What is it and how to choose a good Forex robot? Pros and cons

Did you know that with a Forex robot you can quickly increase your trading profits, even if you are a beginner? Actually, there is nothing very complicated. The secret is to successfully find the right program.

After several investigations, we managed to identify the right methods to choose your Forex robot and improve your performance in the markets. Here is our article on how to invest with a forex trading robot in 2022. We cover all the necessary concepts to better understand auto trading.

What is a forex robot?

Forex robot is a computer program often referred to as an Expert Advisor (EA for short) in common practice. This technological revolution in trading is also known as trading algorithm, Forex autotrader or Forex software. It is an automated trading tool that buys and sells according to the precise instructions contained in its algorithm.

In other words, artificial intelligence is placed at the very heart of business operations. The forex trading robot is actually a trading assistant. It uses technical signals to trigger or stop trading orders, while the trader is resting or doing other things.

Specifically, a Forex robot is a succession of lines of code written on the basis of a certain trading strategy. Depending on the indicators it perceives and the initial configuration it has undergone, this bot can help the investor in the market.

Also, you can use the forex trading robot on any currency pair and any unit of time. It remains operational 24 hours a day without interruption and every business day of the week, and it carries out its operations while the market is open. Thus, you can trade fully automated and at will.

How does the Forex Robot work?

If online stock speculation has long been reserved for professionals, those days are over. Now, thanks to the automated and autonomous trading tools that are causing a stir in the market, newbies are also entitled to their piece of the pie.

The Forex robot performs all the analysis on the stock market instead of the trader from whom it automatically receives and executes the orders. Therefore, the Forex trading robot allows you to optimize all stock transactions through well-calculated and controlled purchases, negotiations and sales.

In practice, forex trading robots use a mathematical algorithm to copy traders' positions which they then apply on behalf of other investors. These complex mathematical formulas are also responsible for anticipating market movements and trends as well as possible. The objective here is to quickly make the most interesting decision for the investor's capital.

In other words, the use of algorithmic formulas allows the novice trader to take positions just like an experienced professional trader would. Thanks to this advantage, the investor realizes a huge saving of time and energy during his trading sessions.

In addition, mistakes and considerable losses that are usually due to the emotional nature of the trader are avoided. The Forex robot trader also allows the adoption of a backtesting strategy that reports and explains in more detail both the losses suffered and the potential gains. Whatever function you perform and whatever market you trade, there are two types of Forex robots. One is called active and the other passive.

The active Forex robot

Forex robot qualifies as an asset when it is software that performs all trading on behalf of the investor. This type of Forex robot trader analyzes the various financial markets by itself, regardless of the intervention of the trader for whom it adopts a trading strategy.

After analyzing market trends and possible alternatives, the active forex trading robot opens and closes trading orders without waiting for the opinion of the account owner. This artificial intelligence operates according to specific signals and indicators. However, it remains fully autonomous in its operation and in its decision-making process.

In short, the trader entrusts the complete management of his entire trading process to a computer program whose parameters he has initially customized.

The Passive Forex Robot

Unlike the previous one, this type of forex trading robot operates under the order and supervision of the trader, and this applies to each of the operations. Although the passive Forex robot also performs market price analysis, it cannot make a trading transaction without investor approval.

Therefore, passive forex trading robots are called semi-automatic robots. Here, the trader chooses to participate in the trading process that he directly oversees. So to speak, he can entrust the forex trading robot with a number of tasks of various importance.

The use of passive Forex robots requires a minimum of knowledge and trading skills, since this type of Forex robot does not usually appear on the web. In fact, the vast majority of forex trading robots found on the net are of the active type. They seem more practical and more suitable for beginners who want to earn money quickly without much knowledge and skills.

How to choose the right Forex trading robot?

The role of a forex trading robot is to assist the professional or beginner trader in their stock transactions.

The offer of Forex robots is huge in the market. It is for this reason that it is essential to know how to recognize real auto trading programs from fakes and other scams. In addition to the security component clearly at play, it is also essential to choose the forex trading robot that best suits your needs.

What should you know before choosing a Forex robot? Here are our essential tips for you.

What are the criteria for the trading platform?

  • Prefer reputable tools that have already proven themselves with business experts;
  • Favor safe, regulated and approved service providers;
  • Take into account the reviews of Forex web robots regarding the effectiveness of the functions and the quality of performance;
  • Opt for forex brokers with realistic and customizable offers;
  • An online broker that offers mobile apps is all the more practical for keeping a constant eye on your trades;

What precautions should be taken regarding the Forex robot itself?

  • First check the safety and reliability of the Forex robot of your choice;
  • Depending on whether you are a beginner or a professional and depending on your goals, make sure that your Forex robot is an automatic or semi-automatic Forex trading robot;
  • When purchasing a Forex robot, make sure you have its instruction manual that you can refer to in case of any problems;
  • Check forex markets supported by your broker's forex trading bot;
  • Depending on your trading goals, go for a free Forex robot or a paid Forex robot that is more comprehensive in its functionalities;
  • Find out about the fees associated with using the Forex robot, as there are always some;
  • Favor Forex robot trader with more options;
  • Take a look at the success rate associated with the Forex robot;
  • Favor Forex robots that offer both active and passive trading modes;
  • Preferably test your forex trading robot on a demo account to assess its true performance.
Keep in mind, however, that you can, with the right skills, design a Forex robot yourself. By doing so, the forex trading robot is customized and perfectly tailored to your trading goals. However, be careful to choose the right broker.

Forex Robot Pros and Cons

The advent of the Forex robot in the trading process has revolutionized the world of stock trading with its many advantages, but not without its drawbacks. Caution is necessary when handling this new technology.

To help you, we have made a list of positive and negative aspects related to the Forex robot.

Forex Robot Pros

  • Immeasurable time savings;
  • Ease in managing money;
  • Possibility to operate simultaneously in all financial markets at the same time;
  • Possibility to trade in all time units;
  • True loss minimization;
  • Profit optimization;
  • The Forex robot does not get tired and remains objective in all circumstances;
  • The Forex robot trader takes advantage of each of the market configurations.
If emotions slow down the trader in the application of the strategy that he himself has created, this is not the case with the Forex robot. Since it is a mathematical algorithm, it applies the tactics of his trading strategy regardless of his feelings and emotions. By doing so, no further transactions are made on instinct.

The Forex Robot operates 24 hours a day without getting tired. One of his qualities is instant thinking associated with quick decision making. It performs thousands of operations in extremely short times and therefore saves time. Curve analysis, for example, is a process that requires a lot of time and attention.

The forex trading robot offers you a more interesting reaction time compared to manual trading.

Forex Robot Cons

  • The results of the Forex robot vary from one model and from one broker to another;
  • VPS costs are mostly huge;
  • It is difficult to correct a mistake when the trader has no programming knowledge.
The question of whether Forex robots are always right no longer arises. They are machines that operate according to pre-established parameters and indicators received from the financial markets . Therefore, they are always right. However, these are programs that do not have natural adaptability. They must be rewritten to be able to adapt to the new current market situation.

Once again, the need for computer programming knowledge is a disadvantage for many investors. The Forex Robot can become outdated and inefficient very quickly if you cannot update your source code. Therefore, it becomes necessary to learn the programming language or entrust this task to a professional in the field, especially if it is a customizable Forex robot.

Even if Forex Robots represent only one type of artificial intelligence, it should be noted that they have partial or full access to your funds. By doing so, the safety of your capital may be at risk if your Forex robot is a fake or a scam. It is for this reason that it is crucial to check the security of the forex trading robot before using it to invest in currencies.


Some Forex robots on the web are not reliable. Whether you are a beginner or a professional, choosing a trading strategy should precede choosing a Forex robot to maximize profits. For example, if the time unit in which the robot works does not respect your strategy, the risk of losses will be high. You should also consider whether the robot is free or paid.

In economic terms, it is obvious that free Forex robots are better than paid Forex robots. However, because paid forex trading robots have a more advanced and comprehensive algorithm, they work much better. On a free platform, you will be able to make good profits. However, it is better to trust a reputable robot than to resort to a bad program.

On the other hand, you can design your own trading robot. To do this, however, it is necessary to have prerequisites in computer programming. That is why the most reliable way is to purchase a certified Forex robot designed by professional traders.

To close this guide, we will remind you to pay attention to the various criteria set out above to choose the best Forex robot.

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