The best reliable Chinese websites to buy online

Are you one of the people who have already gotten used to buying online? In that case, you may already know a lot about Chinese online stores, since they have become a very important option for online shopping.

But if what you want to know is which are the websites that you can trust the most when buying in China , do not miss the information that you will find below.

Reliable Chinese websites to buy insurance

There are such a number of Chinese websites where you can buy, that the first thing we have to do is select which ones offer the greatest security . In our opinion (and after having tried them a few times) these are the following:


Aliexpress is an excellent website to buy, since it allows you to know the ratings of other users who have already purchased the products. It emerged as an alternative to Alibaba, designed for people who did not need to buy wholesale but in smaller quantities.

And over time it has become one of the main online stores to buy from China, in which both suppliers from that country and marketing companies offer their products.


It is the main Chinese reference website, and in it you can buy products of all kinds. In Alibaba you can buy from a watch to a spare part for the car, since the extension of its catalog is really enormous.

It must be taken into account in this case that it is a website where most of the products are sold wholesale . And it has a really curious feature, which is the possibility of haggling the price with the seller .


Gearbest is a Chinese website that allows you to buy with free shipping to any corner of the planet . This, together with its great offers, of up to 50%, makes it one of the main alternatives when buying from China. At Gearbest you can buy all kinds of electronic items at a really interesting price, and receive them as soon as possible.


In LightInTheBox you can buy modern and quality clothing at a good price , both for men and women. In fact, it is one of the best options to buy clothes in China. And you don't have to think only about everyday clothes, because at LightInTheBox they also sell evening dresses and even wedding dresses.


MiniInTheBox is an extension of LightInTheBox, but in this case oriented to the sale of electronic products, clothing and sporting goods , all at wholesale prices. Shipping is completely free, regardless of the amount purchased, which is undoubtedly one of the main advantages of buying on this website.


Milanoo is a website where you can find practically everything when it comes to women's clothing . From basic garments to wedding dresses, and many offers. It is undoubtedly one of the options that should be taken into account when looking for Chinese websites to buy clothes at a good price.


At Dealextreme you can buy all kinds of electronic products at really sensational prices , whether they are mobile phones, tablets, and a long list of possibilities. Registering on the website is very simple, and they also accept payment with any card and in the main currencies.


What makes DHgate stand out is its wide variety of products , which are some of the top rated ones including watches, bracelets, costumes, and so on. At DHgate, they know the market inside out, so it's easy to find what you're looking for. They also have suppliers such as Alibaba .

Advantages of buying in Chinese stores

If today there are a large number of people who are encouraged to buy on Chinese websites, it is because there are many advantages they obtain by doing so. Of course, these online stores also have their downsides. We are going to see the pros and cons of buying on Chinese websites .

First of all, we are going to analyze what are the positive aspects of buying online on websites from China:

The price of the products

Undoubtedly, the great advantage of buying on Chinese websites is the price of the products, which is usually especially cheap . However, you have to look case by case if it is really worth buying an item on these websites. In general, it is true that items tend to have cheap prices.

You can usually consult the opinions of other buyers

It is common for the items sold on this website to have comments from other people who have bought them before , so you can get a better idea of ​​what you are going to buy.

The large number of items that can be purchased

On the Chinese websites you can find very specific products that would be difficult to find in a physical store , such as costumes for very specific characters.

Disadvantages of buying in Chinese stores

Of course, all that glitters is not gold, so there are also some negative points when buying in Chinese stores.

The measurements of the clothes are not the same as ours

When consulting the opinions of people who have bought in Chinese stores, we often come across people who complain that the garment that has arrived has a size that is not what they expected.

Well, this is not a mere coincidence that is repeated, since the truth is that the Chinese sizes are usually much smaller than the ones we handle . For this reason it is important to consult the measurement tables whenever they are included.

Avoid private shipping companies

When we buy within Spain we do not usually have problems with the company that sends the order. But this changes when buying on Chinese websites, in which case you have to try to avoid private shipping companies.

It is common for these websites to offer you this option and tell you that your order will arrive sooner if you choose it, but the reality is that it is very likely that the package will be retained at customs, and you will have to pay taxes and duties . Therefore, it is best to use the cheapest shipping method.

It may take time to receive the order

Do not forget at any time that the order comes from China, and although the process can be expedited, it cannot be done by magic in this regard. And as we have already pointed out, it is better not to try to do it, since choosing shipping with certain companies to lighten your shipping can be expensive.

Now that you know which are the best websites to buy in China, you can make your purchase with much greater peace of mind. We hope you liked this article.

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