How to make money with Adfly – Earn By PayPal

Link shortener to generate income

We are going to see how to make money with adfly , a veteran shortener that pays by PayPal, in this business that has been in the market for several years. Currently adfly continues to pay all its users.

What is adfly and how does it work?

Adfly is a link or url shortener that has a monetization program which allows us to earn money by shortening any link or url.

It is a very easy way to earn money if you work properly and with a well-planned strategy, but don't worry because you will learn some of them below.

How to make money with Adfly

To earn money with Adfly it is very easy, you just have to enter the official page and register , then start shortening your links and sharing it through different means.

Adfly links can be posted on social media

At first it was possible but currently not, Facebook considers it suspicious and does not allow you to share it, if you try to make a publication you may do it but after a while it deletes the link.

Adfly links can be sent via email

Yes, you can, but you have to take into account some factors so that the email does not go to the spam folder, such as the title and not placing the direct link, but putting an image with the shortened link.

The shortened links of Adfly affect the SEO of my blog

No, this does not affect the SEO of your web page, but it is recommended to use these links with the nofollow tag so that Google does not take these links into account or give them relevance.

Adfly is compatible with Google Adsense ads

Yes, it is compatible with Google Adsense ads but it is strongly recommended not to use it together, since as you know sometimes ads that violate Adsense policies appear.

It is best if you use Google Adsense on your website not to combine it with Pop Under ads to avoid possible penalties, since there are many users who have had problems for doing this practice that is apparently legal.

Adfly Charge Minimum

Adfly's minimum charge is only $5 dollars and Adfly's payment method is PayPal , so if you have a PayPal account you can withdraw the money earned without problems. If you didn't know how much adfly pays Adfly now you know

Adfly pays, it's reliable

Of course it is, it is one of the oldest shorteners on the market, which makes it one of the most reliable and stable, despite the fact that there are currently many shorteners that pay better than Adfly.

Many of these companies fell and became scams, however Adfly is not a scam nor is it a fraud and I think it still has a lot to offer.

Adfly referral system

Another way to increase your earnings is to recommend the platform, since it has a referral system which allows you to earn a $5% commission, so if you manage to get 1,000 referrals you will have a good extra entry.

Disadvantage of Adfly

I think Adfly's main disadvantage compared to the competition is its payout rate, it's very low compared to other shorteners.

Strategy to earn money with Adfly

To make money with a shortener like Adfly you don't need to have a website , you just have to know how to use adfly correctly, you can share your links on your YouTube channel , but one of the most profitable ways to get money from it is through a page Web.

If you create a web page for downloading or movies, you are going to get good money, since this type of page has good traffic , you can combine all that, the page, your YouTube channel, the emails and other means that exist on the internet to duplicate your earnings with Adfly.

Main Features of Adfly

  • Rating: Good
  • Payment Methods: PayPal and Payoneer
  • Payment days: 1st of each month
  • Minimum withdrawal: $5 for PayPal and $10 for Payoneer
  • Language: English, Spanish, Russian, Arabic + 6 languages
  • Referral system: Yes, earn 20% of your referrals
  • Payout Rate: Variable, a maximum of $6.67 for the United States and a minimum of $0.25
  • Advertising for all countries: Yes

Opinions about Adfly is without a doubt one of the most reliable shorteners you can find, it is one of the first and one that has managed to maintain itself, despite the fact that there are others that offer a lower payment rate, it offers us security and trust.

Currently there are many alternatives to, some of them pay more and others less, but if you want to try some of them let us know how your experience was.

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