Earn Free Bitcoins with CoinPayU

A safe way to earn Bitcoins is through CoinPayU , a PTC in which we can earn Satoshi by watching ads in addition to the offers that will make us multiply our earnings, so far CoinPayU pays .

Main Features of CoinPayU

  • Rating: Good
  • Activity: View Announcements, Tasks
  • Forms of Payment: Bitcoin
  • Payment days: Daily
  • Minimum collection: 10,000 Satoshi
  • Languages: English, Spanish, German and Japanese
  • Referral system: Yes, rented and direct, you earn according to the memberships you have.
  • Works for everyone: Yes, anyone can participate

What is CoinPayU and how does it work?

CoinPayU is a PTC in which we can earn satoshi, you have two options to access this PTC , you can do it through the link below or you can write in your browser to go to the official CoinPayU page to register .

Once you have registered on the platform, you just have to confirm your email to start working and earn your satoshi .

Earn Money with CoinPayU

To win is very simple, you go to the view ads option, you have two options and you can start with any, "view ads or view ads in the window", on the platform you will see an average of 40 to 50 ads per day.

The value of the ads will be determined by the viewing time, an ad of only 15 seconds may only pay you between 6 to 8 satoshi, while one of 60 seconds can pay you up to 25 satoshi.

CoinPayU Membership

Registration is completely free, but if you want to increase your earnings you can purchase a membership, the platform has 4 memberships:

Ordinary Partner , Junior Partner , Intermediate Partner and Senior Partner , earnings will be determined by the type of memberships you have.

CoinPayU Referral System

As I mentioned before, the earnings of our referrals will depend on the type of membership that we have acquired, but if you are going to dedicate yourself to getting referrals, you should acquire a membership or buy one if you reach a considerable number of direct referrals.

The platform has a store to buy referrals , if you are not good at promoting businesses you have the option to buy your referrals and thus you can multiply your earnings .

CoinPayU Pay

Of course CoinPayU pays , to be a new company it has responded well with the payments requested by users, we can say that so far it is a company that pays without problems, I confirm that CoinPayU is not a scam .

CoinPayU Proof of Payment

Yes, the company has proof of payments, you can verify the payments on YouTube, and in Facebook groups, you can filter "CoinPayU proof of payment" and you will see the proof of payments of many users who are charging with this platform.

CoinPayU Reviews

I personally recommend it, although the earnings that we are going to get as free users is very low, one good thing about it is that it is active with payments, it would be to buy a membership to be able to take advantage of it.

CoinPayU Recommendations

If you are going to dedicate yourself to working with this PTC , I recommend that you buy a package, and that you focus on getting direct referrals, so you can get more benefit from your membership in order to double the income obtained.

To start earning money with CoinPayU, as I already mentioned, you must register on this platform through this link .

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