How To Trade From Scratch | Beginner's Guide

How to trade from scratch. Online trading is what you need if you are looking for extra money; investing a bit of your free time or devoting full time to making money from the comfort of your home and sitting at your computer, online trading will surely interest you.

Stockbrokers have always existed ; But with the advances in society and technology, it is now becoming easier to try to understand the stock market and use it to your advantage not only to generate income but also to produce future savings without having to leave the comforts of our home.

How To Trade From Scratch

Trading is basically the name given to buying and selling assets in the global market. The people in charge of evaluating these statistics, known as traders, are those who make sure to bet on an investment in the Stock Market at the right time; As much as it sounds like a simple task, online trading must be governed by a series of steps in order to see benefits.

Beyond having access to the Internet and basic knowledge of finance, being a trader implies great responsibilities and sacrifices, as well as a higher level of patience when something does not go as we want, or in this case, when we lose an investment. To start in this world we must first determine where we want to go.

Types of online trading

Although the word trading is one, it covers large fields as far as market evaluation is concerned. As time goes by, a pattern has been followed in terms of dedication and time invested and various types of trading have been determined.

Day trading is the one that performs all its operations in the same day, although it may sound the simplest, the trader who is dedicated to this modality has extensive training in the field that makes it easier for him to open and close negotiations during a short period of time. time.

On the other hand, position trading, unlike the previous one, is in which you can take years maintaining your operations and following the same pattern, this with the help of statistical and technical analyzes that make you make decisions at the ideal moment based on the trend that stands out.

Swing trading is characterized by working only based on technical analysis that can take weeks but never reach a month; Without good technical analysis, this model of online trading is not very feasible.

Lastly, and the best known, is the famous scalping , which is governed by day-to-day operations with a time limit. Your trades can last even seconds and generate large investments.

How to start trading and live from it?

Once the types of trading that exist have been determined, we just have to inquire more about the one that catches our attention; each one is characterized by having different investment and time requirements as well as various platforms or brokers that facilitate the work.

The essential when starting trading is to establish the time you will dedicate, the knowledge you have of the Stock Market and the international market and of course, have a great analytical capacity in decision making.

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