How to Make Money with a Website

I started with this particular method because I have multiple websites myself. Having your own website offers you several ways to earn money. There are several ways to make money with a website.

To give you more options, I recommend creating a WordPress website .

The self-hosted WordPress platform makes it very easy to create and install a WordPress blog.

You don't need any programming knowledge to install WordPress on your website. You only need basic computer skills.

All WordPress hosting companies and self-hosting platforms offer one-click WordPress installation for your blog.

Congratulations – you're ready to launch!

If you follow all the steps above, you will be able to easily set up your website. But this is only the beginning. You will have to do many other things to develop your website or blog.

Now you must create content that your readers want and find interesting or useful. Your first effort should be to build an audience.

When you have that audience, it's easier to make money from your site. You will see that most of the recommendations, including mine, are based on search engine optimization (SEM), which is a set of methods and strategies designed to attract readers from Google and other search engines.

This is not the only way to attract the public. It is usually the cheapest, but it is not the fastest either. If done correctly, search engine marketing (SEM) can be used.

It is all about paying for advertising to attract the public to your website. Done right, you can build an audience very quickly, but it does have its problems.
  • The main problem with SEM is that it costs money. The second big problem is that when advertising is disabled, people stop coming to your website.
Many people have found success using social networks like Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest to build a good audience.

google adsense

Once you have a sufficient audience, you can start showing ads on your website. Google AdSense is what is called a PPC or pay per click company. Google analyzes your website traffic and audience and displays ads on your website.

It tries to show ads that your audience likes, in the hope that they will be more likely to click on the ad. You pay per click. You don't pay much, an average of 20 cents to 15 euros.

Most sites don't earn more than a couple of bucks per click. Your goal is to get a lot of clicks and then the numbers add up.


CPA ( Cost Per Action ) is a different concept than CPC. You will not be paid for clicks. Instead, you get paid for different actions. They can be downloads, completing a survey, providing an email address or any other action.

These mechanisms usually do not have the same formal programs as pay-per-click advertising. With them, you often establish a relationship with a specific company rather than a network.

Pay per thousand impressions networks

CPM stands for cost per thousand impressions or views. You will be paid for each display of an ad. This is more like traditional advertising, such as television, newspapers, and magazines, where the advertiser doesn't know how many people buy the ad or how many take action.

The metrics only tell them how many people have seen or are likely to have seen the ad.

Its average price per thousand impressions brings you about 2-3 euros per 1000 views, so you need a lot of traffic for this ad to be profitable.

affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is a model where you get paid to go to their product. Typically, they will only pay you if someone buys from them and you receive a certain amount of money or a percentage of the sale. This means that you need to keep your audience in mind when making recommendations. Of course, you can limit yourself to recommending something, and there are affiliate programs for almost everything. However, after a while you will probably realize that you are attracting the wrong audience and that your audience is not really buying anything for it.
The best affiliate marketers create quality content and then offer their audiences valuable recommendations.
Affiliate marketing sites typically follow several different models. Some create review sites where they review different products. Some offer tutorials or provide more information about the products than the manufacturers themselves. This way, you can create real value for your audience, earn their trust, and when you recommend a product, they are more likely to buy it.

affiliate marketing networks

There are many affiliate marketing companies. Many companies have their own programs, but here are a few worth checking out.
  • Amazon Associates — is the largest affiliate program. They don't actually pay the highest commission, but they sell almost everything. This means you can create an Amazon Associates account almost anywhere, and the variety of products allows you to blog about almost anything and still find products that work.
  • Share A Sale — is a network that allows you to sign up for more than one affiliate program with a single login. They can be managed from the same interface and often make program approval easier. It is one of the largest programs out there.
  • ClickBank — another major partner network.
Affiliate marketing can be very lucrative, but it requires a targeted audience that is willing to buy what you recommend.

Types of partnership programs

  • PPC (Pay Per Click): You can earn money if any visitor clicks your affiliate link and goes to the advertiser's website. The visitor does not need to buy anything.
  • PPL (Pay Per Lead) — you can earn money if any visitor clicks on your affiliate link and registers or sends an email on the advertiser's website. The visitor does not have to buy anything.
  • PPS (Pay Per Sale): You can only earn money if a visitor clicks on your affiliate link and buys the advertiser's product or service.
You can also sign up directly with the companies whose products you want to promote. For example, if you want to promote a hosting company ( eg Siteground and Hostgator etc. ), just join their affiliate program and get affiliate links to promote.

Their commission differs from company to company. Amazon gives you 4-10% depending on the product you sell through an affiliate link. Some hosting companies give a commission of 20% to 60% and others set fixed fees per sale.

direct mail

Another way to advertise on your website is to sell advertising directly through your website. This is not a very common way to earn money from a website on ad networks. One option is to sell direct advertising through your website. In other words, advertisers pay you directly, not the networks, for placing ads on your website. You then advertise on your website using a code.

You manage billing, placement, and many other things that are typically done through ad networks. If you have enough of an audience and specialize in specific products or categories, you can earn more money from advertising this way. It's more work and harder to sell advertising.

Make money on the website by selling merchandise and goods

So far we have mainly talked about opportunities to earn money from advertising. Of course, this is not the only way to make money from your website. Advertising is one of the main ways and does not require any special skills. You don't even have to know how to write. If you want, you can hire people to write for you. Another common way to make money with your website is to sell things. There is an almost infinite number of things that can be sold.

With WooCommerce , you can easily create a store. If you don't want anything out of the ordinary, you can usually do it for free. It will allow you to create a store, create products, sell those products, and accept payments. You can even manage delivery tax and sales tax, if you wish, through the WooCommerce core .

Sell ​​your own products

You can earn money by developing and selling your own products. People have come up with amazing ideas for selling things, many of which have been profitable. The good news about selling products online is that you can make money faster than other ways, like blogging. You may have to pay for advertising, but if you know how much your product costs to produce, you can calculate how much advertising costs. Add up all the costs, subtract the advertising, and if the result shows a profit, it makes sense to pay for the advertising.

When you add up these costs, be sure to include everything. Every product and service is different.

Here are some of the costs you should be aware of:
  • Production or manufacturing costs – Especially for physical products, developing and manufacturing a product will not be cheap. Make sure you know all of these costs. Even digital products can have production costs. For example, you may have paid a designer or a writer. These costs must be recovered.
  • Shipping costs . Include shipping costs for the product. For physical products, remember to consider two delivery cases. The manufacturer has to deliver the product to you and you have to deliver the product to your customers. If you pay a third-party fulfillment company to receive, deliver, and process orders for you, include these costs.
  • Returns costs : If you sell a physical product, you must take into account the costs of handling returns. They can be the loss of the merchandise, the return costs, the processing of the credit card, etc.
  • Hosting costs. Hosting costs may not be the best term, but whether you use Shopify, WooCommerce, Etsy , or Facebook (or all together), be aware of the costs involved.
  • various . You may have credit card processing fees and other charges. Be sure to include them.

Types of products

You can sell almost anything on the Internet. Some people have gotten really creative when it comes to looking for options to sell things. Let's look at some general categories.

foreign product

Companies like AliExpress exist so that you can sell products from other companies. There are drop shipping companies that do the same thing. You can order products from them at a low price and sell them on Amazon through third-party fulfillment companies or other companies. These companies will deliver the products to you. Basically, you don't have to do much. That's the good news. The bad thing is that what is easy for you is easy for others, so it is very easy to compete.

your own product

Of course, you can design and sell your own product. You can use the same drop shipping companies, including Fullfillment by Amazon if you want. These companies will receive, store, and ship your product. The good thing is that you don't need the infrastructure to do these things from your basement, you can't. The bad news, of course, is that these things are not free and come out of your benefits.

Steps to sell your own product or service:
  • First, create and develop a product or service.
  • Then test your product with friends, family, close customers, etc.
  • After testing, search for buyers through your website, YouTube channel, Facebook page, etc.
  • So, sell your product or service online.
  • And you must also make a marketing plan to promote the product/service and your website so that you can continue to earn good income.
  • digital products
Readers are very fond of manuals, cheat sheets, and books . You can produce these products very cheaply. Once manufactured, there are no production, storage or delivery costs. If you have the knowledge that people want, you can make a good business. They can be guides, books, courses , or just about anything someone is willing to pay for.

Where are they sold?

There are several places where you can sell your products and services. Everything from Amazon to Etsy to Ebay. Or you can start selling on your own website.

Maybe you don't make enough money at your job or you need a part-time job to earn money on the side. Well, you can do it with websites that you can join and use for free, allowing you to earn money without spending money out of pocket.

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