Xoom Money Transfer [EARN $25 ON YOUR FIRST TRANSFER]

Xoom sends money to the whole world. Now you can send money to your family and friends from anywhere in the world in just a few seconds.

What is Xoom and how does it work?

Xoom is one of the leading providers of transfers to send money from anywhere in the world to more than 164 countries around the world, it should be noted that as they themselves indicate, Xoom is a PayPal service .

When making a shipment to anyone you can use your bank account, credit or debit card to send the money.

The good thing about this company is that depending on the country to which you are going to send the money, it can be delivered in cash, deposited in a bank account or charged to your bank account.

What other services does Xoom offer?

This company, in addition to allowing us to send money almost anywhere in the world, also allows us to perform other tasks such as paying bills and recharging our mobile phones.

Pay your Bills with Xoom

Another use that you can give to this powerful tool is to use it to pay your utility bills, this service is available in several countries such as: Colombia, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Honduras, Mexico, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Panama , Vietnam, among others.

Recharge your mobile with Xoom

Now you can also recharge your mobile phone and that of your family and friends in more than 30 countries around the world

Xoom and PayPal

If you didn't know Xoom is a property of PayPal and whose services are already integrated, this means that you can use a bank account, debit or credit card linked to PayPal without problems.

Xoom for Android and Apple IOS

This company has many facilities, since you have mobile applications for both Android and Apple IOS , which is kept updated all the time, informing you of the account status and transfers with notifications.

Xoom Transfer Fees

Xoom charges a small fee for each shipment made, the rates vary depending on the combination of countries, but don't worry, the money the company charges is very low compared to what other platforms charge.

Does Xoom have a payment limit?

If, to avoid money laundering, the company only allows you to send $2,999 dollars per day, this is without providing documents, and $6,000 dollars per month, of course, this amount can increase if you provide them with the following documents:
  • Identification (passport, driver's license, etc.)
  • proof of income
  • Proof of residence

Xoom Credibility and Security

You may be wondering if it is safe to use Xoom, if its service is reliable and if it is safe to send money with this platform, we are going to see some positive points of Xoom:
  • Xoom is licensed and authorized
  • Xoom already has thousands of positive customer reviews
  • Many people already trust Xoom
  • Xoom has a large number of employees
  • Renowned media recommend it
  • Xoom is already a company with a long history

Xoom Recommendations and Opinions

All of us who already know PayPal know how reliable and secure the platform is, and since Xoom is part of PayPal I think it has the same merit, so it can be said that it is a reliable company and that we can use it with complete confidence.

Visit the following link tosign up for Xoom.

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