Earn Money with Clicksfly – $14 DOLLARS EVERY DAY

Does Clicksfly pay or is it a scam?

Does Clicksfly pay, is it scam or fraud? How Clicksfly Works . Learn how to earn money with ClicksFly, a shortener that pays its users very well, but I will teach you a strategy to earn $15 dollars a day with this shortener and any other you want to use.

What is ClicksFly and how does it work?

ClicksFly is a company in which we can shorten our urls and earn money when users click on the shortened link with the advertising that is displayed after the event.

Clicksfly Referral System

This company pays 20% commission for the earnings generated by our referrals , so if we share our affiliate link we can get many referrals and thus increase our earnings.

Strategy to earn $15 dollars daily

To apply this strategy we are going to need a blog, but if you don't have one, don't worry, you can create one for free on Blogger , since we are going to need it to use it and be able to share our urls on social networks without being penalized.

Creation of the Blog . The blog that we are going to create will be of the following theme "Downloads" we are going to create articles offering some type of free program or resources that people look for on the internet, to ensure a good number of visitors.

How Clickfly Works

Let's see how Clicksfly works , the first thing is to create a Clicksfly account . Once the blog is created, we are going to create our Clicksfly account, go to the website and register to start shortening our links.

We are going to create articles or entries with titles like this "Download Windows 10 Free" , we create a download button that will take us to the file either from the official page or a direct download and we are going to take that url and we are going to shorten it , we will put that url in our download button.

Publish and share. Once our entry is created, we are going to publish it and then share it on all the social networks we have, especially in Facebook groups .

By doing this and duplicating this strategy we ensure more than $15 dollars a day, although it may seem simple, it requires a lot of patience and perseverance to achieve it, since at the beginning there will always be a lot of work to do.

Clicksfly pays or is scam

Based on the investigations I do about whether Clicksfly pays or continues to pay , looking and looking for proof, I was able to find proof of payment that confirms that Clicksfly is still paying for the moment.

As I explained before the company is paying, for which Clicksfly is not a scam , even though there are few proofs of payment or few users who have uploaded it or maybe the company is simply not so well known, it is not a scam .

Clicksfly Payout Rates

Its payment rate for the countries that pay the most is $15 dollars and for the whole world it is $2.50 dollars, you can see in the following image where the payment by country is shown.

Clicksfly minimum charge and payment methods

The minimum charge is $3 dollars and you can withdraw money every week without any problem if you manage to raise that amount.

Payment methods are: PayPal , Payoneer , Bitcoin , Paytm for India, Bank Transfer for India, Payeer , TEZ and UPI .

Review about Clicksfly

Despite the fact that Clicksfly is a new page and many people still don't know it, its stability and growth will depend on how serious they are with payments, since when a company does not pay its users, they withdraw and start speaking badly. of the company

So far there are no negative comments, apparently everything is going well and I think it's worth trying because if we have a lot of traffic we can quickly confirm if the company pays or not.

To start earning money with ClicksFly, you just have to go to the official page and register , once registered you can start shortening your links and generating passive income.

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