Earn $10 by filling out a Survey with Marketagent

Earn money by filling out surveys with a very popular platform and especially for Latin America, this company called Marketagent pays through PayPal and Skrill, several alternatives to collect our money on this wonderful platform.

What is Marketagent and how does it work?

Marketagent is a platform of German origin that is dedicated to online market research and studies , this company currently has more than 1,700,000 registered users, incredible, many people are generating income with surveys on this platform.

What you have to do to start earning money by filling out surveys with Marketagent is to go to the official page and register, it is possible that when you enter the website you will see it in German, don't worry, it is in Spanish too You just have to translate it and that's it, the page gives away 50 points per registration.

Market Agent Features

One of the main characteristics of this platform is that the surveys are for Spain and all of Latin America , which is why this website is widely used because there are few companies that allow us to work in this business model if we are not from certain countries.

Marketagent payment methods

This company currently only has two payment methods to make our withdrawal once we have completed the 1,000 points, which is the minimum to withdraw , which is equivalent to $11.10 dollars.

Forms of payments:

  • PayPal
  • Skrill

How to make money with Marketagent

Once you have registered and completed your user profile, the company will send you the surveys to your email, you also have the option of activating notifications in your browser to receive alerts for new surveys.

Promote Marketagent and earn

Marketagent has a referral system which allows us to earn 50 points for each person registered with our link, in the control panel you can send your link directly to email, but if you have a website you can place a company banner .

If you know many people who are interested in registering on a page to generate income with surveys, you can invite them, and with 20 people who register you already have 1,000 points to make your first PayPal withdrawal.

Marketagent Pays

The company has not paid late for many years, Marketagent pays each of its members on time in a stable manner, so you can start working with this website today.

Marketagent Proof of Payment

It also has proof of payment , of course a company that is paying must have proof of payment , you can join my Telegram group where I upload the proof of payment generated on the platforms where I am working.

Marketagent Recommendations

It is a very good alternative to generate income online, only it is not a work model to live from it, but it is to earn some money from time to time that is not bad at all, since money is always needed even if it is to cover minor expenses. Sign up here.

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