $20, you win $5. Website URL:

How to install the Adnow widget?

The first thing you will need to do is register with Adnow. Registration is very simple; you will need to add a code to verify your site. you can copy it inside a widget. They will review your site to approve or reject it. Once this is done, you must send them your web page so that they accept it in the system.

As usual with ad networks, you will need to add a verification code to your page in the body section. Of course, if you use Blogger you must paste said code into an HTML widget.

Once these steps are completed, your site will be approved in no time (sometimes even the same day it will be accepted). The widget configuration allows us to choose to show, in addition to safe ads for all ages, between:
  • Show erotic images
  • Show shocking images and scandalous content
  • Show images with animation
From the same site, we can also show the widget as a single ad, or as a group of them. In addition, we can also choose the number of ads, and display them in rows or columns.

The text of the ad is also fully customizable, allowing us to choose between different positions of the text with respect to the images, as well as fonts, size and styles (bold and italics) for the text, which can vary when the cursor is over.

For the images of the ads, you can choose a predefined fixed size, or make it popup, selecting a larger size in the second case. You can also add another frame of the same dimensions in width. Additionally, we can indent images by selecting the desired pixels.

Regarding the background of the ad, we can modify its color and its color when placing the cursor, as well as add a frame of the selected pixels (from 1 to 50).

Don't forget to click on the 'Save' button and your widget will be updated automatically. If it is the first time you use it; Click on HTML Code where the preview appears. You must copy the two codes; the first where you want the widget to appear and the second in the footer widget of your blog.

Responsive advertising for mobile devices

Adnow advertising adapts perfectly to different formats.

Conclusions about AdnowAdnow is a very innovative advertising network that will allow you to increase the income of your website in a very simple way. Adnow

advertising adds value and content to your blog, which is a very effective way to make a website profitable. Although,

Free registration in Adnow

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