Valued Opinions Does it pay or is it Scam?

Valued Opinions is an app that allows you to generate money through paid surveys and pay through PayPal. Through these surveys, companies know the opinion of their consumers regarding the quality of their products and use this as a tool to improve.

Features of Valued Opinions

  • Rating: Possibly Scam
  • Minimum Payment: $10 dollars
  • Payment Methods: PayPal, Amazon and others
  • Referral System: No

Valued Opinions App to generate money

Like all web pages dedicated to earning money, you must register where you provide all the corresponding data. Once you are part of this company, you will begin to receive notifications of surveys that you must fill out.

There are many other options that are available to you to help you generate extra income while you talk about a certain topic, in short, they pay you to give your opinion.

It is a company that has been offering its services for years and generating jobs online. Do you want to be part of the Valued Opinions team? Get all the information you need here and encourage yourself to work online.

How to make money with Valued Opinions?

Earning money with Valued Opinions is very simple, your only requirement is desire and time. Its method of operation is based on paid surveys, with which you can earn profits ranging from $0.50 to $5 depending on the type of survey.

Some surveys are not job-based, but are done to find out more about you and are therefore not paid for. These are alternated and it is of great importance that you answer them.

The surveys are sent according to the theme to which you are most qualified. Likewise, it is also possible to get rewards that are obtained through the completion of won surveys.
The minimum withdrawal amount from the page is $20.00 and you can immediately request your gift certificate. They do not work with transfers to PayPal, nor do they send cash or checks.

Complete our profile

Filling in all the information that is requested is essential since according to what you expose there, surveys will be sent that are more adapted to your knowledge and your topics of interest.

To complete the fields of your profile you must answer questionnaires regarding your personal data, family data, studies and skills, leisure, abilities, etc. The surveys of a specific topic must be answered by a related and adequate profile to answer all the questions.

Rewards for completing surveys

As mentioned above, the redemption is given in the form of a gift card and can be for: Discount Vouchers, Visa, Gift Codes, eGift Cards, Macy's Cards, Gift Vouchers, etc.

To make the exchanges, there may be a delay since there is no specific day to validate it. Gift cards can take up to 28 days to ship.

Income Opportunities with Valued Opinions

  • online surveys
  • Product Tests
  • mobile surveys
  • teen surveys
Valued Opinions Phone Verification

Telephone verification is required through a number available for the United States. If you do not have this number, through an automated system they assign one to you. Sign up here .

Does Valued Opinions pay or is it a scam?

Currently the page has problems, it is possible that at the time of reading this article the web has been fixed, but if it still does not work it is because Valuedopinions is no longer working, or it has become a scam, but if the platform is not online It is because it is no longer operating, but you can check if there are recent payment receipts .

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