Does Slidejoy pay or is it scam? Earn [$2 Dollars via PayPal]

Does Slidejoy pay or is it scam? How to make money with Slidejoy – Unlock money. In the world, all people live in the constant search to generate income from home in a simple way, and there are many options. But, what would you do if you found out that there is a way to earn money with Slidejoy only by unlocking your cell phone.

It is not a secret to anyone that in this era there have been an infinity of discoveries and improvements in terms of technology. Also, there have been improvements in terms of the lock systems of mobile devices, and what better than an app that pays to unlock them.

How to earn money with Slidejoy in the easiest way!

What spends the most time with the attention of the entire population in general are cell phones. Getting in and out of it is the daily bread of many today, of the vast majority actually.

Activating the cell blocking system means that no one except you can access your personal data. However, today there is a wonderful possibility to earn money with Slidejoy, an app that pays you to unlock your mobile.

By installing this app , it will replace your lock screen and now show you a new one belonging to its own system. It has a section that will leave you various announcements daily when it comes to unlocking the cell phone.

In its curious interface, if you slide your finger to one of the sides you will get more information about that ad. If you swipe to the other side you will unlock your phone. This app also has a shortcut bar to your app and a news section for CNN , NYTimes , among others.

When viewing these ads and accessing more information about them, "Carats" are generated . A kind of points that are accumulated by interacting with advertising. A total of 1,000 carats equals $1.00 in this app to generate money.

Easily register on Slidejoy

Start earning money with Slidejoy now by following these simple instructions. The first thing is that you must have an Android mobile device, go to the official website and enter the home page.

Once there, you must register and log in. There are two types of account, which are donation or cash. If you choose the former, you automatically agree that all funds in your account will be donated to charity.

On the other hand, if you select the cash mode, you can save the funds deposited in your account without any problem. Thus, once installed on your device you can start enjoying the earnings with apps.

Slidejoy Pays, Minimum Withdrawal

Starting at $2.00 they can be redeemed in PayPal and starting at $5.00 in Amazon Gift Cards . The available balance is updated every day from 6:00 PM However, not everything is rosy. It has proof of payments .

You may also be interested in Futhuro where you will earn 1.5% daily.

The reality is that earning money with Slidejoy does not generate much, but only a few cents are received. Even so, it is a way to generate a little income that can help you in some way. Download the app here.

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