Earn Money with Amazon Affiliates 2023-2024

Without a doubt, at some point we have heard of Amazon Affiliates, but we do not know for sure what it is about and that is why we want to give you a simple definition that can easily explain what it means.

Amazon Affiliates represents the largest affiliate marketing program in the world, and this program provides help to content creators to generate income through the links made on their web pages, which allow them to direct their audience the recommendations they give and be able to earn money through the purchases that users make.

Through this service you can generate money without leaving home and in an extraordinary way if you are one of the people who likes to generate content through the web.

How does this program work?

Amazon affiliates works in a very simple way, since it uses a tool in which, through a personalized link, you can earn money through purchases made by customers.

If you feel attracted to this offer, it is necessary that you take into account certain recommendations so that you can obtain as much income as possible.
  • The first thing you should do is search Amazon for products that are very attractive to the audience and in turn are profitable.
  • You must validate the real potential that these have both in the Google search engine and on the Amazon page.
  • You must create a website that is attractive and where you can talk about the advantages of the products, through original and attractive content.
  • Special links must be created from your website or blog to the Amazon page so that readers can click and make their purchases, since it is through this that the commissions that you will receive from the platform will be generated.

How to open an Amazon Affiliate account?

Belonging to the Amazon Affiliate program is totally free and you will only need a maximum of one day for this platform to validate and approve your account, but for this it is necessary that users meet a series of requirements, among which are:
  • Be of legal age and not be subject to any legal incapacity, since it is necessary for the user to be in legal conditions to accept the contract that will be established.
  • Have a website that complies with the established content policies, where inappropriate themes that violate values ​​are not promoted and where intellectual property rights are not violated.
  • Create original content that draws the attention of the public and where recommendations are established that guide the user in a certain way to make purchases on the Amazon platform.
  • Be sure to correctly include your ID.
  • Under no reason should you use any of the Amazon brands, as this may result in the closure of the account and therefore the user will stop participating in the affiliate program.

On the other hand, registering is extremely easy, it only requires a few simple steps:

2. You will need to click Sign Up at the top right of the Amazon Associates Program home page and here you will have two options.
  • The first is to log in from your Amazon account with your username and password.
  • Or also register as a new customer, by clicking on the Create your Amazon account button in which you must fill out a series of information.
2. Then you must enter the name of the beneficiary, that is, the person who will be paid the commissions generated, this information must be accompanied by a full address, as well as a telephone number.

3. The next step is to enter the URL of the web page through which the user wishes to monetize with this program, it is important to take into account that in the same way you can also enter a mobile application and once you have completed this step click on next.

4. Create the profile of your site, for this you must enter the affiliate ID with which the Amazon Affiliate program will identify you, here you must proceed to fill in the required information about your website and the theme it handles, as well as You must enter the characters that will be shown in the CAPTCHA image and thus demonstrate that you are not a robot.

5. Once you have read the terms and conditions of the program, you must click on the ACCEPT option and then on Finish.

Once the request is completed, the Amazon Affiliate Program team will proceed to review and carry out the evaluation, in order to generate the response in the shortest possible time.

How can I monetize on Amazon Affiliates?

The Amazon Affiliate program pays you for sales, it is that simple for each sale that is made on the platform and which has been influenced through your website, they will make a payment giving you a percentage for sales commission which is variable and depends on the country, as well as the nature of the items.

And the way they work is as follows:
  • Each of the visits made by consumers to the links found on your website have a life span of 24 hours, in which the person must make the purchase of the product and in this way you can generate your sales commission .
  • If the user enters through your link and does not make the purchase, but nevertheless places the item in the cart, the time established to make the purchase and that you can obtain your commission is extended to 90 days.
It is important to know that who gets the commission generated by the sale is the website in which the buyer has accessed as the last link before making the purchase and that the maximum amount received for a commission is located at 10%.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Amazon Affiliates

This program has many advantages that allow you to generate money, but it also has some not so positive conditions and we will show them here.

  • Amazon has a large number of products for sale, which allows users of the Amazon affiliate program to have a large repertoire to promote.
  • Commissions are paid quickly compared to other types of affiliate programs.
  • As Amazon is such a recognized web page, it generates security for readers, increasing the chances that they will purchase the products.
  • The commissions are not only received for the advertised products, since if the customer purchases any other Amazon product after entering with your link, you will also receive a commission for that.
  • One of the main disadvantages that it has is the time limit that the customer has to make the purchase once they have entered the link.
  • The difference between the percentages in the commission, either by product or by the country where you are.
  • There is a maximum commission per product and this often considerably affects the income obtained per sale.
  • Membership is only valid on the website of the country you used to register.
Amazon Affiliates is a quite viable alternative that we can make use of, it only takes ingenuity when creating content and constant work in managing tools that allow us to persuade buyers through our website, dare to use it and start to generate good income.

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