12 Methods How to Earn Money in PayPal (easy and fast)

Real ways to earn money for PayPal – examples of pages and apps to earn more money in PayPal easily and quickly.

The PayPal service was established in the United States in 1998 in Palo Alto, California. PayPal is an electronic payment service with which anyone can pay for purchases made on the Internet comfortably and safely.

Is it legal to make money with PayPal?

First of all, registration with a market research company is free. How to earn money in PayPal? Most companies offer exactly what they promise. If you participate in their surveys you will receive points, money and/or vouchers. You can earn money with PayPal by converting your points into money and transferring them to your PayPal account.

But: You can assume it's not a reputable company if they ask you to pay money upfront for services you haven't received yet so you can participate in surveys and the like later.

Sign up to start earning money with PayPal

Opening an account with PayPal is easy. You need an email address and choose a password that you want to use to access your account in the future. After entering this information, you will receive an email with a link. By doing so, you confirm that you accept the General Conditions and agree with the application of the General Data Protection Regulation. You also enter your bank details in your PayPal account settings to be able to use them to earn money for Paypal from PC.

Can you earn money with PayPal quickly?

It depends on what is considered fast. You can easily and quickly earn a PayPal balance online with just a few clicks. It works very easily on the side. You will receive money in your PayPal account for free and instantly.

Just do online surveys , for example. You can earn your PayPal balance through online surveys or as a product tester. In both variants you can earn money quickly.

I will tell you how to earn money in your Paypal account quickly, for free and without getting up from the sofa.

It will only depend on your efforts and the time you are willing to dedicate to it.

However, you should keep in mind that in some of the best apps, before you can request a withdrawal, you will usually have to reach a minimum amount, which can take anywhere from a few days to a few weeks.

However, the main rule is not to make money fast, but to make money safely.

How can I get money on PayPal for free?

If you are determined to do so and you have come this far to read this article, it means that you are ready to get your money and have opened your PayPal account.

And I have prepared the best ways to make money with PayPal (free and without risk) for you, so let's not delay!

Mobile apps with PayPal payments

Did you know that you can also earn money with PayPal thanks to it? In the Google and Apple stores you will find hundreds of apps with which you can earn money for free and easily.

Apps have become indispensable nowadays. Our smartphone accompanies us throughout the day, carrying out important tasks or entertaining us with photos, videos and messages. We often forget or don't even think about all the work that goes into developing an app.

In order to ensure that an application not only arouses the interest of potential users at the time of its release, but also that it works technically flawlessly and completely, tests are carried out before the official release.
To do this, not only programmers, but also ordinary users, like you and me, test the application code.
The objective is to find out how the consumer uses the application, if it is intuitive and if its functions are clear.

Your job as an application tester is to test the application from the point of view of the consumer or common user. Before you start testing, you typically receive a short briefing that explains the purpose of the app and the intended use case. You then use the app for a predetermined amount of time, and then leave your feedback.

You may also have to install a special app on your smartphone before taking the actual test, which tracks your behavior in the app being tested and sends it to researchers after the test is complete. Therefore, it is advisable to participate in application testing only if it is done with the help of a reputed and well-known institute.

However, online surveys can be a good method to earn money in Paypal, to start and earn some money online. In any case, you should spend some time doing your research before you start and look at some reviews and experience reports from different providers. You can find many detailed reviews on our website.

Conducting surveys

One of the most popular ways how to earn money for PayPal easily and quickly – is to participate in online surveys. There are countless providers -both international and German- that have a website or pages to earn money from Paypal , or an app to earn money, through which you can easily and simply take surveys and get paid for it.

I have already thoroughly tested and featured various online survey providers in other posts. In doing so, I have come to the conclusion that there is only limited benefit to online surveys, because the relationship between effort and income is not very good. However, online surveys can be a good method to earn money in Paypal, to start and earn some money online.

In any case, you should spend some time doing your research before you start and look at some reviews and experience reports from different providers. You can find many detailed reviews on our website.

Tip on how to make big money on Paypal: Since most survey platforms offer a limited number of surveys per day (and don't pay very well), it often makes sense to sign up with a few trusted providers.

There are many survey websites to choose from, but not all of them allow you to get paid by PayPal. After all, not everyone wants to work exclusively for Amazon gift cards.

These are the best-known and most popular platforms around the world:
  • Survey Junkie is one of the most reputable survey companies that allows you to earn cash rewards. You can also redeem your rewards for gift cards at any time;
  • Swagbucks is another best site that you may like as you can earn money in different ways. You can earn money by taking surveys, playing games, watching videos, making online purchases and even surfing the Internet. They allow you to get paid when your account reaches 5 euros. Swagbucks is another best site that you may like as you can earn money in different ways. These survey sites are free and you have a chance to earn rewards every week. Both apps are also available on the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store.
  • Clixsense ;
  • Green Panthera ;
  • living ;
  • Toluna .
Registration on the platforms is free, but before registering on them it is worth paying attention to two things:
  • Make sure the platform you choose works with PayPal and offers payments through PayPal. This is because the market does not stand still. Companies are constantly being bought and sold and therefore conditions can change.
  • It should always be remembered that it is an easy way to earn money and therefore do not expect to earn a lot of money with this method in a short time.


iSurveyWorld is the California-based research resource of Dale Network Inc, a reputable US company. Its main activity is both market research and digital marketing, or rather affiliate marketing.

Because iSurveyWorld has a very high reliability and security rating, many companies rely on iSurveyWorld to research an industry of interest before making important decisions about their products or services. Therefore, it can be said that it is a reliable and secure company and platform.

ISurveyWorld is an intermediary between some companies that need to carry out their research on a sector of interest in the goods and services market and registered users who want to earn quick money with surveys.

When you sign up, you will receive survey invitations several times a month and every month. For each complete answer you will receive a reward of up to 5 USD dollars (4 euros). If you become a registered user you can get a gift of up to 5 USD dollars (4 euros). It's a nice bonus for signing up. And the minimum withdrawal amount is 25 USD (21 euros).


Dale Network, Inc has created the HintstersSurveys platform and allows us to earn money through paid surveys and offering our opinion on products or certain services such as: movies, books, restaurants, stores, hotels, apps, games and more.

The HintstersSurveys platform does not have a referral system and makes payments mainly through Paypal, you can still easily work on it and earn money from surveys. Surely you have Google Translate installed in your browser, which will help you solve this problem.


Toluna is one of the oldest websites. This platform was created by a company with many years of experience and a good reputation.

It is also one of the best resources to earn money, where it is easy to combine a large number of surveys with great rewards.


GreenPanthera is a well-known platform. My words are confirmed by thousands of proofs of payment. You can check it yourself. You just have to put a proof of payment in Google GreenPanthera and you can see for yourself.

GreenPanthera along with Surveyprento are some of the platforms that not only send more surveys but also pay well. So you have a good chance to combine these two features, you will earn a lot of money.

Pickydomains.com – neyming, earn with PayPal

Service since 2007 that provides income on the Internet to create names and slogans for companies, brands and websites.

Payment to the participant is between 40% and 60% of the net cost of the mission. It depends on the rank of the performer, which is assigned to the participants in the project and depends on the number of completed orders. Simply put, at first you can get $20 orders , but over time (by completing all available offers), you can accept tasks for $50 .

There is also a reward system, if your choice of name was not chosen the best, but you liked it, get from 15 to 38 cents.

Earn money as product testers

Many product testing service providers now also pay their testers through PayPal. The payment service has also established itself as a reliable and fast payment method for businesses. Like online surveys, product testing also comes from the realm of marketing research. However, these tests are considerably more complex and require more time.

However, product testing offers several advantages over regular surveys. Because participants in these types of surveys require more time, they are often paid more. Also, in most cases the tested products can stay with the testers.

In this way, not only is your money refunded, but you are offered a free and often new product. Almost every time a product is tested there is also one or more surveys reporting the experience with the product: the job is not just about testing the product.

There are several portals and providers that can help you as a product tester. The companies that operate are usually market research institutes that test new products on behalf of customers and are therefore always looking for new dedicated testers. You can find more information and a list of survey portals that regularly conduct this type of research on our product testing information page.

Fulfillment of mini-tasks

Many – if not most – crowdsourcing providers whose business model is on the Internet now pay their employees and freelancers through PayPal. When most business is done on the Internet, it seems that it also affects the way companies are paid.

An example is Clickworker.com . Here you have the opportunity to do many different activities online for which you receive cash. You can choose to pay via PayPal, bank transfer, or Payoneer.

The provider has its own app for Android and iOs, so you can work comfortably and easily from anywhere, as long as you have internet access.

The tasks in Clickworker are wide and varied. They consist, for example, of:
  • writing of publicity texts;
  • Correction of texts;
  • data categorization;
  • Correction of texts;
  • web research;
  • photography and videography;
  • mystery photography.

Get a refund thanks to Cashback

Do you know the Cashback? For sure yes. Or, at least, he has heard of her. Because 90% of people buy online. Has it become commonplace? We are in luck, because you have the opportunity to earn good money in your PayPal account, thanks to the cashback system.
The cashback system is simply a conditional cashback from this platform, which is used when making any purchase.

Well, it's a shape with a secret. We don't actually receive money from Paypal, but unlike other options and platforms, to get that money we have to spend it. This is done through the discount or cashback program of this company, which can be up to 40% on some products.

For example, the Rakuten platform collaborates with more than 2,000 online companies and is the best known out there. The percentage of returns can reach 20%.

Judge for yourself: you make a purchase of €200 and receive a discount of up to €40, which you can transfer to your PayPal account.

Rakuten, will return the money when your balance is 5 dollars or 5 euros.

This confirms that, of all the existing payment and collection options, Paypal is the easiest, most comfortable and most profitable way.

Therefore, if you are going to regularly make purchases online, take my advice and pay attention to these platforms. And the savings will pleasantly surprise you.


Do you want to earn money playing? How is it possible? It is very possible. You just have to do this fun activity to earn money through Paypal. And it's easier than we think .

I will introduce you to some of the apps on this market, but there are many more. Some are more to like, others less. But, to understand which ones are better – you just have to do your research to choose the ones that will make you money.

Basic applications to earn, games to earn money in Paypal:
  • Feature Points;
  • GiftPanda;
  • CashOut;
  • AppKarma;
  • AppNana;
  • CashPirate;
  • AppMan.
The best thing is that these apps give you a chance to try other apps besides the free mobile games.

You can also use this resource to perform tasks like solving puzzles, watching videos or ads, etc. A great option The best thing is that these applications give you the opportunity to try other applications besides the free mobile games.

You can also use this resource to perform tasks such as solving puzzles, watching videos or ads, etc. This app is a great option to earn money in Paypal.

Here are some game examples :

Knife Dash

In this game you have to throw knives and extract diamonds. You can also earn rewards by completing tasks. And then you can exchange them, for example, for various gift cards. To win, you have to collect 77200 diamonds (and subsequently convert $1). This is one of the most interesting ways to earn money on PayPal.


What can be better than playing and winning money? If you like gaming then get into these fun arcade games, puzzles and the like, I highly recommend it.

In GAMEE you don't have to download any game, they are all included. Keep in mind that you can earn more by installing other apps and completing tasks. But it is not necessary. The minimum amount to withdraw to your PayPal account is 10 US dollars (8.6 euros).

Tata Games

This platform is also dedicated to games and each game, unlike the others, costs 5 energy beams. And in total you have up to 100 of them. But to get your money into your Paypal account – you have to collect at least 5 US dollars (4 euros).

tree for money

A special feature of this platform is that there are tasks for which you can get a lot at once: up to 10 US dollars (8.6 euro).

The game consists not only in planting a tree, but in helping it grow.

Please note that the minimum amount to withdraw to your Paypal account is 100 USD (86 EUR).


This platform is one of the best-known applications on the Internet to earn money with PayPal. The platform offers a wide variety of options to start earning money and earn extra income.

When you play the game, you get coins, you have to accumulate enough coins - 100,000. But they can already be exchanged for 0.01 US dollars.


Know what it is? Not many people know what it is. Some don't even know what it is.

But it is quite an easy and fast way to earn money for beginners. And it is another affordable method in the world of making money on the couch.

If you have never faced it and have no certificates or experience, obviously this method will not allow you to earn much at first. But because the barrier to entry is so low, you can be very successful. All you have to do is register on platforms like Fiverr.com , “turn on” your work, offer your services and find clients.

Fiverr has long been joined by platforms like: Amazon Mechanical turk, Ubiqus, Atext, Scribie, Transcribe Now and many others with decent money to work with. This has happened because it is a flourishing market and we see that it continues to grow.

Some resources are easier to access than others. Some trust beginners, others (the most rigorous) look for people with more experience. But they are willing to pay higher fees. In any case, it could be quite an interesting option, in which future professional development opportunities are clearly seen.

And of course Paypal is one of the favorite payment methods of these platforms. This means that on many platforms you will need a Paypal account in order to accept compensation.

Earn money on Paypal selling images and/or designing

Are you talented as a photographer or image designer? Today, PayPal can be considered an ally for talented photographers and designers, as it allows you to earn money if you want to create custom t-shirts, scarves and clothing on CafePress.com . Also, if you are a talented designer, you can design web pages, graphics or logos for clients around the world. And it's really possible, because with PayPal you can get paid instantly, wherever you are.

If all of the above has to do with you, I recommend that you join a platform like CafePress, for example. There is already an established audience and customer base, which is a definite plus for building your own business. You can also go another way and create your own website. There you can show your portfolio and get clients directly. And still, when you build your own website, PayPal will be your preferred payment method.

I have prepared 6 options so that you can sell your photos online. These resources allow you to charge through Paypal, and in this post I explain how they work. They are iStockPhoto , Shutterstock , DepositPhotos , Dreamstime , stock.adobe and 123rf .

See ads

Do you know how to earn money by viewing ads on Paypal? Viewing ads is another of the quick and easy ways to earn money online that has become a classic.

This method is available to everyone, so as with all methods of this type, you should not expect to earn a lot of money per hour. Demand creates supply. But it's a great quick and easy way to earn extra income.

This is my recommendation of the number of platforms that accept Paypal payment. Among them are: Beruby, Gift Hunter Club, Clickxti, Sumaclicks and many others.

Email marketing is another top way to earn money from displaying ads. It's like this: you receive an email. You have to read and review it. They pay you for it.

Affiliate marketing platforms, almost all, pay through Paypal.

If people click on your personal link and make a purchase, you get a commission. This is how affiliate marketing works: buying products and services on referral. This is a very effective strategy. If you have a dedicated blog, it will certainly be an advantage, because you can recommend the purchase of goods and services with much more credibility.

Advertisers prefer to place their advertising campaigns on specialized platforms. In this case, these platforms act as intermediaries. They keep track of every visit that comes through a link from them and check if it has resulted in a sale. You receive a commission for each transaction.

This is a good way to increase your income, since most of these platforms (marketplaces) make payments to Paypal.


One of the oldest and most popular platforms. That is why some campaigns prefer to pay through Paypal. It has more than 2,000 advertisers around the world.


This is another affiliate marketing platform that prefers to pay via Paypal.


Another option to collect commissions from affiliates. The platform works in English. But, thanks to Google Translate, this hasn't been a problem for people who don't speak it for a long time.

Inexplicably but inexplicably, one of the most interesting systems to earn good money through affiliation, the Amazon platform, does not allow payment through Paypal. The only possible payment option is by gift card or bank transfer. In its ranks is another well-known platform, Awin, which also does not allow the use of the PayPal payment system, like Tradetracker.


The developers of Goldesel, both for Android and for iPhone and iPad, promise that the app will allow you to earn money. What you have to do? Watch promotional videos, write ratings and reviews, participate in surveys, install games and apps, or share and like Facebook Pages. In return you receive virtual money in credits, where 1,000 credits are equivalent to one euro. From 5,000 credits, that is, from five euros, you can receive "earned" money in the form of vouchers and credits.

In addition to Amazon vouchers, credits can be paid for Google Play Store, for iTunes, for Steam and for PayPal. This last option is especially interesting, since in this case the money earned will also go to your real account if necessary. However, the minimum amount for a PayPal transfer is 30 euros, that is, 30,000 credits.

Earn money with PayPal exchanging trips in Blablacar

This time you can use your car trips to earn PayPal money. BlaBlaCar allows you to pay and collect via PayPal for sharing trips with other people who are going to the same destination as you.

You can place an ad to find travel companions who pay you to travel with you through PayPal, during the period in which you have a planned trip and there is a place (one or more) available.

Although it is a simple idea to earn quick money, it is not an option for everyone, but only for those who have a car. And this is a disadvantage of Blablacar.

Paypal earnings for online work

I have prepared for you the best ways to earn money in Paypal. These platforms allow you to do small jobs online and charge for them through Paypal.

These platforms are designed for freelance work and all pay through Paypal. Selling your services to companies or individuals through freelance platforms is one of the best ways to use your talent. In this way, you will be able to access jobs from all over the world. It should be noted that your opportunities increase exponentially if you speak English. But you can also find jobs on the freelance platforms.

I want to share with you some platforms that allow you to earn a good income and get paid through Paypal.


It is, without a doubt, the world's leading platform for freelancers. To work in it, you have to know English well. On this site you can find jobs in the form of: Information technology development, article writing, document translation, research preparation and much more. The platform guarantees payment to the client and charges a commission (depending on the amount of work done) from 5 to 20%. The big advantage is that there is no minimum amount or restrictions on PayPal payments.


If you have knowledge and/or talent for application development, content writing, marketing or design, you can earn money with PayPal on this platform. The commission is around 10% of the order value. But withdrawals are free and you can use several payment systems, including PayPal (there is no minimum amount either).


Another platform. It is used to place orders in a similar way to the platforms I have mentioned above (Upwork and Freelancer). However, the commission is quite high - 20%. But it all depends on the quantity. If the value of the order exceeds 3,000 euros, the percentage is reduced to 5%. Money is paid through PayPal (no minimum amount required).


It is a market for designers. If logo creation or web design is your thing, you should check out this resource. The platform charges a commission of 15% to 5% for each job done. Payments are made through PayPal, but the minimum amount for payments is $25.

How much can I earn from the mentioned websites?

Working about 2.5 hours a day, on the websites and platforms mentioned, and legally, you can easily earn 100 to 200 euros and receive them in your PayPal account.

Does that mean that I can earn 600 euros in PayPal, if I spend 8 hours?

It is possible if it is not just about survey related platforms. Because the number of surveys is limited.

And on writing or design related platforms, these numbers can grow by an order of magnitude.

Can I earn a lot of money with these platforms?

To begin with, I must clarify that there are 3 different types of sites to earn money online. These are:
  • surveys;
  • Tasks;
  • PTC.
This is what I think :

You shouldn't waste your time on PTC because it pays very little. Or, unless you are from Mexico or Venezuela.

Instead, surveys and tasks should take center stage, in my opinion. Because they pay for every hour you invest.

The main key to earn money in PayPal

The main thing is to repeat yourself every time, and even when you think you've had enough, work, work, work and work again.

Movement is life. Which means it's time to climb out of the hole (if you're in one) or get off the couch and get a job. Whether online or offline, the important thing is to dedicate 60% of your time to it.First of all: you have to sign up for sites to earn money on PayPal. They all can. Start working on them. Learn all the details. Understand the principle of their work. And you will come to understand not only how they work, but also what you need to optimize their work.
Secondly: It's a great idea to start side projects with the money you earn from PayPal.
And third: the most important thing is persistence and patience. If you work hard, success is only a matter of time.

Earn money with PayPal in 5 minutes

You have no idea how many people Google this. If you've read the article up to this point, you probably understand where I stand on this. Let's be honest: THIS IS NOT POSSIBLE!

But, if you have a different opinion, I would appreciate it if you could see it in the comments of this article.


There are several ways to increase your PayPal balance. Whether it's through online surveys, product testing, or micro-jobs, there's a wide range of opportunities to earn money online and have it credited to your PayPal account. However, keep in mind that in addition to solid and reliable providers, there are many "black sheep" on the vast expanse of the Internet.

However, since PayPal imposes strict conditions on its partners, in most cases you can assume that the provider of product testing or survey services that uses PayPal as a payment method is reputable and safe.

Therefore, always check the various reviews and comments in advance to avoid falling for a fraudulent offer. You also need to know exactly how much you can earn in order to lose as little time as possible. Unfortunately, many offers on the Internet often seem better than they really are.

And even though there are many different ways to earn PayPal credits in a serious way. However, one thing is clear: if there is no diligence, there is no profit. Regardless of which path you choose, nothing is free. Even though freelancing on the internet sounds appealing and doesn't offer a lot of extra income, it's still a job.

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