How to Withdraw funds from BINANCE to CARD

At Binance you have many options to withdraw your crypto assets. In this article we will explain how to withdraw from Binance to a bank card , either debit or credit.
It is important to mention that you must have your funds in currency to be able to withdraw to the bank , that is, first you will have to transfer it to a normal currency such as EUR, USD or another of your preference and that operates in the bank.
How to withdraw funds from Binance to a bank card (credit/debit)?

1. Go to the top bar menu in the “trading” section, select “convert” and then convert each crypto you want to withdraw to the currency of your choice.

2. Once you have everything in the same currency that your bank operates, you must go to your wallet and select “Spot wallet”.

3. In this section, click on the top "Withdraw", where the platform gives you the option to withdraw in currencies "Withdraw fiat".

4. In this case, indicate the currency of your preference and select the option "Bank card (Visa)" this is the default option.

You also have another option in the “Other Payments” section called “Advcash Wallet”. This type of bank card withdrawal has a 1% commission.

5. Indicates the amount of funds to withdraw.

6. If you do not have the card data added , you must add it indicating the card number, expiration date, name and other data.

7. Press "continue" and you would proceed with that withdrawal.

It is a simple, step-by-step process to proceed with the withdrawal of funds from Binance to your bank card. In case you do not have a Visa, you can withdraw directly to the bank or advcash that has different options and methods

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