SuperPay: Tasks and MiniJobs

SuperPay is a platform in which we are going to earn free money without investing by doing tasks online, it pays by PayPal and it has been running since 2012. It currently has more than one million registered users.

Features of SuperPay

  • Rating: Excellent
  • Activity: Surveys, tasks, registrations, offers and contests
  • Minimum Payment: $1 Dollar
  • Payment Methods: PayPal, Amazon, Skrill and Bitcoin
  • Referral System: Yes, you earn 25% of your referrals
  • Accepted countries: works with the whole world

Earn money with SuperPay is a company whose purpose is to allow users to earn money easily and without complications by doing mini jobs like completing offers, taking surveys, watching videos, participating in contests, among others.

For each of these tasks that the company performs, it will pay you in points, you can exchange these points for real money, it can also pay you directly in dollars.

The first thing you should do is register in SuperPay , the steps are very simple, it will not take you long, you just have to enter the information that the company requests, such as email, username and your collection information, once registered you can start to work.

Once you have reached the minimum charge, you can exchange your points for money to withdraw it through the payment processor you want, you just have to access the menu "Rewards" → "Convert Points & Cash" to make the conversion.

Ways to earn on SuperPay

In the platform's navigation menu you will find four main categories with which you will generate income and the points you need to collect, each category has different walls and themes to earn.
  • Paid Surveys
  • Offer Walls
  • Referrals
  • Contests

SuperPay referral system

With its referral system you can significantly increase your income, since the company pays you 25% of your referrals, so if you share your affiliate link you can get a small portion of income.

Does SuperPay pay or is it a scam?

This company undoubtedly continues to operate until now, SuperPay pays through different payment methods as we mentioned at the beginning, the same platform has a menu where you can see the payment receipts. Sign up here.

SuperPay Recommendations

As I have always said, on this platform we are not going to get rich or generate large amounts of money, but if something that will help us cover small expenses depends on us and the time we dedicate to earn on this page.

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