Earn Money with ClipClaps App that Pays to Watch Videos and Play

Generate income from your cell phone with ClipClaps

Earn money from your cell phone with ClipClaps, an app that will allow you to generate income by watching videos and playing games, very similar to TikTok and Kwai , plus this ClipClaps app pays for PayPal.

It is a free app that you can download on Google Play and the App Store , you can upload videos and share them, just as you use your social networks to watch videos and share them, you can use this ClipClaps app that, unlike others, will pay you for using and recommending it.

Clip Claps Details

  • Assessment : Good.
  • Status : Online and paying.
  • Promotion : You earn $1.00 by entering the code 2631129829.
  • Withdrawal Minimum : From $0.10.
  • Payment Methods : PayPal.
  • Proof of Payment : Yes.
  • Referrals : Yes, you earn $1 dollar with your invitation code.
  • Language : Various.
  • Accepted Countries : All.
  • Supported Operating Systems : Android and IOS.

How to earn money in ClipClaps?

What is ClipClaps and how it works, I'll explain, this App besides being a very entertaining app is also very similar to Kwai and I'm sure you'll like it. To earn money in you just have to get Chests, Clapcoins and participants.

Chests: Here there are 3 types that are; Silver Chests, Gold Chests, and Diamond Chests. Of which the first two are achieved by watching videos and the last one with referrals, that is, the people you invite to use this app.

Clapcoins: In this section you have to get coins by opening chests and playing games. You can exchange Clapcoins for money and also for chests.

Raffles: In this section, when you open the raffles you will earn money that you will see reflected in your balance instantly.

Earn money watching videos with ClipClaps

This is the main section, just like in Kwai here you can see the videos directly, if you scroll down you will see a large number of funny, technology, informative videos and more that you will find in ClipClaps. You will earn points for every video you watch.

Rewards: This section is the most important part. Here you will see 3 sections, you can unlock the different chests and get Clapcoins rewards and raffle entries. You just have to click on the chests, open them and receive the reward.

Then, in the central area you will see the exchange, this is where you can exchange your ClapCoins for money or if you want to buy more chests.

And further down, if you scroll a bit you will see the raffles or raffles that I was telling you about (Raffle Tickets), you just have to get enough tickets or referrals that will allow you to unlock those raffles and thus access the possibility of winning cash prizes, GiftCard from Amazon and ClapCoins.

ClipClaps Referral System

This ClipClaps app has a referral program that is wonderful, for each friend you invite to use the app and register you will earn 1 copper diamond or diamond chests, these chests are the best and will allow you to win raffle tickets faster, plus your friends will earn $1 free for using your invite code .

Win playing with ClipClaps

ClipClaps app has a game area that allows you to increase your coins and your money in a very fun way that is playing, with these online multiplayer games you will be able to advance a lot thus obtaining more benefits and rewards.

Upload your videos on ClipClaps and earn money

In this ClipClaps app you can also upload your videos like in any other app or social network, you can follow people and you can also get a lot of followers on your account. The good thing is that once your videos are approved you can earn 1 ClapCoins for every like you receive.

How much does ClipClaps pay?

This ClipClaps app makes payments starting at $0.10 cents, but I recommend waiting until you reach $10 to make your first withdrawal on this app.

Does ClipClaps pay, is it real or just a scam?

Currently I can confirm that ClipClaps pays without problems, many users have uploaded their payment receipts from this app. You can withdraw the money earned by PayPal. You also have the option to redeem the money earned for credit to your mobile phone. This platform pays

ClipClaps opinions and recommendations

This ClipClaps app has its advantages and disadvantages, with this app you will not generate thousands of dollars, but you can earn something decent by inviting many people and recommending the app.

Visit the official page and download the a.

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