Treasure Hunt: How to Make Money from Your Phone | $2 dollars

Treasure Hunt App (FunBox Tech). If you were looking for an app to earn money by playing, you have come to the right place, because I will present you one of the apps that pays to earn money by playing, or rather, simply by clicking.

Treasure Hunt App: Earn Money Just By Clicking

Treasure Hunt Games is an app for Android with which we will be able to play by clicking on our cell phone to propel a rocket up, every certain number of meters that we propel the rocket we will have to view a sponsored video. Go to Google Play and download Treasure Hunt .

Once we have seen the video we will receive a gold reward, which we will be able to exchange for money in PayPal , Amazon Gift Card , Apple , Xbox or PlayStation , for the sum of $2, $5, $10, $20 and up to $50 dollars .

How to Earn More Money with Treasure Hunt (FunBox Tech)

In addition to earning money with Treasure Hunt boosting the rocket, we also have other sections that will help us get better income with that app.


This app has a section called Tasks , in which we will be able to perform various tasks as its name indicates, such as installing apps, making a daily record, watching videos, among others. That is why we will receive a certain number of points, the more difficult it is, the more coins we will receive.

To browse

In this section we are going to earn more coins in an easier and simpler way, because we only have to click on our screen for the spaceship to go up, from time to time we are going to watch a video too, with which we will earn points to later exchange for the prices that we already mentioned or for money in PayPal.

Invite friends

Treasure Hunt has a referral system , with which we will have an affiliate link to invite our friends to register with our referral code, thus both earn 100,000 coins. You can recommend the Treasure Hunt App in Facebook or Telegram groups, forums or by any other means you wish to do so.

Treasure Hunt Pay, Proof of Payment

This Treasure Hunt App pays so far and without problems, the app has a section called WINNERS , where you can practically see the receipts or proofs of payments that the company makes to its members. It should be noted that at the moment Treasure Hunt is not a scam, it is a reliable app with which we can work without problems.

Treasure Hunt Opinions and Suggestions

In this App we are not going to earn large amounts of money, although it is true that there are many people who do, but that is due to the large number of referrals they have, if your account has a Facebook page, a YouTube channel or a Blog, you can recommend this app and thus get better profits.

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