The best ways to earn money BlaBlaCar – Fast money with the best cashering platform

How to earn money with BlaBlaCar. Where to start and how much you can earn. What to know and how to avoid common beginner mistakes.

If you are one of those who take advantage of trips to carry passengers and get extra money, write down these tips to improve recommendations and thus increase your income on this "carsharing" platform. Along with renting out your own vacation home or condo, this is one of the most effective services for earning extra income. Carsharing means sharing a car. It was invented in France in 2003 and introduced in Spain in 2006.

This service consists of sharing a car with passengers who want to take the same route or reach the same destination as you. It is comfortable and profitable for passengers, since a shared trip is always cheaper than a train or bus ticket. But it is also a good way for the driver to not only reduce his travel expenses, but also make a good profit.

To make this idea come true, all you have to do is choose a carsharing platform and publish your travel offer. There are several such platforms. Many of them have their own mobile app. The best known is BlaBlaCar , which has been running well for years.

To earn money with BlaBlaCar, you just have to register as a driver, upload your trip offers and find hitchhikers.

BlaBlaCar is based on trust between drivers and passengers. And after each trip, passengers and drivers leave comments about each other. In this article, I will tell you how to make money with BlaBlaCar and talk about the different ways to earn BlaBlaCar money.

Since 2010, BlaBlaCar is considered the largest car sharing social network in the world. To date, more than 65 million people around the world use the platform, of which 5 million are in Spain.

BlaBlaCar is a very practical and comfortable service that can be used not only to find travel companions to tour the country or different cities, but also only for trips and occasional or punctual visits to places.

You can look for travel companions to go together to work, sports activities, etc.

There are two main players in the search system: the driver and the passenger.

Despite this, only one account is registered and, depending on the needs, the user simply indicates that he wants to find a trip or motorhome and uses a special form for this.

In this article we will discover: how you can earn money with BlaBlaCar, how to use the BlaBlacar interface for drivers, how to suggest routes, if there are specific conditions, rules, where carriers can communicate separately BlaBlaCar and ways to earn extra money.

Features of BlaBlaCar

There are many similar BlaBlaCar services on the market that also offer the possibility to find travel companions. In many cases, the system allows you to search for friends, like-minded people, partners for joint trips to museums, cafes, vacations, concerts, etc.

The peculiarity of BlaBlaCar is that the service specializes in finding travel companions. It is not possible to find a company of interest. Perhaps in the future the number of offers will increase, but for now the rules stipulate strict limits.

The main misconception people have is that it is impossible to find a ride without registering . But this is not true, you can find an ad, even look at the route, description and conditions, but you cannot contact the carrier. To do this, you need to register an account. You need to use a form on the site or log in via social media. After registration is complete, you can find the offer you are interested in.

How do I register as a driver in BlaBlaCar?

Register as a driver or as a passenger, what is the difference? There are no differences, simply, depending on the situation, the user chooses the appropriate section in the "Search" and "Suggest" menus.

Registration is simple, you have to give your email address or use the simplified scheme by entering your social network account. All over the world, you can create a BlaBlaCar account through social networks.

Lastly, you can become a full-fledged customer of the service by verifying your phone number. This is a mandatory procedure without which the system will not be able to provide full access to the interface. It is a guarantee of security.

How do you use a driver BlaBlaCar?

Same as a passenger. Once again, it doesn't matter who it is. After all, you sign up for an account and tomorrow you can become not only a driver, but also a normal person looking for a car to travel.

On the web or in the app, whatever it is, there will be a section like " Suggest " in the main menu. This is where the carrier submits the ad for it, giving detailed information, but I'll talk about this in more detail below.

How do I suggest a trip on BlaBlaCar?

If you're a driver and want to offer a ride, first sign in to your account. You will need your email or social media account. Registration is as easy as possible, but it is better that you fill out your profile once, completely and truthfully. You are much more likely to receive a response to your request, and people are more likely to enjoy traveling with someone they know little about.

If you have already done all of the above, go to the " Offer " section. To make it easier for the passenger to find their transport, enter this block of information:
  • Departure address.
  • Destination address.
  • intermediate points.
Specify separately what day you are going, the approximate or exact time of departure, availability, the price per place depending on the location ( if there are intermediate points ). Fill in the box with the details, where you could pick someone up, if it would be possible to bring luggage, etc. Itinerary information will be posted below.

Step-by-step instructions for posting a trip

First of all, you have to log in and click on " Publish " or on the symbol.

Then follow the instructions :
  1. Specify your destination and starting point. For your convenience and that of your passengers, you can specify the exact address, the nearest metro station or the bus stop.
  2. If you want to stop somewhere on your route or are passing through, be sure to add the transit cities.
  3. In addition to indicating the date, time, number of seats available, and price, be sure to indicate if it is a round trip. This will increase your chances of getting hitchhikers.
  4. Establish how you will take the reservation.
  5. If necessary, fill in the information in the trip comments section. For example, it may be information about a child seat or that passengers with pets are not accepted.
  6. Press Publish.

Conditions for drivers

Only drivers over 18 years of age with a car can work with BlaBlaCar. All conditions are detailed in a separate information block on the platform. To avoid complications or misunderstandings, it is advisable to read them before starting the cooperation.
Follow the rules to ensure that the trip not only saves on fuel costs, but also an enjoyable experience for the company. Leave reviews, evaluations of people with whom you had to travel.

A block of system bans :
  • You cannot register more than one account.
  • Take more funds than agreed in the announcement.
  • Specify more available places than there really are.

What rates does BlaBlaCar charge?

If you are wondering: how to fix the money I want to earn clean with BlaBlaCar, rest assured, nothing needs to be fixed. Because BlaBlaCar does not charge a fee for the rates published by the drivers on the site.

If you post a trip at €25 per seat, you will receive the full €25.

BlaBlaCar's policy is that all taxes and VAT are paid by the passenger when reserving a seat online.

But if you receive less than the cost of the trip, it is most likely that your bank has kept the commission of the transfer.

The service has decided to leave this service totally free for the driver. This is to prevent drivers from raising the price of their rides by the amount of the fees. This makes the price more affordable and attractive.

How can I set the correct price for a passenger on my trip?

BlaBlaSar provides some guidelines that allow you to establish an adequate price for each trip, which helps you fill all the seats in your car. But you always have the option to adjust your price within certain limits.

The goal of the amount quoted is to minimize the cost of fuel, car depreciation, insurance, car maintenance, etc. for a given trip. However, this amount will always depend on the distance. On average, BlaBlaCar recommends being guided by 0.05 euros per kilometer when calculating the cost of the trip.

Is it necessary to set a special rate for children?

Children, like adults, occupy a separate seat, must have their own seat belt, and need a special car seat at a certain age. Therefore, BlaBlaCar believes that there is no reason why the price for a child should be lower than that of other passengers.
According to BlaBlaCar rules, minor children, without exception, must be accompanied by their parents or legal guardians on the trip. This is an adult-only service.
BlaBlaCar rules recommend that you contact the driver via messaging prior to booking to receive consent to travel with a child. You are free to accept or reject said company. If you have a special chair and it is prepared for passengers with children, please indicate it in the comments of the trip.

What are the experience levels in BlaBlaCar?

The company has various statuses for carriers. They define skill and experience. That is, the level determines how well the user has demonstrated, his experience, the opinion of others about him, his grades and his trust. From the above it is possible to create a rating, a scale by which BlaBlaCar determines if a person deserves to carry the status or not. Passengers are fine in this regard, guided by this rating you can choose a driver.

There are several levels:
  1. Beginners;
  2. Trust;
  3. Experienced;
  4. Expert;
  5. Ambassador.
A similar scale is used to rate drivers, but also ordinary passengers. Therefore, a carrier can rate a fellow traveler in the same way. It is not strange since in fact there is no division of accounts since you only have to change your status in the profile and you are no longer a passenger but a carrier. That is, the rating does not change when the "Label" is changed in the Personal Area.

Who is a BlaBlaCar ambassador and how can I become one?

The standards are very well exposed about the process, how to achieve it and even the specific conditions and requirements. There is a certain " pact " of compliance:
  • You have to verify your contacts (phone number, email address).
  • Fill out the form carefully, indicating your preferences, what music you listen to, what you like to talk about, maybe you take a pet in the car, all this has to be prescribed.
  • Having an avatar also gives you a score bonus.
  • Have positive comments, and if you intend to be an ambassador, you need to have at least 12 positive comments.
In addition, on the scale of conformity, the number of positive comments must be at least 90%.
  • The account must be at least 12 months old. That is, customers with an account registration of less than a year ago are not eligible to be ambassadors.
  • BlaBlaCar even recommends following some guidelines:
  • Offer rides more often, regardless of distance.
  • Be polite and kind.
  • Do not forget to give your opinion to your fellow travelers.
  • Follow the established rules of the service and traffic regulations.

What does the status of BlaBlaCar ambassador imply?

Ambassador status has a number of advantages :
  • Passenger confidence, more responses to ads.
  • Opportunity to use new options, system offers.
  • You can participate in surveys and programs.

Advice from the administration

There are also tips and rules of the service that users should follow.


The driver is responsible for everything inside the car. The same goes for luggage. Therefore, we recommend that you show your luggage to avoid any inconvenience or misunderstanding. The carrier has the right to ask you to show him what you are carrying. He should ask for your driver's license and his insurance. To avoid confusion when sorting things, he leaves identification tags on bags and things.

Transport of goods in BlaBlaCar

This is not possible under the current BlaBlaCar rules. The aggregator will not be able to guarantee the security of the upload.

The rules of the service are punished with a "ban" during certain hours or an "eternal" block.

BlaBlaCar gives his reasons for the ban, citing :
  • The possibility of carrying prohibited objects;
  • Possible delay for other passengers;
  • The content of the transfer may be harmful, unsafe.

BlaBlaHelper Community

The helper community started in 2014, and 3 years later (2017) it was born in Spain.

BlaBlaHelpers are ambassadors who like to help and share their experiences with other BlaBlaCar users. This helps answer questions and solve problems that arise.

BlaBlaHelpers are in direct contact with the platform team, attend special events, participate in surveys , receive gifts and are the first to know about news and changes.

The conditions under which you can become a BlaBlaHelper can be found on the website: .

Conclusion or 10 things you should not do in BlaBlaCar to avoid damaging your reputation

I have prepared for you an important list of things that BlaBlaCar drivers and passengers should avoid so that your account does not get blocked.

So, DON'T :
  1. Never cancel trips and reservations at the last minute.
  2. Do not try to create 2 or more accounts. You will be blocked.
  3. If you give false information about yourself, you risk being blocked.
  4. Never ask for a payment in advance, it is prohibited by the Blablacar rules. Otherwise, you will be considered a fraud.
  5. Never change the cost per seat in person - it's a scam.
  6. Never quote more seats than there are in your car. Passengers must travel comfortably or it will affect their rating.
  7. Never transport animals, load without the presence of their owners. This is prohibited by Blablacar rules and is not safe in itself.
  8. Never look for a travel companion not for you.
Do not forget that each passenger will give you a rating after the trip. The higher your score, the more credibility you will have and, therefore, the more you will earn .

Be punctual and attentive behind the wheel.

Follow the rules and respect the speed limit. Being a good conversationalist on the road is great. But the most important thing is a comfortable and safe trip. No one is willing to put their life in the hands of an irresponsible driver.

But even if you have made an effort to be a good driver: punctual, friendly and talkative, none of this guarantees that you will receive a good comment. There are passengers who do not appreciate a driver if they do not see that he also appreciates them. Therefore, the more opinions you leave as a driver, the more chances you will have of being valued by passengers. This will help future passengers to choose to travel in your particular car.
By the way, BlaBlaSar has its own mobile application, developed for versions of two smartphone platforms (Android and iOS).
Take into account all the nuances and money is earned on BlaBlaCar. Be careful driving and good luck!

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