Earn Money with cryptocurrencies 2023-2024

Today it is very common to hear the word Cryptocurrency in the stock market, but there are still many doubts and even misinformation about this type of current money that has caused such a stir.

It is a currency that is making its way, since more and more companies are joining this payment model to carry out their financial operations, which allows rapid consolidation, despite the fact that there are still financial entities that have not opted for the automation of transactions.

The increase in transactions through this type of payment has generated great curiosity to know how it works and what are the advantages it has? and this is what we seek to show you next.

What are Cryptocurrencies?

Cryptocurrencies is nothing more than digital money, it is a Cryptocurrency with which online transactions can be carried out without the need to use any bank as an intermediary.

Through it, quick payments can be made, since each user has at their disposal a digital wallet in which this virtual money is stored, which allows direct payment without transaction charges.

This type of digital medium that has become so popular uses a technology called Blockchain that allows any transaction that is carried out through this medium to be secured.

How safe is the use of Cryptocurrency?

Despite being a currency that is not regulated by any official government entity, it turns out to be quite safe and best of all, each person can obtain full control of their money and act as their own financial institution.

The Cryptocurrencies are perfectly protected in a virtual purse or Wallet, which is protected by a system that has a personal password that is only known and managed by the user who owns said purse.

What is the value of the Cryptocurrency?

The value of this type of virtual currency changes constantly and even in a matter of hours, it can go down or up, since they do not depend on a specific economy but on the behavior of supply and demand that are generated in the different stock markets, as well as well as in exchange houses.

What is the Blockchain system about?

The Blockchain system is nothing more than a shared accounting record that stores a large amount of information and which provides this type of virtual money, a technology with such a complete security system that it is impossible to carry out any edition of the transactions once they are completed. have executed.

In addition, it prevents digital assets from being falsified or even transferred twice, meaning that the data cannot be altered in any way or even deleted.

How many types of Cryptocurrencies are there?

In the electronic market there are more than ten thousand types of Cryptocurrencies worldwide and the differences that they have from each other occur in the type of technology and encryption they use.

The best-known Cryptocurrencies that provide high reliability in consumers are the following:


It is the most popular virtual currency and is known internationally for being a pioneer in this market. This has been the first Cryptocurrency and was created in 2008-2009 by a group of people acting under the name of Satoshi Nakamoto.


For its part, it is not a currency as such, but rather operates as a platform that has been made from Blockchain technology and has been created to access contract agreements intelligently, achieving in the month of February 2020 reaching values historical.

3. Ripple .

This virtual currency allows transactions to be carried out much faster and today many consider it a substitute for Bitcoin Cryptocurrency, it is a system that has great security and its objective is to be able to connect in such a way that global payments can be made quickly and cost effectively.


It is an alternative to Bitcoin and has currently become, according to experts, the digital currency of the future, it was launched in 2011 by Charlie Lee.


And without a doubt, the future of Cryptocurrencies is visualized as a great market that is just beginning and which is on the rise, since there are novelties in Cryptocurrency that are worth having visualized, since they will represent an option that can be very viable. such is the case of:

1. Cryptoeuros

And it is that the European Central Bank is studying the possibility of issuing this type of virtual currency, it is a market that is being studied since currently the use of digitized platforms is common in European society and this would undoubtedly allow two advantages:
  • Being able to reduce the risks of insolvency in entities.
  • Lower usage costs for consumers.


For its part, it is pointed out as a substitute for the North American currency, it is a Cryptocurrency created in the United States and which would become a completely international currency that would eliminate the main risks of the economy, either due to hyperinflation or bank runs.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Cryptocurrencies

Cryptocurrencies, being a means of digital transactions, do not escape debates about what the advantages and disadvantages of using this technology really are.


  • Cryptocurrencies are highly secure, since they have Blockchain technology designed to avoid the problems that arise from identity theft.
  • Transactions carried out by users through this digital market do not have additional charges, since they are carried out directly.
  • This network operates in a decentralized manner, that is, each of the transactions is carried out from user to user.
  • They have international recognition that is not subject in any way to exchange rates or interest rates, which allows us, in addition to saving money, to shorten the time between transactions, which benefits the businesses that are carried out through this market.


  • Necessarily to operate with this type of coins an internet connection is required.
  • It is not yet accepted in all countries, which considerably reduces the number of users and the reach in the markets.
  • There is a lot of misinformation and lack of knowledge about the use of this type of coin, it turns out to be a technology that presents a certain type of complexity, it is necessary for users to know and standardize the way to use it.
  • Making a payment by mistake through this technology does not allow users to recover the money.
There are many benefits that this type of virtual currency has, because in addition to having much greater credibility than that currently given to physical money, its system is highly secure and aims to be the best option to carry out transactions in a future that is not very distant.

Undoubtedly, the economy will undergo an important and radical change with this type of electronic market that has been in use for several years and will allow for much more efficient transactions.

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