What Is Better The Bitcoin Or The Dollar?

The Bitcoin or the Dollar, which is better?

Bitcoin was born 10 years ago as the currency that aims to combat the problems of fiat money and the current financial system. The 2008 crisis was the trigger that led to the start of the war between these two assets. For many Bitcoin is not considered a currency, however, it meets all the requirements that an asset must have in order to be considered as such. It also has a very strong community that supports it and a very promising future thanks to the technology that makes it possible.

Next we are going to analyze the properties of both currencies so that the reader has a clear idea about whether it is better for him to use Bitcoin or the Dollar as a means of making payments and saving his capital.

properties as currency

In this sense, Bitcoin or the Dollar fulfill their function perfectly. Both are designed as a means of exchange of value and therefore meet all the necessary requirements for it. They are easily transportable, divisible and durable over time. However, there are notable differences between them.


The Bitcoin or the Dollar are easily portable. A person can carry Dollars in their pocket or Bitcoins on a flash drive. However, this characteristic that a priori both share becomes very different between both currencies when it comes to large amounts of money or international transfers.

Using Dollars we will need a relatively large physical means of transportation to store a significant amount of money. However, with Bitcoin we can save our money in any digital memory medium such as a Pendrive or a CD regardless of the amount of cryptocurrency we have. Regarding security, it could be said that it is just as likely that we will be robbed or lose one or the other.

In addition, in terms of the ability of both currencies to send money to other people, Bitcoin or the Dollar are also quite competent. Bitcoin has the advantage of being faster and cheaper . With digital currency, value can be sent anywhere in the world in a few hours (or less) and at little cost. For their part, transfers in dollars require an intermediary, which is why they are much more expensive and slower.


The Bitcoin or the Dollar can be divided without problem. This is perhaps the feature that is most similar between both assets . However, there are also some differences. The Dollar can be divided by one hundred, the famous cent. For its part, each Bitcoin can be divided by its ten millionth part . Despite this, if we take into account that the amount of Dollars in the market is infinitely higher than that of Bitcoin, it is not a relevant difference. Rather, it is a necessary quality for digital currency to be traded since it is very limited and has a high value.


Durability is another characteristic that both Bitcoin and the Dollar have, although they also have their differences as in the previous cases.

Bitcoin is digital money , therefore it does not deteriorate over time. The ones and zeros that make up your program will be the same today as they will be in a hundred or a thousand years. There is no possibility that an intangible asset deteriorates. For something like a deterioration to happen, it would have to be the case that the Bitcoin network weakened over time, something that seems very unlikely and does not make sense as the technology that makes it possible works.

For its part, the dollar does not deteriorate either. However, there is, albeit to a small extent, the need to preserve banknotes and coins. A banknote can break and lose its value. With coins it is more difficult but it could also happen. This is something that does not usually happen but it must be taken into account. At the end of the day, I'm sure we've all been hit with a torn or taped bill at some time or another.

Acceptance by society

Where the dollar has no rival is in terms of its acceptance as a means of payment. Bitcoin still has a tough battle to fight to establish itself as a means of exchange of value in commerce. However, the dollar is the reference currency for prices and for the price of the most important raw materials.

Having Dollars, you can be sure that you can make purchases practically anywhere in the world. Bitcoin still has very little acceptance and places where it is accepted would have to be previously sought before being able to use them on trips or international purchases.

Features as active shelter

The Bitcoin or the Dollar are used as a means of storing value. However, it is this property that most differentiates the two currencies.

Bitcoin was born as a means of fighting against fiduciary money. The value of the Dollar and the rest of the state currencies does nothing but decrease over time due to the policies of monetary expansion and inflation . This is why people need an active refuge to protect their savings during times of crisis . Knowing the technology behind Bitcoin is essential so that the investor can know if he prefers Bitcoin or the Dollar to save his capital.

Unlike the Dollar, Bitcoin is a deflationary currency, so its concept is completely contrary to that of the Dollar. Its limitation in terms of the number of coins that can exist and its ability to issue these coins little by little following an unalterable mathematical process make it a safe bet as a safe haven asset.


As we have commented, fiduciary money loses value because there is no real support behind paper money. Central banks print more and more money making prices go up. In reality, it is not that the price of raw materials rises or that production costs or services increase in value, it is that money is worth less and less. We therefore need more and more money to be able to maintain our purchasing power.. However, it must also be taken into account that the dollar is still the world's safe haven currency, and the one that sets the price standard, so it cannot be set aside so easily. In addition, during crises, the Dollar continues to be the strongest currency where large capital is supported, so the other state currencies lose value compared to the US currency.

Bitcoin for its part is not backed by any material goods either, in this sense it is tied with fiat money. However, Bitcoin is supported by the technological advance that the blockchain represents , while the Dollar is in decline due to the bad practices of those responsible. It could be said that while the US currency is losing its power more and more, cryptocurrencies are stabilizing as a means of payment and as an alternative haven of value. Both currencies will have to continue competing and also coexisting for the benefit of the people. Nor would it be unusual for governments to launch their digital currencies in order to prevent Bitcoin from passing over them as an international currency. Time will give us the answers to these possible circumstances.

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