10 reliable companies that offer work from home online

Working online does not have to be something risky and mysterious that does not inspire confidence. There are plenty of legitimate and reputable companies that offer online work from home for everyone. Even international companies.

If this interests you and you have no idea what your options are, this post is for you.

Most popular online work from home

First of all, we wanted to make a brief compilation of the most common areas to work from home with foreign companies. Of course, take into account that, to get good opportunities, it is essential to have a good command of English.
  • With that clear, these are the most requested areas of work in the online market:Programming and software development (probably the best paid and most requested)
  • Writing and copywriting
  • Customer Support
  • Administration and sales
  • virtual assistant
  • Translation
All these areas of work you could explore independently or as an employee in an international company.

It should be noted that we left out other highly demanded fields of work such as graphic design, but we wanted to focus on specialties that are highly requested by companies willing to hire remote employees.

Now yes, what we came to:

10 legit companies to work from home


Headquartered in Seattle, United States, Amazon is one of the world's largest companies, employing more than 1 million people in different countries.

Despite the fact that much of their job offer is for residents of the United States, they also have a wide variety of remote jobs.

Among the most popular areas you could work for Amazon are customer service, marketing, and of course programming and software development. On top of that, they have quite a few alternatives for international students that are worth considering.

Of course, the availability of job offers will depend on the area in which you live.

Examples of jobs you might do: Software Development Engineer, Solutions Architect, Sales Representative, Account Manager.

Where to apply: Amazon Jobs

Bonus: Amazon Mechanical Turk (MTurk)

In addition to its official jobs page, Amazon has a crowdsourcing platform called Amazon Mechanical Turk (or just Mturk ).

In simple words, MTurk is an open marketplace of micro-tasks that you can perform in your spare time. In it you could do some small tasks such as transcribing, completing surveys, searching for information, among others.

To create your account, visit the official MTurk page and follow these steps:

MTurk gives you the option of doing mini jobs from home online for companies that require human intelligence for their projects. It could be a good entry of extra money without the need to invest a lot of time.

However, if you are looking for a stable job, this platform will not work for you. Also, to be completely honest, the options to withdraw your winnings are limited if you don't have a US bank account.

If you want more information about how this page works and tips to get started on it, we leave you this video.


This company is mainly dedicated to offering translation and localization services for companies around the world. Additionally, they are also specialists in content development, software development and software testing.

Lionbridge is headquartered in the United States and operates in 26 countries.

This company was included in the first position of the list of the best 100 places to get jobs from home online in 2021, according to FlexJobs .

It is important to note that some offers are targeted at specific regions. However, among the huge market of possibilities that Lionbridge offers, there are also opportunities to apply from any country.

Examples of jobs you could do:
associate linguist, project manager, translator, interpreter.

Where to apply: Lionbridge jobs page .

Also, on their LinkedIn profile you can review available vacancies and other details about the company.

3. Working Solutions

Working Solutions is based in Texas, USA, and provides customer service representatives and sales agents for other businesses.

Working Solutions employees may work in the sales or customer service department for a variety of businesses such as travel agencies, insurance, and even franchises.

According to the information they share on their website, the jobs they offer are 100% remote and favor a large number of people, whether they are students, retirees, or parents interested in working from home.

If you reside in the United States or Canada, you have a high chance of getting a job with this company.

Examples of jobs you could do: customer service representative, sales agent.

Where to apply: Working Solutions official page

4.TTEC _

TTEC works in a similar way to Working Solutions because it offers human talent for other companies in the area of ​​customer service.

Its main mission is to provide user experience solutions for international companies.

TTEC is headquartered in Colorado, United States, and operates in 22 countries.

Examples of jobs you could do: bilingual customer service representative, sales agent, project manager, marketing consultant.

Where to apply: TTEC's official online work from home page

5. Cactus Communications

This company, based in Mumbai, India, is a communications agency geared towards the medical and pharmaceutical industry.

Cactus Communications has an extensive offer of jobs from home online in the areas of research, editing and translation. To apply for any job at this company, you must have a background in medicine or science.

Examples of jobs you could do: full or part-time translator, editor, copywriter.

Where to apply: Cactus Communications jobs page.

For more opportunities and work modalities, you can consult this link .

6.EF Education First

EF Education First is an international company dedicated to teaching languages ​​to students from all over the world. It is the largest language educational institution today, with branches in 50 countries.

Although you can apply for jobs at the different EF offices depending on your country of residence, you also have the possibility to teach English virtually from wherever you are.

So, if you are perfectly fluent in English and have experience as a language teacher, you can try your luck here.

Examples of jobs you could do: virtual English teacher.

Where to apply: Teach Online EF

7.dell _

This well-known technology and information company was born in Texas, but today it is a multinational with offices all over the world.

With Dell, you can get jobs in sales or technology. However, the opportunities depend on the country where you live.

Examples of jobs you might do: Help Desk Engineer, Sales Representative, Consultant.

Where to apply: Dell Jobs

8.Concentrix _

This company offers business solutions and customer service for companies. Its mission is to offer human talent to improve the user experience in industries such as travel agencies, insurance, communications, technology, e-commerce, and more.

Examples of jobs you could do: call center agent, customer service representative, sales agent.

Where to apply: Concentrix or LinkedIn jobs page

9.appen _

This company is headquartered in Australia and operates in 170 countries. Basically, Appen is dedicated to perfecting artificial intelligence systems, social networks and web browsers.

Something interesting about Appen is that you have the possibility to apply for part-time jobs, micro-tasks, or full-time corporate positions. For this last modality, the work areas include sales, finance, marketing and systems engineering.

Among the other work-at-home options that Appen offers, you can do various tasks: collect data (audios, images, texts), translations, transcriptions, complete surveys, and more. All in order to collaborate in the growth of technological tools.

Examples of jobs you could do: social media/search engine tester, microtask, data collector, linguist.

Where to apply: Appen and LinkedIn jobs page

10. LanguageLine Solutions

This American company offers translation and interpretation services for clients anywhere in the world.

Despite the fact that most of their job offers are for residents of the United States, they also have a job market from home in the areas of customer service, translation, and interpretation through telephone calls or video calls.

Examples of jobs you could do: interpreter to receive calls and translate conversations, translator.

Where to apply: LanguageLine Solutions jobs page

Explore more options and work from home online

This very short list of companies is just a bit of all the opportunities you can find on the web.

If you want more information about working from home and how to take advantage of them, here is a series of posts made especially to help you earn money online:

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