Earn money walking: Apps that turn your exercise into a reward

Walk, run, just walk, walk your dogs and earn money with it. More than 20 applications to earn money walking. Examples and a list of the best applications to earn money while walking.

You probably know such a person or you are yourself, but there is a certain type of people who like to walk for some reason, and it is not about losing weight or getting a good figure, they just like to move from one place to another. They enjoy views of the horizon or simply interact with their surroundings. For many, walking is fun, very healthy, and you can even earn a little money doing it. Just walk and earn money. So now you have another reason to walk for pleasure and health.

There is an app to earn money for walking. Today I am going to talk about the best apps to earn money walking and reveal the reasons why companies are willing to pay you for a few minutes of walking a day, but throughout the world.

Who downloads the app to earn money for walking? Who are they made for? Typically for people who already take a good number of steps on a daily basis. These people are the ideal customers for businesses. That is, those who perform fitness and health activities. Another important factor that the walking app pays you for is geolocation (GPS). Undoubtedly, geolocation provides these companies with a lot of important data to later make certain decisions, identify certain user behaviors and take advantage of them.

Those apps that use geolocation and have that data (like Google) already exist, but they don't give you anything in return. These apps to earn money while you walk, instead, pay the user for this data. On the other hand, these apps are supported in the same way as many free websites and apps: through advertising . In other words, all free apps benefit from sponsors who place their products and services in their apps.

With this in mind, I am going to show you the 20+ best apps to earn money by walking, so you can enjoy your daily walk or run a little more.


This free health and fitness app, recently launched , will pay you to walk or run outdoors.

This means that treadmills or walks around the house do not count. Sweatcoin is available for all countries and aims to end the sedentary lifestyle that is taking over us.

SweatCoin will reward you 0.95 coins for every 1000 steps outdoors. Accumulate coins and exchange them for prizes, gifts and cash rewards, such as money for PayPal , etc.


A new French application that aims to end sedentary lifestyles in the world by encouraging users to walk in exchange for earning money.

All you have to do is download the app and enter the invite code within 48 hours to get 300 points at once. If you do not enter it in 48 hours, you lose the bonus.

For each step you take, you will receive "wards", which you can convert directly into euros, gifts or even donations to various associations.


It is a very complete app in which you can earn money and prizes for walking or running. This app is ideal for running lovers, as it rewards individual performance above all else.

Best of all, you can pair Runtopia with your shared devices with which you go out to train, and you can configure if you are indoors (treadmill) or outdoors (street). You get daily bonuses and the prizes are quite juicy, for example 60,000 points equals 1,000 dollars, although you have to move a lot every day to get it.


It is an application that uses random rewards to encourage users to validate their sports habits .

It also gives you the opportunity to receive additional benefits by inviting your friends to the application or by communicating with them by sharing your results and data.

Although Yodo may cost a bit more money, it is a good workout app, with good workout plans, workout content, and weight loss content on its platform.

The thing about the app is that it looks a lot like Runtopia both in design and in how it works, but the plus side of Yodo is that you can get paid via Paypal if they suddenly pay. I leave this code for you to start with 300 coins >> 245XA


It is an application aimed mainly at the world of investors. However, it does have an option that allows you to earn points for walking. These points are called energy currency (EC), which can then be exchanged for dollars at Paypal.


StedDrop is an app that was conceived by its founders as an exchange for buying and selling cryptocurrency. Its token is called YNG, which we can get for walking, or more exactly, for each step taken.

However, the app is still in beta phase. Therefore, your tokens cannot be exchanged for other cryptocurrencies.


Lympo is an application designed for financial and sports goals. Every day set new goals and objectives that you must achieve. The app rewards you for your daily activities like walking, running, etc.

You can be rewarded with internal currency (LYM tokens) that you can spend in the Lympo store. You can buy all kinds of sports items such as shoes, clothes, smart watches... There are also gift cards that can be spent on Amazon.

Another advantage of this app is that it allows you to compete against other people and keep track of your achievements and progress. For example, from the time you install the app until a certain time, you can lose weight or set new running records.


This application offers you to exchange your weight loss for money. It consists of placing a bet and forming a prize pool. If your bet comes true, that is, if you lose weight, you win the bet. Even if you don't reach 100% of the set amount but you lose weight, you get the prize. The average payout, according to the developers, is more than $1,200.

HealthyWage starts with a calculator where you can enter your goals and find out your potential earnings. You must begin and end your progress by recording a weigh-in to prove that the loss is real. Throughout the challenge, you must also record your weight on a weekly basis.

Lymp Squat

This application allows you to do much more specific activities than another. How they pay you to walk and squats like that.

All you have to do is install the app and give it permission to access your smartphone's camera. You lock the phone where you want and the camera allows you to start playing. From there, you earn Lympo Tokens for squats and can spend them on whatever you want from their catalog. With this app, there is no excuse for laziness, because you can get started anytime, anywhere.

Step Younger+

This is a completely free pedometer app that gives you a chance to win prizes and rewards for walking.

This application is very easy to use and has a nice design to make your experience comfortable.

You can use it to see analysis and graphs of the evolution of your gait. Create a healthy habit, walk daily to stay in good physical shape, get this amazing app!

StepBet: Get Active & Stay Fit

This app is considered and recommended as one of the best apps that pay to walk. It works like a pedometer and counts every step you take. StepBet: Get Active & Stay Fit will reward you for your effort as you reach your goals, so don't delay in installing this app on your mobile.


You can earn points with Achievement by syncing your fitness tracker and receive $10 for every 10,000 points earned through the app.

For example, you'll earn six points each day when you track your weight, body fat percentage, sleep, steps, food intake, water intake, and heart rate through your Fitbit.

Periodically, Achievement will also give you the opportunity to earn extra points by reading certain articles. Each of the articles that are read is graded with three points.

Since this app runs in the background, is easy to use, and gives you credits for many different activities, it's a great way to earn a small amount of passive income.


This is the app to earn money by walking with one of the highest rated applications in the Play Store. It is an application that pays you not only for walking, but for choosing different modes of use.

One aspect that may not seem very attractive about StepBet is that you have to pay $40 to take advantage of its benefits. This allows you to make a payment and request a refund within a week if you feel your money has been spent ineffectively or you don't like the platform.

This is also because StepBet also works as a betting platform where users can participate in various types of bets.

Based on this, there have been several negative comments in the Play Store, StepBet's response is that this app is not for this type of user.

At StepBet, you bet $40 that you can reach your individual daily step goal in six weeks. StepBet uses your own step history to generate this figure, adding a little more than you normally walk to the challenge.

If you do not meet these daily goals, you will lose your $40 bet. But if you do, you'll get your original $40 back plus a portion of the winnings. Winnings are calculated based on the number of participants who have not won their bet and divided among those who have.

You can play just one StepBet game at a time with a basic membership or pay an annual fee of $50 to play up to three games at a time.

Charity Miles

If you don't have enough money in your budget for charitable giving, but want to contribute to causes that are important to you, Charity Miles is a great option. You won't receive money directly, but you can choose more than 40 charities to participate in and earn money.

You'll earn up to 25p for every mile you walk or run for the charity of your choice, or 10p if you choose to bike.

You'll need to launch the app before each walk, as Charity Miles uses your phone's GPS or accelerometer to track distance traveled, so make sure you have your phone with you to track miles traveled.


Most people use the Walgreens app to fill prescriptions and earn rewards for their purchases. But there's also a less-used area of ​​the app that lets you set four-week fitness or lifestyle goals, like walking 10,000 steps or eating more fruits and vegetables.

For every week of success, you'll earn 100 Balance Rewards points, which are worth 10 cents toward a purchase at Walgreens. If you're successful in all four weeks, you can spin the prize wheel for a chance to win up to 2,000 Balance Rewards points (equivalent to $2).


MapMyFitness is a great app for tracking your runs and walks. Although this app does not offer you the ability to earn money for your rides, it does offer the ability to win prizes.

To be in with a chance of winning a prize, you need to sign up for a regular special challenge.

PK Rewards

PK Rewards is an app you can download to track your workouts and then turn those efforts into "coins" that you can redeem for rewards like gift cards and travel discounts.

The app also gives you the ability to join groups and create groups with friends and family to stay motivated and track your goals.

If using your phone number or Facebook account doesn't turn you off, PK Rewards can be a great way to earn rewards and discounts for training.


Higi is a company that makes automatic blood pressure measuring stations that can be seen outside many pharmacies. If you download their app, you can enter a monthly contest that gives you a chance to win a $50 Visa gift card if you earn more than 600 watts during the month.

You can gain watts by checking your blood pressure (50 watts), your weight (50 watts), or both at your local Higi station. If you sign up for the gym on Foursquare, you'll gain another 15 watts.


FitFetti claims to offer you rewards for reaching certain step markers. You can also attract sponsors or sponsor someone else.

While the above apps reward you for completing steps, this app helps you earn money for walking your dogs, which can also be a lucrative activity.


Rover is a popular app that allows you to offer pet sitting services, including dog walking. You can create a profile and set your own hours and rates through the app. In some large metropolitan areas, you can also find work directly from clients through the Rover Now feature.

Rover takes a 20% commission on your fare, but if you're charging $20-$30 per visit, it's still a good way to get paid to ride.


Care.com is a web and app marketplace connecting people with a wide range of care services. At Care.com you can set your own hourly rate instead of paying per ride. This means that if someone wants their dog walked for longer than the standard 30-minute walks, they have an easier way to pay you for that extra effort.

To find clients, you can create and publish your profile so that dog owners can contact you, or apply for dog walker jobs. This can make it easier to find permanent dog walking jobs, rather than the one-off walks that are more common in other apps. In addition to earning money with the rides.

Good luck earning money and take care of your health!

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