The 8 best websites to find teleworking offers

It is increasingly common to hear about teleworking and the companies that opt ​​for this method of work are increasing. But what is teleworking?

This form of online work is a modality of common work that is done remotely (from home, in most cases). Although many companies have adjusted the normal work model to teleworking, it has been done for a long time with some sectors, especially those related to the Internet.

Best websites to find telecommuting offers

The vast majority of teleworking positions are related to freelance offers, where you can develop services and exploit something that you are good at on the Internet. Next to each one we have briefly put what you can find on the website:
  • Fiverr : freelance jobs (one of the largest worldwide).
  • Frelancer : freelance jobs and professional services.
  • Upwork : freelance and telecommuting offers for companies.
  • Twago : professional services, freelance and company offers.
  • PeopleperHour : professional services, freelance and company offers.
  • Indeed : offers from companies to telecommute (here is an Indeed review explaining how it works)
  • Infojobs : offers from teleworking companies.
  • Tecnoempleo (exclusive for Spain): offers from companies to telework.
Other very interesting jobs to do from home , we are updating this section often.

Advantages and benefits of teleworking

Teleworking can offer great advantages to workers:
  • Hourly flexibility . Each worker has the schedule that best suits him, as long as he delivers the work within the deadlines set and previously established. This allows the worker to distribute his time in the way that suits him best and, therefore, is a great advantage.
  • Reconciliation of work and family life . Teleworking allows the worker to improve the adaptation of work in his personal life. For example, it is quite an advantage to be able to telework for those people who cannot work a full day or who have special circumstances that prevent them from fully adapting to a job that implies certain rigidity related to working hours and conditions. .
  • Geographic flexibility . With teleworking, you only need a computer and an Internet connection. In our choice is to work from a room that we have adapted to work in it or if we want to work from cafeterias with a relaxed atmosphere. In other words, the worker can allow himself to choose the workplace where he will be more efficient and go to work in a more comfortable way. In addition, teleworking can provide us with great advantages related to mobility, for example, it offers us the possibility of being able to work in a different city.
  • Savings in costs and travel time . This is a very important factor for all those who live in a big city or work far from home.
However, we also found that teleworking can also offer advantages for companies:
  • With teleworking, the productivity of employees also increases .
  • Teleworking means cost savings for companies because it reduces the physical space required to work and office expenses.
  • It is a very attractive modality for workers , therefore, it favors the attraction of talent, and the retention and loyalty of existing talent in the company.
In addition, with teleworking we achieve less environmental pollution, since there is no need to travel to do our work.

Disadvantages of teleworking

On the other hand, teleworking also has a number of disadvantages:
  • It requires that the worker have a high self-discipline to be able to organize .
  • With teleworking, corporate strength is somewhat lost and, therefore, it is more difficult to motivate workers.
  • There have been occasions in which teleworking has produced a feeling of isolation at work and has led to psychological and relational problems . To avoid this, it is recommended that workers visit the office periodically.

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