Survey Savvy: Generate Money from Your Cell Phone

App to earn money with Survey Savvy . It is an American company that allows you to earn money by completing and filling out online surveys and Survey Savvy pays by check. It is a legal and safe platform through which you can generate extra income. This company has earned the trust of all its users and for this reason it has become recognized.

Survey Savvy Features

  • Valuation: Average
  • Available: iOS & Android
  • Minimum Payment: $1 dollar
  • Payment Methods: Checks
  • Referral System: Yes
  • Language: English

How to make money with Survey Savvy?

The surveys on which this company is based are based on your profile. At the time of your registration you must provide a series of data that will serve as a guide to the type of survey for which you are qualified.
So you can be sure that Surveysavvy will not send you surveys that are not related to your profile and those that are related to it will be very well paid.

online surveys

Since 1999 Survey Savvy has been seeking consumer opinions, ensuring a better connection between the consumer and the company. When your profile matches the necessary criteria regarding the survey, the company sends you that survey by email since you are, according to your profile, the most suitable person to respond.

Survey Savvy Win with Surveys

There is no limit to the number of daily surveys or how many surveys you must take, all this is in relation to your profile (previously described) and according to this you can earn money.

Surveys are priced between $2 and $75 per survey (depending on the survey). behavioral research. It is a desktop tool that discreetly engages in market related research while browsing the internet. This allows you to receive paid surveys as a supplement thanks to your activity.

Additionally, through this application you will be able to have instant access to all your survey invitations without the need for software.


The main objective of these applications to earn money, as is the case with Survey Savvy, is to increase their traffic through the referral network. Referrals can be obtained through the use of social networks, and for each referral you will also be generating money. It works like this:

• You earn money when you answer surveys.
• Earns through your referrals (direct) when they answer surveys.
• Earns through your referrals (indirect, ie referrals from your direct referrals) when they answer surveys.

As there are two levels, there are two payment methods where for each direct referral it is $1.00 and for each indirect referral it is $0.50.

Sweepstakes and contests

From time to time, giveaways and contests that will allow you to generate extra money may be available, where users are asked to make videos in response to a certain video. All the payments of this company are made through a check valued in dollars in the United States and this will be sent to the address of the zip code that was entered at the time of registration.

Does Survey Savvy pay or is it a scam?

Paying for several years and without delay, the Survey Savvy company pays starting at just $1 dollar, so you won't have to take a long time to receive your first payment, it has payment vouchers . Sign up here.

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