Earn Money with websites 2023-2024

websites have become the present of communications, because today it is almost impossible for us not to use them to communicate, but we must take into account something very important about this platform and that is that it is not a means of communication, but it is the most important and largest advertising channel that exists.

It uses different means to be attractive to users and it is through multimedia elements such as images, sounds and even videos that it is possible to have a worldwide projection and the number of daily visits is innumerable.

What is a website?

Well, they consist of digital or electronic pages that are adapted to the standards of the World Wide Web (www) and which can be accessed through a browser which must be connected to the Internet.

These electronic pages are multimedia in nature, since in it we can find text, images, videos, sounds and today there are more than a billion websites around the world with various contents and in different languages.

What is the function of the websites?

These platforms fulfill the function of providing users with information of different natures that will allow them to have a presence on the Internet, since the demand of users is really wide, as well as the offers of existing pages.

They serve as a medium to communicate messages ranging from news events to specialized topics, it also serves as entertainment, education and even advertising and marketing.

And there are even some websites that allow a certain degree of interaction with the users who visit it.

Types of websites

websites can be classified in different ways, among which we can find:

Depending on how you generate your content

1.-Static websites:

Static pages are those unidirectional pages, which have no interaction with users and whose content is exclusively informative, educational or documentary.

2.-Dynamic websites.

These pages are lively and have great differences with static websites, through these you can receive requests from different users and offer each one answers according to the requirements they make.

according to its content

1.-Online store websites:

These have the purpose of selling either products or services through the Internet, offering catalogs aimed at users.


In these websites we find content on different topics, which can be positioned through keywords.

3.-Corporate websites:

They are those that show users all the information regarding the company and thus position itself and grow as a corporation.


On the other hand, there are also websites which are created for the discussion of various topics, where users can write their opinions on a specific topic that is being debated.

Steps to follow for the creation of a website

websites must capture the attention of the public, which is why it is important to be very clear about the content that they will have, since they will be the letter of introduction and through it the public will be attracted directly.

1. Creating a page is easy, but it is important to follow these steps:

1.-Define the objective of your website very well, that is, when we enter the creation process we should already be very clear about what we are looking to achieve through the website and this will depend a lot on the type of content that we want to develop

2.-Give it a style, this is where originality and the personal touch that we want to give it take center stage, remember that your website is your personal brand, so do not hesitate to identify it with logos, it is good to have more than one option at the same time. time to choose the one you like best.

3.-Make a map of the website, this will allow you to know which sections and subsections you want to include within your page, the idea is not to leave any detail out, the correct thing would be to organize a list of everything that it should contain and from there start working.

4.-Do not forget to choose keywords, whatever the nature of your website, it is important that it be visited by users and that is why having keywords helps, they work very easily since By placing these words in the different search engines, they will automatically show your website.

It is true, this represents quite a challenge, but it is good to have these tools that optimize your website.

5.-Create attractive content, do not leave any loose ends, create information for each of the sections and subsections of your website and in this content introduce the keywords naturally, remember to make fresh content using language that is interesting for users who visit this website.

6.-Illustrate your website, choose different images related to the content, that are suitable and that seduce the public, also add photos and distribute them in graphic galleries that allow a better connection on the page.

7.-Add a plus, if the content of your website is informative or even corporate, it would be interesting and also quite profitable for positioning to create a blog within the website, this would make your platform offer users valuable information and it would connect you more with the public.

8.-Spread your website, once your website is on this list, start to advertise it, a quick way of spreading it is through social networks.

Advantages and Disadvantages of websites

Currently, having a website produces innumerable benefits, it makes us known and considerably increases our credibility before the public and that is why we will show you what are the pros and cons that you will face when having your website.

  • -Creating them is quite economical, since it does not require any type of special programming, the important thing is that its design is attractive and easy to use.
  • -It makes it easy for users of the network to know the content, products, services or what you promote and the best thing is that it is within the reach of a click.
  • -It gives you a better and much more renewed image, the website does not necessarily have to be very complex, what really matters is that it is well managed and constantly updated.
  • -Improves market positioning.
  • -It is a service that is available to the public all day, every day.
  • -The costs for this type of service are quite low.
  • -The main disadvantage is keeping them updated, since it is often difficult.
  • -There are some that take a while to fully charge.
websites today are practically a necessity for companies since this allows them to stay completely updated and they represent the perfect study to know the needs of users. If you are thinking of creating one, remember that the effectiveness and utility it possesses is essential. , dare to be part of the world of the internet.

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