Discover how Google AdSense works and live creating content

Do you want to start earning money for your content , but don't know how Google AdSense works?

Earning money for ads on blogs, web pages, and YouTube videos is one of the easiest ways to take advantage of your ability to create unique and valuable content.

If your page receives thousands of daily visits, and you are still not seeing the economic benefit of it, then it is time for you to learn how to work with Google AdSense .

In this article we will explain to you in a brief but complete way, how Google AdSense works , how much you could earn by publishing ads in your content, and how to start earning money with Google and its advertising services .
Ready to discover how Google AdSense works?

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What is Google AdSense used for?

The transition from traditional marketing to digital marketing generated the development of a large number of useful tools for the optimization of advertising campaigns , the segmentation of the public , and the evaluation of results in a more precise way.

In addition, the new digital channels made it easier to use banner ads , providing the opportunity for content creators to become part of the advertising ecosystem directly. Thus, earning money from ads became a way of life for a large number of people in the world .

Thanks to tools like Google AdSense , you can generate income using blogs, web pages, and YouTube videos as advertising space . Also, signing up for Google AdSense is absolutely free!

Earning money from advertisements sounds very attractive, but you may have many doubts about how to do it and you are wondering how does Google AdSense work ? How can I put Google ads on my website ? How does Google AdSense pay ?

Starting something new can be difficult at times, and fear may threaten to paralyze us. However, keep in mind that Google is one of the most important companies in the world , and that the features of Google AdSense are designed to make it easy for you to insert ads in all your content, as well as charge an appropriate price for it .

Millions of people pay to advertise through Google services , and by signing up for Google AdSense, anyone can use the content they create to earn a portion of the revenue generated by showing ads to their followers .

Depending on the quality of your content, advertisers will compete among themselves to access advertising space on your blog, website, or YouTube channel . Using Google AdSense only brings benefits!

Although Google AdSense is not the only advertising service that you can hire to start monetizing your content and earn money from ads, it is one of the most popular and easy to use.

What is needed to create an AdSense account and start earning money with Google?

Content creators can earn money very easily , all they need to do is create an AdSense account, get their ad code, and start earning.

Later we will explain how to monetize with Google AdSense and how Google AdSense works to earn money , meanwhile, these are the requirements that you must meet to register.
  • A Google account to access your products, including Google AdSense
  • A verified phone number
  • An address with a postal code to receive payments (this does not apply to all countries)
  • Connect your site with Google AdSense to start earning from advertising
Google AdSense automates all the processes that have to do with advertising on your channels, in addition, it adapts the ads so that the ones that can generate the most income are shown, and those that are most relevant to the type of consumer that visits your website , blog, or YouTube channel.

If, in addition to knowing how Google Adsense works, you are interested in everything that has to do with digital marketing and the ways in which you can generate income thanks to your creativity, we recommend you enroll in our online Digital Marketing course from scratch , with the that you can become an expert in the benefits of digital advertising .

How much does Google AdSense pay?

Earning money from ads with Google AdSense is a good idea if you are a content creator with a lot of views on your blog or YouTube channel, as it could become your primary or additional source of income for you.

Living from Google AdSense is something really viable, and by reading this article on how Google AdSense works, you already took the first step to start earning money for doing what you like best and sharing it with the world.

The amount of money you could receive each month from your advertising contract with Google depends on many variables, so there is no way to accurately establish what the amount of payments is .

The main thing is that your content is amazing enough that the web traffic allows you to make a profit . In addition to that, these are the factors that, according to the same official Google AdSense page, must be taken into account to calculate an estimate of what you could earn in earnings with AdSense.
  • The region in which you are located
  • The category your content belongs to
  • The demand of those who want to advertise in a space like yours
  • The type of device from which your content is viewed
  • The format of the ads
  • The exchange rate of the dollar to your local currency
Another point that you should take into consideration to understand how Google AdSense works in relation to the issue of payments is performance marketing .

Advertisers who decide to pay for advertising campaigns with Google to promote their products or services, use a marketing strategy focused on the performance offered by the advertising spaces in which they could advertise.

Depending on the quality of the content you publish, the web traffic you have, and the metrics related to the Click Through Rate (CTR), Google establishes an auction in which the Cost Per Click (CPC) that each ad that is displayed will have is defined. promote on your content.

For example, if you have a level of visits of 10 thousand people each month, and your CTR rate is 2%, you would have to multiply the number of clicks — which in this hypothetical case would be 200 — by the value defined for each click on the auction

Continuing with our example, if the CPC to advertise in your content were 0.50 USD per click, you would receive 100 USD per month for advertising with Google AdSense.

This calculation is only an estimate of what you could achieve if you know how to use AdSense, and decide to dedicate yourself to creating content to earn money from ads .

This is how Google AdSense works to make money. It is a service that acts as an intermediary between those who are looking for suitable platforms to advertise their products or services, and content creators who are looking to make a profit by incorporating some ads into their pages, blogs, or YouTube channels.

How to earn money for ads with Google AdSense?

Now you know how Google AdSense works, but how to start earning money with Google ? What are the steps that must be followed ?

Don't worry if you still have no idea how a website or blog can be monetized, or if you have questions about how to use Google AdSense on YouTube. We will explain how you can start earning money from ads, and get the most out of all your talent and the content you like to create .

How to earn money by advertising on my website?

If you have your own website and want to know how to earn money with Google AdSense, these are the steps you should follow to achieve it.

1. You must ensure that you comply with the terms and conditions established by Google AdSense to publish the ads on your web page.
2. If you meet the criteria for the advertising contract with Google, you must sign up, and wait for the approval of your AdSense account .
3. In the design of your web page you must allocate some strategic points to locate the ads . To incorporate them you just have to insert the JavaScript code inside a widget . You can find more information of interest regarding this point in the Google help section on how Google AdSense works and on the ways in which you can optimize the design of the page to achieve a high income rate.
4. Create an amazing user experience , make sure that the page is more and more attractive and that the web traffic does not stop growing.

voila! Nothing as easy as generating income with Google AdSense.

How to monetize a blog with AdSense?

It doesn't matter if you prefer to blog on Blogger or WordPress. If you have good content to publish, we leave you a list of steps with which you can monetize a blog and you will learn more about how Google AdSense works to earn money through blogging.

1. Sign up and wait for your AdSense account to be approved . The process can take anywhere from a few hours to a couple of days.
2. Copy the code that Google AdSense gives you to insert into your page
3. Through the Blogger or WordPress settings panel connect your blog with the AdSense account
4. Customize the display options that will be used for ads
5. You can insert the JavaScript code inside a widget manually , or you can hire the services of some plugins like Ad Inserter , Advanced Ads , or Woody and Snippets

Now you know how to earn money with AdSense on Blogger or WordPress . Remember that the performance of the ads on your blog will depend on the content you publish, so you should strive to create valuable content for your niche market.

How to link my YouTube account with AdSense?

You can find information on how Google AdSense works for those who want to generate income with YouTube, and aspire to participate in the YouTube Partner Program, on the YouTube help page .

These are the steps that Google AdSense establishes to monetize a channel :

1. You must access your YouTube account and enter YouTube Studio
2. Select the card titled “Sign up for Google AdSense” , and click to start
3. Choose the Google account with which you will access Google AdSense
4. Connect your Google AdSense account with your YouTube channel

With these steps you can start earning money with the videos you upload to your channel . Keep in mind that to start generating income with Google AdSense through YouTube , you need to have a minimum of 1,000 subscribers and more than 4,000 hours of public viewing.

Now you know how Google AdSense works and you are ready to start earning money for ads on your content.

We hope that our article has been useful for you, and that your income can be multiplied by doing what you like the most.

Sadly we have reached the end of our note on how Google AdSense works, but remember that you can visit our blog to answer any of your questions related to digital marketing or any other topic .

We say goodbye with the wish that you have success monetizing your content.

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