ProRealTime Trading How much does it cost? Complete Guide

ProRealTime Trading How much does it cost? Complete Guide

Trading Platform for Shares

ProRealTime Trading. When it comes to charts, stock indices and forecasts in general, the ProRealTime software platform is one of the toughest around today. Operating since 2001 after its launch by IT-Finance, it has not stopped growing. It is available for Microsoft's Windows operating system ; as well as for Linux , Android and Apple .

What is ProRealTime, how does it work and what is it for?

ProRealTime is an online charting software for technical analysis and trading, integrated into the IG trading platform. If you are an experienced trader who uses advanced technical analysis and also wants to automate your trading, ProRealTime provides you with a fully customizable interface and trading experience .

Learn everything you need to know before using ProRealTime!

Sometimes, participating in a trading method can be difficult, regardless of whether you are experienced or new to the subject. Therefore, platforms or software are needed that function as technical analysts based on a certain financial market.

It includes the well-known contracts for differences, Forex, raw materials, cryptocurrencies, among others. It generates its own charts and indicators for each one, allowing the best strategy to be executed. The ProRealTime platform is easy to use and is available for the aforementioned operating systems, preferably their recent versions.

More than 650 thousand users around the world use it daily. In 2018 alone, it set a record with more than 5 million orders in 24 hours. It perfectly complements other brokers to guarantee optimal results, as well as juicy profits thanks to its overall operation.

What is special about this platform and why is it so loved by the community?

Really, the highlight of this tool is its updated programming language, known as ProBuilder . Through it, the platform is capable of producing the most accurate indicators, graphs, forecasts or market simulations possible.

Said programming language is divided into four functional fragments, so that each task is carried out in the best possible way. So, well, what does this point mean? ProRealTime can simulate a trade based on your historical data. In turn, it effectively monitors each financial market and based on this, it conceives trends to determine its strength and support.

Finally, it is capable of executing the best possible transaction, taking into account each of these previous aspects. If you have not yet understood, basically, it has a "department" that regulates and makes each of the tasks mentioned separately.

In this way, it totally favors the user, giving him the possibility to avoid errors from the beginning with little or no loss of capital.

Why use ProRealTime?

  • Analyze everything about your trading, from price to volatility, with more than 100 indicators.
  • Seize opportunities faster, with filtering options.
  • Build your own algorithms to trade 24 hours a day.
  • See an unlimited number of timeframes on some of the best graphics in the industry.
  • Trade using trend lines, not just price movements.
  • Discover the improved interface of ProRealTime, fully integrated into the IG trading platform.

ProRealTime Features

  • Automate your CFD trading.
  • Contrast your strategies with 30-year historical data.
  • Run trades 24 hours a day, whether or not you're in front of your computer.
  • Import strategies from other platforms than ProRealTime.
  • Protect yourself from losses and lock in your profits with trailing stops.
  • Build algorithms with the help of the platform or program them from scratch.
  • ProRealTrend.
  • Simple order submission.
  • ProScreener.
  • Custom indicators.
With ProRealTime you can configure the platform as you wish and fully customize your trading.

Versions of ProRealTime

  • End of Day Version (ProRealTime demo)
  • Real Time Version with Trading
  • Real Time Version without Trading
The End of Day version includes the following features:
  • 100% free
  • Free and unlimited access to the Full version of the program.
  • Data updated at the close of the markets.
  • Historical extensions available.
  • High-quality data.
The Real Time Version with Trading can be 100% free or low cost and the Real Time Version without Trading can be professional and non-professional, ProRealTime software can be licensed as a full version for $36/Month. or the Premium version for $96/Month.

To see more details and download ProRealTime , visit the official ProRealTime page.

How can I get ProRealTime?

  • Open an account with IG
  • Log in
  • Add and open ProRealTime
  • Start trading with ProRealTime

How to operate in ProRealTime

With CFDs, you don't have to pay fees to take advantage of when the markets go up or down, which is a very good point to keep in mind. What you will pay is a capital gains tax. However, you can offset losses against profits for tax purposes, which is very useful for hedging if you're going to start with ProRealTime .

How much does ProRealTime cost?

As an IG customer , you will be able to consult ProRealTime charts for free during your first month. After this period, if you make a minimum of four operations each calendar month, you will not have to pay for the ProRealTime app.

Also, if you make less or are of extremely low value, you will have to pay a fee of $40 per month on the last day of each month. If you want to start a trial with ProRealTime for free with IG visit the following link.

You can also go to the official website of ProRealTime and directly buy the software with them.

Advantages and Disadvantages of ProRealTime

Regarding its advantages, ProRealTime is easy to use compared to other platforms for technical analysis. It works perfectly for both beginners and experienced connoisseurs of the area.

Apart from everything, it allows you to host information in an internet storage service, that is, a cloud. Therefore, the backup of the information that comes from it will always be insured in your personal virtual space.

On the other side of the coin, there is certainly not much to talk about. Perhaps the most negative aspect of the platform is its demanding connection to a good internet, otherwise it will become tedious. From the same perspective, another drawback is its initial payment, the amount of which is considered a bit high compared to other cheaper ones.

On which devices can I use ProRealTime?

You can use ProRealTime on PC, Windows, Linux, Android and Apple.

In which markets can I trade with ProRealTime?

You can trade over 17,000 markets, including forex , stocks , indices , commodities , and cryptocurrencies .

How do I set price alerts with ProRealTime?

To set a price alert with ProRealTime , click on the bell icon on the top left, under the " Show " option between the magnifying glass and ruler icons.

What indicators can I use with ProRealTime?

You can use over 100 indicators with ProRealTime , including CCI , Adaptive Moving Average, Chaikin Oscillator, Moving Average and Order Book Volume. All of them are designed to help you analyze real-time charts in the easiest way possible.

ProRealTime Minimum Deposit


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