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What is Visual Chart? Is Visual Chart free or paid? With the advent of trading, all kinds of platforms, software and tools in general, were designed to ease each related process. One of many is Visual Chart, designed as a complete technical tool for exhaustive analysis of financial markets.

Visual Chart: trading platform

In general, as well as other famous analysis and indicator platforms, this one also fully fulfills its destiny. However, you will surely wonder, what makes it so special? Stay reading to discover behind the scenes.

What is visual chart and how does it work?

Technology at the service of trading. Visual Chart is a platform that offers you the power, reliability and innovative tools so that you can analyze the information of the main stock markets in real time streaming and you can implement your investment ideas in a personalized and easy way.

He also works like a professional trader with advanced orders, and operates in an agile and fast way buying and selling from the graph, position chart or value table. You can access the market by sending your orders with hotkeys. Train yourself before you risk your money with Visual Chart's market simulator .

Download Visual Chart at this link .

Great work capacity

Each of the work tools offered by Visual Chart is optimized based on its premise. Together, they make the platform a pleasant experience for the user.

An example of them is its database that includes up to 20 years of variable financial information. Or even, its powerful ability to generate updated charts and reliable indicators.

It has endless exceptional offers!

Trading under the magnifying glass of this platform allows access to a variety of financial markets, such as Forex, cryptocurrencies or CFDs. In addition, monitoring in real time the fluctuations or trends of each one, it provides the best strategy or forecast to carry out a winning technical play.

His range is wonderful!

The latest version released to the public is available in web format for Windows. In the same way, it presents an edition compatible with MacOS, as well as an application developed for Microsoft mobile devices.

Enviable simulation capacity

Every simulation that Visual Chart runs is a gift from the gods of Olympus. They are based on its extensive base of information already mentioned. Likewise, it is accompanied by charts that include Japanese candlesticks and even histograms, being just a few examples.

The icing on the cake: Interaction and customization

From the very beginning, you can also share your experiences or trading strategies based on what you have learned within the interface. In itself, it provides a license to the user to customize their preferences and simulate their own trading system to check its effectiveness.

In case you're already decided, here's what you need to know to get started!

To acquire a good service, obviously you must pay for it, obtaining each of the benefits that it brings. In case of Visual Chart, the rule is maintained. There is the possibility of contracting it through its associated brokers or preferably from its website. Through monthly fees pre-established by its developers and divided according to two modalities, you will be able to decide between one or the other.

On the one hand, the Ultimate version has an approximate value of 35 euros per month; while the Lite edition only requires 25 euros. Regarding the first, it includes all the packages and services of the platform and is a downloadable application. In contrast, the second one runs directly from the website and is more limited compared to its namesake.

Regardless of the choice, you must add the subscriptions to purchase the data reception licenses. They are divided into: “real time”, “delay” and “free”; each with a specific scope according to its own parameters.

Visual Chart Web

Intuitive interface, conditional orders, interactive charts, market depth, analysis tools and real-time data streaming, all 100% online.

Visual Chart App

Real-time streaming information with market depth, conditional orders, interactive charts and all your account information on your mobile device.

Visual Chart Professional

All the power an active trader needs. Real-time information on the world's main markets and sophisticated stock market analysis tools to implement your trading ideas in a personalized way.

Visual Chart Lite

An intuitive and customizable platform, fully operational in MAC and Windows environments.

Option Trader

The perfect option trading tool, designed by professional traders and fully integrated into Visual Chart.


The most exclusive automated trading technology at your service. Thousands of mathematical algorithms are combined with each other to offer you the ideal solution according to your risk profile.

Visual Chart Price, Is it free or paid?

The program has a trial version and is paid, to contract with the service you must select:
  • The type of platform: Visual Chart Ultimate or Visual Chart Lite.
  • The type of user: Non-professional, if you use the information to invest your own assets, or professional, if you use it to invest the assets of third parties.
  • Markets: Add the markets you want to follow in real or deferred time.
Visual Chart Ultimate: The platform for professional traders
  • Visual Chart Professional
  • Visual Chart Lite
  • Visual Chart App
  • Option Trader
  • team trading
Price: 34.95 euros per month

Visual Chart Lite: The perfect choice for MAC users
  • Visual Chart Lite
  • Visual Chart App
  • Option Trader
Price: 24.95 euros per month

Visual Chart questions and answers

How do I use my files from previous versions in Visual Chart 6?

If you have installed Visual Chart 6 on a computer and you have the configurations (workspaces, tables, indicators...) from a previous version of the program (Visual Chart 4 or Visual Chart 5), click on the File menu and click on Open from Visual Chart 4/5 to import them.

How do I create a workspace in Visual Chart?

In the same way as in previous versions of the program, you can do it by clicking on the File menu, then selecting “Workspace” and finally “New workspace”. Finally, you must assign a name. By default, 3 work pages are shown to open windows in any of them. You can create more pages based on your needs.

How do you create or change the configuration of a market?

In Visual Chart 6 the maintenance of the markets is automatic. However, you can check the list of markets and their configuration in the Chart menu -> Data -> Configure market.

How do I add more pages to the workspace?

Click with the right mouse button on the bar where the name of the different work pages is displayed and, in the contextual menu that is displayed, choose the option “Insert page”.

How do I verify that I am connected to the broker's server?

The "Connection to broker" command in the form of a key, located in the quick access bar, should be yellow.

How can I calculate an explorer?

To calculate an explorer, access the “Open” menu and click on the “List of values” button. In the start window, select the table you want to explore, then press the right mouse button and choose the "Calculate Explorer" option. The dialog box for configuring the analysis will be displayed.

Visual Chart reviews

About Visual Chart I think it is a very positive platform, as it offers many options with more than 200 indicators and data from more than 20 years, it has an excellent number of functions and additionals, the price of Visual Chart is very low, for which we recommend.

You can start your free trial of Visual Chart at the following link .

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