Earn money doing UX Testing + platforms

How can I become a tester and make money from it? What does that require? List of the most popular platforms that are willing to pay for usability.

One of the most enjoyable and lucrative ways to earn money online is user testing.

User testing consists of testing web pages, mobile applications or games to find and correct possible errors in their operation.

User tests are divided into two types:
  • usability testing;
  • Software tests (search and notification of errors).
The former is paid for the task performed, while the latter is paid for reporting bugs.

Website testing is nothing new. There are a few companies that do this (usually in the US) and they have been paying users to submit reviews for quite some time.

Although some of these companies accept users from all over the world, in some of them you will encounter the English language barrier. And here it is not enough to have a basic level, but you have to master English enough to record a video of about 20 minutes and that the client understands you.

What is that about usability?

It mainly refers to the browsing experience of users who visit a website.

Let me explain with an example: supermarkets. How many times have you gone shopping and wandered around because you couldn't find the product you wanted? In physical stores, the customer spends his time looking for the product he wants, but rarely leaves the mall for that reason. On the other hand, if it happens in an online store, the chances that the customer will leave the page are much higher.

I have given the example of an online store, but usability is measured on any type of page. The goal of user testing is to identify the weak points of a website with the help of real visitors. They also want to know what your impressions are of the task you have been given. Was it easy or was it difficult? Do you think you can suggest another way to do it?

It is important, in addition to carrying out the action, to always know what you are thinking about. That's why they will always ask you to speak all the time. Every time you take a test, tell them what you're doing and what's on your mind.

What do I need to start?

First of all, what is needed to work on these platforms is to have an intermediate or high level of English.

Evaluating a web page is not difficult, you just have to follow the steps or tasks that the developers or owners of the site indicate. You will need to discuss any problems or difficulties you encounter while performing these tasks. During these assigned tasks, you will have to complete a short questionnaire or record and present a video. And that's all... it's very simple.
  • A good level of English is required, since you must be able to speak and write well to communicate your concerns or problems to clients.
  • You will need a desktop or laptop computer with an Internet connection and a microphone. In addition to being able to download the software offered by the platform, to be able to record the video of your computer screen while you perform your tasks and to be able to provide this information to your client.
  • Cannot be under 18 years of age.
  • And you will also have to have the courage and the ability to say what you think without fear, and in English. The more thoughtful and candid your studies and opinions are, the more your customers will benefit.
  • Create a PayPal account.
It is also worth mentioning that this type of work is not permanent, but temporary. While this is simply an opportunity to earn a few extra bucks a month, it should also be taken seriously and with care.

What does a website tester do?

As an app and website tester, you will be paid to objectively test, improve and evaluate these apps and websites. Your observations, comments and opinions are very important for developers and owners of websites and applications:
  • about possible errors and malfunctions;
  • the usability of applications, sites or their individual sections (for example, the shopping cart);
  • the speed of the site or mobile application;
  • your opinion on the design;
  • an opinion about the content and its quality;
  • design perceptions.
Before you start your tests, it's important to have a clear idea of ​​how to run them and what you're going to do when you run them. And remember! No one knows what errors, glitches, and inaccuracies there are, or even if there are or not. If they are few or many and where to look for them. All your recommendations will be analyzed, taken into account and used to improve the website or application, its design and the quality of its usability. An example of approximate work hours for a website and app tester:
  • You will receive a new assignment via email indicating the website or mobile app you have been assigned to visit. There will usually also be some instructions in the task. For example, evaluating the design, adding or removing products from the shopping cart, testing certain pages of the website or evaluating the relevance of the content.
  • As a result of your research and testing, you will need to identify potential issues, assess functionality (for example, distorted web pages, dead links, online stores not working or working correctly, etc.).
  • Also, don't forget that you will get paid not only for reporting problems with the web or mobile app, but also for giving advice, making suggestions and sharing your opinion. You will get paid even if you don't find any problems or bugs and everything works fine and fine.

Why do developers pay you to visit and test websites?

Because every company wants to make sure, thanks to third parties, that its website and all its pages, mobile application or online store, etc., work correctly. Because no customer will bother to report errors in the online store. They will simply go to another website or app and purchase the product elsewhere.

Nobody wants to lose customers and therefore their profits. It is better to pay a tester first and debug all the functionality than to fix everything in a hurry, and meanwhile lose customers day after day and not even know it.

What platforms pay to perform usability tests?


UserFeel is one of the most popular platforms that pays for software testing and is very similar to other similar platforms. Before you get started, you'll need to create a profile and then take a practice test.

Once verified and if UserFeel approves your test, you can expect to receive usability test suggestions by email.

This platform is one of the fastest to receive payments. Each test will take you no more than 10-20 minutes and will earn you $10. Payments are made every week, which makes these tasks much more enjoyable.


The IntelliZoom principle is the same as many other platforms:
  • record;
  • submission of an application;
  • receive an invitation to participate in website and software usability testing by email;
  • conducting the test and presenting the results;
  • receive the reward.
This platform is in high demand. So if you want to participate, you will have to respond quickly to the invitation, which is limited. And if your desires and abilities match, then you answer some preliminary questions, as on most platforms. Once the platform is convinced that you are exactly what they are looking for, you will receive your first assignment.

The important thing is to start the session and the rest is much easier since the tests are very simple and the payment is 10 dollars. You don't need more than 10-15 minutes for each test. That means you can earn between $40 and $60 per hour.


This is a resource that Intuit users can explore. You will have to thoroughly test various web products. Like Mint, TurboTax, and QuickBooks, for example, as well as other products. For example, Intuit ProConnect (ProSeries and Lacerte in particular). All your comments about these products (what you like and what you don't like about these products) you will give to the usability testers.

The tests usually last between 30 minutes and two hours. And every 30 minutes you'll receive a $50 Visa reward card. The tests can be of two types:
  • in person;
  • from distance.
For the vast majority of research that is done remotely, you will need a web conferencing tool called – BlueJeans. And for face-to-face research, only your computer.


On the Userbrain platform, you can perform usability testing however you want: on a computer or on an iPhone smartphone. But unfortunately, the platform is not yet able to offer tasks for testers with Android smartphones.

Tests on the Userbrain platform are very fast, taking no more than 5-15 minutes to complete. In that time, you will earn 3 dollars.

I agree that for a five minute usability test that is a good payoff. But, if you spend 15 minutes or more on these tests, you should probably consider the alternatives on our list.

You will be able to withdraw the payment to your PayPal account as soon as your balance reaches $10 or more. If no complicated calculations are done, this means that you will have to perform at least four usability tests to withdraw the money.


But the Ferpection platform does not have any problems with users. Here you can earn money by performing usability tests on a tablet, mobile phone on any operating system, laptop or desktop without any problem.

I recently did a test on this platform. It was quite long and lasted about 45 minutes. They paid me $25 for it.

What I liked about Ferpection was that there were no audio or video messages to record. I only took screenshots and answered text questions. But I had to wait for the PayPal payment, since it only takes place on the last Friday of every month.


UserLytics is notably different in that this platform will not only ask you to perform usability tests on websites or mobile apps in exchange for a reward in the form of money. It also pays to test the usability of software, concepts and other digital products.

Most of the time, to test mobile apps and websites on this platform, you will need a good webcam and pre-test by answering some questionnaires.

But once you're done with that and you've passed the test, you'll immediately start receiving assignments in the form of emails offering to do app usability testing for money, as well as some other website and mobile app testing jobs.


Anyone can sign up and become a tester on this platform as long as they have a valid PayPal account. This platform is attractive because testers can conduct their research and usability testing on Enroll on any mobile phone, as well as any tablet, laptop or desktop computer.

In most cases, when testing mobile apps or websites, you can use whatever device you want without any problem. It just depends on what you have available or your personal preferences.

Some tests, like choosing a logo, can be done in seconds. Or in the ease of use, such as the buttons or the selection of the cursor that you like the most or that is seen more clearly on the screen like a computer or mobile phone. But this means that you won't get paid very much to do these express tests, just about $1.50. But it can be a nice quick way to earn a few extra bucks, as long as you spare a couple of minutes.


The simplicity of the StartUpLift platform is that the platform pays each tester $5 per usability test. The time spent on any task is not taken into account here. But, it should be noted that they usually go very fast.

In my experience, up to five tests a day can be done with absolute ease on this platform, and all tests follow the same script. Which makes this platform ideal for those who like options on that list where you have to talk or film.


The TryMyUI platform runs tests every Friday, which means it's an opportunity to quickly get your money's worth. TryMyUI's rates are also good, for about 20 minutes of testing you will get 10 dollars. So for those who want to participate in website usability testing, then you are definitely here.

There are 2 types of usability testing on the TryMyUI platform: one is done with a webcam and the other is done in writing. This way, all testers have a good mix of options and can test both at the same time. Or choose just the one you like best.

Before you'll be allowed to take the test, you'll need to answer a few preliminary questions to make sure you meet their target demographic for the TryMyUI platform. But it is not difficult and it is very fast.

Also, keep in mind that the TryMyUI platform does not have as many tests compared to other testing platforms. And, of course, some of them have a very limited number of participants. Therefore, if you see a test on TryMyUI that interests you, you should hurry.


Unlike other platforms, with UserTesting you can test websites from any country in the world. As long as you have your laptop with you and a good internet connection. Normally, UserTesting is chosen exclusively by freelancers who want to test websites for money while on vacation at the beach. And there is no problem, because they can collect through PayPal.

As in many platforms, here you will also have to do some usability testing, before they give you access to their test tasks for whoever wants to use them. They will first teach you how it works and make sure you are exactly what they are looking for.

Once you pass all the tests and answer as many questions as possible, you will receive $10-15 in your PayPal account for every 20 minutes of website and app tests you take. Sometimes this platform finds website testers to run tests for $3 for every 5 minutes of comments. And there are many such offers for usability testing on this platform.

Notably, famous brands like Microsoft, Yahoo, Apple, Twitter, and Airbnb often look for testers on the UserTesting platform to test their own websites and other products. But most of these tests and others like them on this site require you to speak your thoughts in good English into a microphone while viewing the corresponding pages. It is important for them to receive an immediate and unfiltered response from you.

Many users of the UserTesting platform have commented that the site is legit and the payment is done quite quickly. Therefore, for those who want to receive constant remuneration for testing the usability of a website, this is a good option to consider.


Validately is another specialized usability testing platform, where you can earn good money doing written and live tests.

If you're testing live, you'll need to share your screen and give feedback through a microphone. This is so test clients can see what they would do and think when viewing certain pages.

It is worth noting that live usability testing of software and websites does, of course, pay a bit more than the usual written test. For a 30-minute trial, you can earn between $25 and $100. On the other hand, the written tests are usually much faster, but you only pay about 5 dollars.

For payment, as in other cases, you need to have your PayPal account. Payment is usually made after the trial is complete, no later than five business days.


WhatUsersDo allows you to check out new sites before they go live, as you will get paid to test said sites. This will help the site owner and its developers fix bugs and make any necessary adjustments to software and content to ensure that users don't have problems with the site even before it goes live.

The platform takes a fairly rigorous approach to the selection process, so it's hard to claim a large number of trial offers here, like on other sites. But once selected and accepted, you will have the same usability testing opportunities as on other similar platforms.


The uTest platform regularly requires independent testers to perform quality tests of various programs and equipment. Independent contractors perform tests for clients including Google, Amazon, Netflix and others, according to a vacancy announcement posted on Dice.com.

To start working on this platform, you have to fill out an online application form. It doesn't take more than 10 minutes.

Next, you will need to take a test. The test is necessary so that you can clearly demonstrate your technical skills and prove to clients that it is exactly what they need. If all goes well, expect to be assigned to the website usability test after the test is complete. It's hard to say how much you can earn working as a tester here, but in 2019 alone, the platform paid out over $20 million to QA testers around the world.


The Cheakealos platform is highly recommended. If you want to become a website tester on the Cheakealos platform, all you need is to speak English, a computer, smartphone or tablet, a good internet connection and an active personal PayPal account. The work is based on feedback sessions and lasts 15 minutes, for which 8 euros will be paid.


The Loop11 platform is an Australian company, occasionally accepts applications from website testers for a fee. To start working on the platform, you have to take a 5-minute aptitude test to prove your skills. Information from the founder's LinkedIn profile says that Loop11 has been in business since 2009 and that the platform pays its testers far above average fees and bonuses compared to other platforms. And his clients include big names like IBM, JPMorgan Chase and Go Daddy.

Tester Work

Another job platform for testers that constantly opens openings for usability tests. These jobs are only for experienced website and app quality testers. A special feature of this platform is that they pay by the number of bugs found, or a fixed amount for completing a test job in which both user commands are investigated and test scripts are analyzed.

Payment is made to an Upwork contract or to an active personal PayPal account. It all depends on how the invitation is received. By the way, the platform is actively looking for its testers through Upwork. And you can get an invite there. Payment will be transferred once the test is finished in fifteen days.

beta testing

BetaTesting is another platform that allows you to earn good money for testing the usability of software, and also to test websites for a fee.

For each test you take, you will earn from 10 dollars. But this amount can be much higher if the test is more detailed or if more equipment is needed. This applies to tests where you will have to record yourself.

You will receive invitations to usability tests by email, up to five per month. Payment is made to your active PayPal account after the trial is complete in 7 days.


Another platform for freelancers is Upwork, where you can try offering your software usability testing services. If the platform accepts your offer, you will receive good money for testing the product.

If you are a good web and software tester, you can easily get positive feedback, which will help you get invited to interview directly with potential clients.

Instead of having to search and request it yourself, they will invite you there. Also, with good experience and feedback, there is a chance that you will not only be invited for one-off tests, but you can work full-time because you can work directly for a major client with the possibility of getting a long-term job and salary . decent .

Amazon Mechanical Turk

MTurk is one of the few platforms through which you can earn Amazon gift cards for carrying out usability tests on a website or app, which does not exclude cash at all.

For most of these current usability tests, the platform pays as little as $0.02 for a two-minute test and up to $3.30 for a five-minute video download.

This can be a great option if you feel like doing different tasks, such as doing web research in a few minutes, entering data, conducting online surveys, or transcribing audio and video recordings, etc.

Test Time

The TestingTime platform is willing to pay you to do a test of between 30 and 90 minutes, about 54 dollars (50 euros).

Many tests on this platform are conducted with live moderators, so you will often have to do it over Skype. The moderators will also tell you where to go and what to do during the test. It is not the same as doing work guided by a checklist, as other sites tend to do. Therefore, you will need a webcam and a microphone to participate in these tests on the TestingTime platform.

The company is based in Switzerland, but TestingTime works with professional testers and freelancers from all over the world.

After the trial ends, the payment is transferred to your active personal PayPal account within five to ten days.


This is a great platform for beginning freelancers to start earning. Because the platform actively collaborates with those who have no experience in usability testing. All you need is absolutely a device connected to the Internet. But a microphone and a camera are desirable. The cost of conducting the tests is up to $20, and it takes 20 minutes. But the cost will increase if more complex errors or defects can be found.

Testbirds performs usability tests on the following products:
  • Web pages and portals;
  • Mobile apps;
  • Internet of Things (IoT);
  • Wearables;
  • Games.

User Conversation

I highly recommend that you consider working with the User Conversation platform. Each test or review lasts 20 minutes and earns the tester $10, which will be delivered to their active PayPal account within 2-3 days.

If you write a good review, you might even get featured on the ultra-selective Launching Next website, which showcases the latest startups that are on their way to becoming famous.

User Talk accepts testers from almost every country in the world. All you need to get started is a desktop or laptop computer with a camera and microphone.

test IO

The test IO platform was founded in 2011 and has offices in America (San Francisco) and Europe (Berlin). At test IO, you will get paid as a website, app and game usability tester. Here you can also earn $50 if you find an error or bug on the platform. But, if it is a big bug or a critical problem, you will earn much more.

But even if you don't find any bugs, you can still earn money by rating the apps. test IO pays once a month, but you can choose between PayPal, Payoneer, Skrill or bank transfer.


The User Interviews platform currently has openings for testers from the United States, Canada, Australia, South Africa, Germany, France and the United Kingdom who can earn money with usability tests, surveys, online interviews, journal studies, focus groups and surveys. online using the User Interviews platform. The amount of remuneration will depend not only on the duration but also on the type of investigation. And the average is between $20 and $1,500 per study. Typically, it takes less than a day for testers to be able to participate in studies.


According to the PingPong website, testers can earn between 10 and 100 euros per test and this opportunity is open to people from all over the world.

Payments are made after the trial in 7-10 days and are made through Transerwise or PayPal at your choice. To successfully work and earn money for website and application usability testing with PingPong, you only need to have a computer with a webcam.


Respondent is considered the highest paid platform among companies that offer the opportunity to start testing various websites for money and leave reviews on various products.

Most of the time, the platform seeks website testers for a 60-minute test with a fee of $100.

For its top testers, the platform invites top testers to run paid discussion groups, where anyone can give feedback for 60 minutes and get charged up to $150 for it.

Once you sign up, you'll have immediate access to all offers, and you can start looking for the right test for you right away.


The MyCrowd platform is constantly looking for professional programmers and testers to pay to find bugs and perform usability tests on websites and applications.

The amount you earn depends solely on your effort. Each MyCrowd test comes with a list of previously found bugs. This reassures the new tester that they will not duplicate the work of the previous tester. You can not only earn money for your attention to detail, but also prizes.


The UserZoom platform offers usability tests or surveys of 10 to 20 minutes duration of two different types:
  • Standard (written responses only), for which you will earn $5.
  • audio and video responses, for which $10 will be paid per survey.
Once the trial is complete, the payment will be sent to your PayPal account after 21 days.

To work on this platform you will need to use the Intellizoom trial software on your computer, tablet or mobile phone.

The better the answers you provide, the more frequent invites and higher paying surveys you can get.


To work with the Analysia platform you will need a microphone to complete each test, reflecting aloud to record your responses to the survey.

Each test takes no more than 10-15 minutes and costs $10. There may be several such tests per month. On average, one a week. But if you prove to be a careful and experienced tester, and provide quality feedback, you will be given a test every day.

The platform sends all payments to its testers through PayPal.


As the name suggests, orders start at $5, but the platform pays more for complex orders.

For example, you can earn $10 for a 20-minute usability test of a website by analyzing the home page and browsing multiple pages. Or to test a customer's shopping cart, for example, trying to complete a purchase in 20 minutes. This work can already be worth 15 or 20 dollars.

To diversify your sources of income, you could also volunteer on Fiverr to design websites and apps, or even fix bugs found by website testers.

And as an entrepreneur, you could very well earn more by advertising your website and app testing services on Fiverr.

How do you get to test the usability of a website?

There are a few things you can do to ensure you successfully test a website:

Take the interview or pilot test seriously

Many of the platforms will require an interview or practical test to demonstrate your skills. It is not just for you to see and understand what it means to test websites for money. It is mainly for your customers to check that the comments you are going to make are detailed enough.

It is important to take these tasks very seriously to ensure that you get on the desired list of testers.

At the moment, different sites have different requirements. Some will only have you fill out a written questionnaire, while other platforms will ask you to provide an audio or video response.

Try to get it right for the best chances of qualifying.

Join as many usability testing platforms as possible

Statistically, there are fewer customers than testers, so don't expect to have to do three tests every hour.

There is no limit to the number of usability testing sites you can sign up for, so the more you sign up, the better chance you have of getting admitted to a test and getting paid decently.
  • Sign up with as many website testing companies (platforms) as possible.
  • Be sure to take advantage of practice and test opportunities, as many companies won't allow you to take the exam more than a couple of times.
  • Always make sure to submit your best work, as many companies rate their testers, and those who score higher often receive a higher, higher-paying offer.
  • While you wait for these companies to email you practice test offers, don't forget to add yourself to their discussion groups and digital assignments. This will provide you with a steady stream of work and income.

Be honest when providing information about yourself

There is no point in lying to try to get more usability tests. If you are found to have lied, you will be permanently banned from the platform.

It will also make it more difficult for you to do a good job of feedback.

Don't take chances, be honest and be as detailed as possible. This way, you'll get trial offers that are best suited to you, making it easier to apply in the long run.

Make sure your team is good enough

The cameras and recording equipment that come with our computers and phones today are usually good enough for what testing centers are looking for.

But if you want to test websites for money, it's always good to see if your team is up to the task. So take a few minutes to test the devices you are going to use to make sure they are useful and that you are ready to start making money as soon as the test features start appearing.

Act quickly when you see a trial available

The number of places for each test is always limited, so it is important to act quickly as soon as you see that a test is available.

That's why you should make sure you get alerts every time you receive an email from any of these sites, so you can review it immediately. If you leave them in your inbox, it's probably too late.

Take your time

When you get paid, say, $10 for an exam, it might make sense to do it in five minutes instead of 15 to earn more money in an hour.

But be careful that, rushing through the exam, you don't miss anything, don't make any mistakes, or give insufficiently important answers. You'd better spend those extra minutes taking the exam carefully, rather than slipping through major errors to get blocked by the platform.

Keep reasonable expectations about your income

Let's be clear: you're not going to make hundreds of thousands of dollars for usability testing websites and software.

However, you will have the opportunity to earn some extra money, which could easily amount to several hundred dollars a month.

This means that getting paid to test websites is a great side business, especially if you are desperate for money. Of course, don't expect this to replace your full salary.

In summary

Website usability testing is a great way to earn a few extra bucks each month, since most tests only take 20 minutes or less.

And since you most likely have a laptop or smartphone with a built-in camera and microphone, all you have to do is apply to become a tester and immediately start testing apps and websites.

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