EARN MONEY by Uploading Files on Up-4ever

If you haven't heard of Up-4ever, one of the best servers out there for uploading files, since Up-4ever pays its users per download, it has a good payment rate, referral system and it's working so far.

Main Features of Up-4ever

  • Rating: Good
  • Activity: File Hosting Hosting
  • Payment Methods: PayPal, Payoneer, Bitcoins, Webmoney, Neteller and 22 more
  • Payment days: Daily
  • Minimum charge : Depending on the Payment Processor, by PayPal $1 Dollar
  • Languages: English and Arabic
  • Referral system: Yes, you earn 10% of your referrals
  • Payout rate: $7, $4 and $3 for everyone
  • Works for everyone: Yes, anyone can participate

What is Up-4ever and how does it work?

Up-4ever is a server where we can earn money just by uploading our files and sharing the download links for people to download our files.

The Up-4ever company pays us for the downloads made, that is, if I upload a PDF book and share the download link on social networks, my YouTube channel or on my blog and many people download it, the company will pay me will pay for that.

Earn Money with Up-4ever

If you want to use this platform to generate income from your home or wherever you are, the first thing you should do is go to the official page and register, once registered you can start uploading your files to win.

When you start uploading your files you can share them through Facebook groups, on your YouTube channel, of course, that's in case you don't have a website, if you do, upload it to the page and share the link of the page .

Up-4ever Membership

Like the other free servers, this one also has a paid membership, it should be noted that I recommend buying it for several reasons that I will tell you below.

With the paid membership your files are not deleted due to lack of downloads, on the other hand if you have a free membership your files will be deleted 180 days after the last download, of course you can choose to stay with the free one.

Up-4ever Pays

With this company we don't have to be afraid if Up-4ever is a scam because it's not, Up-4ever currently pays and is one of the best servers to work with, since payments are made in a short time.

Up-4ever Proof of Payment

Unlike other payment servers, you won't have to go very far or search a lot to see Up-4ever's proof of payment , since you will see proof of payment on the same platform.

The page has a menu called PAYMENT PROOF (Up-4ever Payment Test) where you will see the latest payments made to users, which makes this server more reliable to work with.

Up-4ever Referral System

You also have the option to promote this server so that other users register with your affiliate link, that way you will earn 10% of the profits generated from your referrals, so we can increase our profits a little.

Up-4ever Opinions

I find this server excellent, although the payment rate for countries like the United States is not very high, at least for all other countries it is $3 dollars, much more than other servers.

Another point in favor is all the possibilities or payment methods available to the server, it has almost all payment processors so we will not have any problem withdrawing our money, in addition to a minimum payment of just $1 dollar.

Up-4ever Recommendations

I recommend it with closed eyes, you can register without fear and start uploading your files without fear that they won't pay you, as long as you work legal there will be no problems, but if you start wanting to get smart later, don't be complaining that you they closed the account.

So now you know, if you still don't have your account created, enter right now and open yours so you can start earning, remember to create your website so you can earn on autopilot while you sleep.

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