Passive income: Best sources to generate money

Creating passive income during your life is an ally so that every time you spend time you can live a top quality of life. Not only for your income that you generate from your job, but also for that money that falls to you from other sources.

Having a fixed income is key to living, however, you have to try to generate money on the side, where you don't have to spend 100% of your time.

What is passive income today?

To emphasize the concept, the word passive income is those dividends that you get on a regular basis, you just don't have to put in the time of your effort to see the fruits.

Of course, you have to implement the effort at the beginning, then you will be able to see all the benefits in the long term. For example, a passive income is what you generate through rent or copyright (published book).

This income differs from the traditional one, since you do not have to dedicate 8 hours to generate such a salary.

The idea is that this works, without you spending time. So the basis of this type of passive income is to know everything about investment.

Knowing how to invest allows you to know how to distribute your money, so that it works for you and you can generate a certain constant profitability month after month, it does not matter if it is a lot or a little, but rather that the wheel begins to give you a small income that you can continue investing.

To recap, the favorable thing is that this income has no limits, it will only depend on the activity you do to develop such income.

In addition, they are continuous, if you stop it is because you completely cease the activity.

Best sources to make money

Depending on your goals, there are many ways to generate passive income, summarizing the most important, here are the best sources:

Rental of a property

First, there is the option of a property. It may be something basic and also that it requires time, because you first have to save the money to be able to make the investment in an asset such as a house or apartment.

However, it is an option that generates a fixed monthly income, once the basic effort has been made, practically then you do not have to do anything, just be aware of collecting the rent.

create a digital book

Recommended for those people who are experts in a subject, essential to create a source of income.

Thanks to e-commerce, creating a digital book or a course, you can generate a certain amount of passive money, just working basically one time.

Because you only have to create the book or the course and then start distributing it on the platforms where you can sell it.

invest in stocks

Another traditional means that you do not need a large investment, now, you need capital so that you start distributing your money in actions that actually generate some profitability.

The mistake of many is that they start with little money, so they do not see the profitability initially and they become demotivated.

investment funds

Another simpler means, thanks to the fact that you can have access to a diversified portfolio of assets. Although it generates less performance for you, it is literally an income that you can play it safe a bit.

Invest in index funds

Although it is something new, every time many people are involved in this world to generate passive income.

The objective is to enter these funds to replicate the composition and behavior of the stock index.


With the expansion of technology, every time people have better opportunities to generate money.

Now you can set up your store, without the complexity of making a large investment in premises or something like that.

You just have to set up your site with your online store, create good marketing and wait for the first sales to be generated. Keep in mind that to succeed in this income model, you need to dedicate time and effort.

affiliate marketing

Another popular way of this decade to generate passive income is to get into affiliate programs and earn income from sales of the same products or services that other users offer.

Depending on the product or service, your bonuses may be greater than 100% of the price of the product.

Why is the person finding it hard to create extra income?

Few are the people who work an extra income, because they do not want to pay the price of creating something different. People are used to living from what they will say, there it is rare that someone has the mental strength to work on something that can be satisfactory after 2, 5 or 10 years.

We all want to see the results now, as if life is going to be a race. The truth is that those who dare and live the process are those who have the opportunity to retire from their job at some point or start investing in something else, thanks to the fact that they have the opportunity to have an extra income that allows them to take decisions, without fear of saying that if they don't work, they don't cover their basic expenses.

What are the long-term consequences?

As a consequence of only depending on your income from work, you do not have the opportunity to make decisions calmly. Nor that you have a margin of error to undertake what you want.

If you notice the sacrifice made by those who create a source of extra income, it is because they aspire to freedom in the future.

So they decide to sacrifice their present time, as they strive to give everything for everything, in order to later have not only economic stability, but also seek that freedom to enjoy and do with their time what they want, when they want. .

Certainly it is not something easy to execute, in any of the cases or suggestions before exposed of sources of income, you need preparation and action.

Taking action is the most difficult, mainly, because the results will depend on your actions and decisions. I hope you have the mental strength to come out of your shell and allow yourself to be able to generate work that generates certain constant and recurring commissions, without dedicating time to it for a long time. term.

It is easy?


But it is worth it, generating more income, above all, because of the facilities that technology gives you, that you can dedicate yourself to whatever you want, right now.

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