Earn Money with AppNana – Pay $1 Dollar Minimum Withdrawal

AppNana is a mobile application with which we will earn money from our smartphone or tablet, in a very easy and simple way, pay by PayPay, Amazon and others.

What is AppNana and how does it work?

AppNana is an application as we mentioned above for cell phones in which we will earn money for watching videos , completing surveys, downloading applications and others, we will win prizes which we can exchange for GiftCards or money to our PayPal account.

How to download AppNana?

Downloading is very easy, you just have to go to the official AppNana page and download the application for both Android and iOS, you can also go directly to google play and download the AppNana app from there.

Once you have installed the app on your mobile device, you can start watching videos and generating income. Keep in mind that since it is an app, you can also work from a tablet without any problem.

How much can I earn on AppNana? Referral System

When you download the application and create your account you can earn bonuses of up to 10,000 points, adventures have a value from 1,000 to 60,000 points, plus the company gives you a bonus of 400 points for using it.

AppNana has a referral system , if people register and enter your guest code both will have a bonus of 2,500 points which can help you a lot if you have many referrals.

AppNana payment method and minimum withdrawals

AppNana pays through various payment methods such as PayPal , GiftCards, you can also get certain benefits in your games by using google play cards, steam, xbox, playstation and others.

The minimum withdrawal is $2 dollars which is equivalent to 45,000 points. It may be a little hard to get those points but many people have done it and shared their AppNana payment receipt.

AppNana Opinions and suggestions

Despite being an application that has proof of payment, it is also worth noting that there are users who have reported that the application no longer pays, that when it comes to reaching the points to be able to collect the app does not allow them to log in.

But in the comments on Google Play there are users who claim to have received payments as of February 2021 , for which the platform is paying and perhaps others are having problems withdrawing their money.

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