How to Money with – $9 DOLLARS EVERY DAY

Earn money with by shortening your links. Every day new shorteners come out on the market competing with each other over who pays the best, is a new link shortener that comes with a payout rate that is at the level of the competition.

What is and how does it work? is a new shortener that promises good payment rates to all its users, not so low that it prevents us from working with it, but not so high that we doubt its veracity. If you want to earn money by shortening links , is a good option for a start. Features

  • Rating: Good
  • Payment Methods : PayPal, Bitcoin, Payeer, Skrill and Western Union
  • Payment days: Every day
  • Withdrawal minimum: $5 PayPal, $5 Bitcoin, $3 Payeer, $5 Skrill and $100 Western Union
  • Language: English
  • Referral system: Yes, earn 10% of your referrals
  • Payment Rate: Maximum $11 for the United States and a minimum of $2.50
  • Advertising for all countries: Yes

How much money can you earn in

The good thing about earning money online with any system is that there is no limit to your earnings , there is no bar that prevents you from earning a lot of money , the only limit is up to you, you can earn the amount you propose as long as you are disciplined and constant doing your job.

Earning money by shortening links is very easy, you can earn $9 dollars a day without any problems as long as you do a good job based on a good strategy to get people to click on your links.

Use all possible means, website, social networks such as Facebook , Twitter , YouTube among others, to reach the largest number of visits , if you manage to get at least 1,000 daily visits from the United States, you have already earned more than $9 dollars a day using that resource.

Does pay or is it a scam? pays or is currently paying , many users believe that is a scam because they do not see the payments that users upload through traditional media such as YouTube or Facebook, but for now we can say that is not a scam . Proof of Payment

If you write on YouTube " proof of payment" you may not find a video where a user has uploaded a proof of payment , it may have, but a very important fact is that the company does upload the proofs of user payments on the same page.

Earn money with by shortening your links

We have mentioned that to earn money with any shortener you do not need to have a website, you can make use of all the social networks that exist, but if you want to reach good money figures if you are going to need it.

If you have a blog that receives an average of 5,000 visits daily, you already have earned a good amount of money with those visits, or if you have a YouTube channel with thousands of subscribers or a Facebook group.

Generating money is not as difficult as many think, you just have to think differently from most and focus on doing your job well to be able to live on the internet. Reviews

What can I tell you about this new shortener, for now there are no negative comments, as this shortener is new, you have to wait and see if it continues to pay or not, if it is reliable to work with this company, you have to give it some time.

Remember that despite the opinions of users, I always recommend trying to have your own experience, as long as the company is active paying without problems.

Sign up for

The first thing you have to do is go to and register at the following link , fill in the registration form and that's it, you can start shortening your urls to share them and thus start earning money.

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