Vindale Research – Paid Surveys in Dollars

Best Alternative to OpinionOutpost

Vindale is about an application through which you can generate money by filling out surveys , and one good thing about it is that it pays through PayPal. You can fill out these surveys from the comfort of your home and from your Tablet, Computer or Mobile Phone.

Vindale is hired by brand companies that you may already know in order to gather the opinions of all their consumers. All the information collected is used to improve the quality of its products and thus obtain greater profitability.

Certainly, it is not an application that will make you rich in the blink of an eye, but it is an application that will help you generate extra money. Are you interested in making money with Vindale? Keep reading and learn how to earn money easily. Join us!

Vindale feature

  • Rating: Good
  • Available: iOS and Android
  • Minimum Payment: $50 dollars
  • Payment Methods: PayPal and check
  • Referral System: Yes, earn $5 for each referred friend
  • Accepted Countries: United States, Canada, Australia and United Kingdom

How to earn money with Vindale?

Vindale consists of a legitimate and really paying application. Companies like Coca-Cola, General Electric and Johnson and Johnson use it and collect all the information provided by their consumers through this application.

To start earning money with Vindale you must go to the official Vindale page and register, complete your profile (which takes a few minutes) and enter certain information such as zip code, marital status, annual household income, etc. By completing all the required information you will get $2.00 in profit, which you can receive through a PayPal account or check.

In addition to paying to fill out surveys, you also pay to watch videos, participate in studies, participate in panels, and more. However, the surveys are the most demanded and needed entry mode by the application.

For each survey you can generate from $0.50 to $2.00 and the earnings are reflected on your monitor immediately. However, in certain cases the money is not reflected immediately, so it is suggested to wait 5 days and then it will appear. The polls go one after the other, they play automatically and they can go in relation to each other.

make money with panels

As I mentioned before, through the realization of panels you can increase your earnings, these panels differ from surveys, since they are from third-party websites. When you enter the request now button another browser opens. Likewise, these panels have raffles and also rewards that help you generate even more money.

The payment method is different due to the fact that it is from third-party websites and not directly from Vindale. Panel questions can be varied and can range from cooking topics to vacations.

Other methods of making money with Vindale

In addition to the aforementioned panels and surveys, Vindale allows you to generate money through your testimonial. For example, by posting a photo of your proof of payment with a short testimonial of your experience in the app, you can earn $5.00.

Through the reward codes you can earn up to $0.10. The values ​​may differ in each code, it may be more or less. They do not have a set schedule, you just have to stay alert.

Does Vindale pay or is it scam?

The company has been paying for years, it is one of the most reliable that you can find on the entire internet, Vindale pays all its users to date and you can find many proofs of payments from this company.

How to make money with Vindale if my country is not accepted

As you may have noticed, Vindale is not available for all countries, but you can work without problems with a Google Chrome extension called 1ClickVPN.

With this extension you will be able to register regardless of whether you are from Mexico , Venezuela , Panama , Colombia , Peru or any other country, since you can change the country and place the United States and work on the page without problem. Register now and start earning money.

Vindale Research Update 2023

The vindale Research page is no longer operating, the page is offline and in its place we have Opinion Outpost. Register at the following link.

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