iRazoo: Earn Money with Surveys, Playing Games and Watching Videos

The best way to earn income from home 

Earn money with iRazoo by completing paid surveys , playing games, watching videos and completing mini tasks. This platform allows you to generate income from your home in multiple ways and make payments directly through PayPal. If you have worked with PointsPrizes or SwagBucks you will see that its operation is very similar to them.

iRazoo Details

  • Acceptance level : Good.
  • Activity : View ads, complete surveys, watch videos, play games and others.
  • Platform management : This page belongs to SideMoney LLC, a company legally registered in Delaware, United States.
  • Payment Methods : PayPal for all countries.
  • Withdrawal Minimum : $5 dollars (equivalent to 3,000 points).
  • Language : English
  • Accepted countries : All, including Spain, Mexico, Argentina, Peru, Venezuela, Colombia, Chile, USA, etc.

What is iRazoo and how does it work?

iRazoo is an easy-to-use online rewards platform that offers multiple ways to earn money from home, whether it's from your PC, tablet, or cell phone, but for the best experience, working from your PC is recommended.

How to make money with iRazoo?

To earn money with iRazoo is very easy, you just have to go to the official iRazoo page and register , you will enter your username, email and password, then you will confirm your email and that's it.

Once registered, you will complete your profile , you will do this for several reasons, the first is that you will earn additional points just for completing your profile, and the second is because if you have your complete profile, better and more surveys will appear available to you. fill.

Complete the profile and get 750 points

Profile questions: 100 points. 18 very short questions that will determine your profile to receive and take surveys.

Verify Email: You earn 50 points just for verifying your email.

Upload your profile image: 25 points. Upload any image and easily earn points.

How iRazoo works: You earn 25 points just for watching the official web video about how it works, it's a very short video that lasts about a minute.

Enable search: 50 points. Set the iRazoo search engine as the default in your browser.

By completing these questions on your profile you will have easily and simply earned several points, which are very good and leave you closer to the minimum charge.

How to earn points in iRazoo

iRazoo has several ways to earn points that you can then exchange for real money, all these options are available and you can see them from the left side menu of the web as you can see in the image below.

Although the page is in English, if you don't know how to put irazoo, you can do it with the same google translator or using a google translation extension as well.

Popular partners: Here you can quickly view the most popular tasks on the platform in the last 60 minutes, so it is recommended to take a look at this section from time to time.

Tasks: Here you will be able to see small online jobs in exchange for great rewards, but there is one detail, this section is only focused mainly on users from the US and Canada, it works to work with some VPNs.

Play games: Here you will have the option to play mini-games with which you will earn additional points just by playing from your computer.

Respond to surveys: Being one of the most consumed sections and recommended of course, here you will have to complete simple surveys with a duration ranging from 3 to 45 minutes, keep in mind that the longer the surveys, the better remuneration they will have.

Complete offers: Here you will see a wall of offers with which you can earn many points by performing all kinds of actions such as: registrations, downloads, games, among others.

Watch videos: In this section you will earn points just for watching videos, a super easy way to earn, but this section is not available for all countries.

iRazoo App: Previously this platform had its own App to work from the cell phone without any problem, but currently this application is no longer available on Google Play.

iRazoo referral system

This platform currently only has an option to share your affiliate link through your facebook account, you do not have the personalized link but you have an option to share on facebook, here you will earn 100 points for each friend registered with your affiliate link .

Expired Points on iRazoo

This is very important for you to know, if you start working on this platform but you last 60 days without doing any type of activity on it, you lose all the points earned, so it is recommended to try not to last 2 months in a row without using the platform .

Does iRazoo pay or is it a scam?

The iRazoo platform does pay and continues to pay today, it is true that some benefits have dropped but it is still good to work with, it also has payment tests made to its users. iRazoo is not a scam , so you can work with it safely.

How do you get paid at iRazoo? Withdrawal methods and minimum collection

The minimum withdrawal in iRazoo is $5 dollars for everyone and can be withdrawn by PayPal, for the United States there are many more withdrawal options.
  • $5.00 Equivalent to 3,000 Points.
  • $20.00 Equivalent to 12,000 Points.
  • $50.00 Equivalent to 30,000 Points.

Pros and cons of iRazoo

The main advantages and disadvantages that iRazoo has and that you should take into account when using this GPT are the following:

Good points of iRazoo
  • Completely free platform.
  • Easy to reach minimum charge.
  • Paying from the year 2009 to date.
  • The variety of tasks to earn points is very large.
  • Payments by PayPal.
  • Available to people from any country.
Negative points of iRazoo

The only negative point is that since the web is focused on users from the United States and Canada , in countries like Mexico , Spain , Argentina , Venezuela , Colombia , etc. they have fewer offers and options available to work with, thus reducing the chances of earning much more points.

iRazoo Opinions and suggestions

If you are looking for a good platform to generate income, earning money by filling out surveys with iRazoo is reliable and a very good option, as we already mentioned, it has its good and negative points, but it is still a website that I recommend working on. Sign up and start earning money.

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