Opening a dropshipping store on Shopify

What is Shopify?

Shopify is an innovative website building platform , where anyone can, in a few simple steps, open a new online store at an extremely minimal cost. The uniqueness of Shopify is that there is no need for any prior knowledge, no need for a programmer, designer or computer expert. Shopify's system simplifies the entire process of setting up the virtual store into a number of simple steps with a convenient and clear interface. Today you can have a new online store that is only yours, for the brand or business you have built.

We wrote about Shopify in an extensive article .
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(Example for a Shopify store)

hy open a drop store on Shopify (and also a suitable normal store)?

Internet exposure: in an era where everything is conducted online, establishing an online store expands our existing business, and opens up a huge audience of people who shop online.

Cost savings: selling products on Shopify is much cheaper than selling products on eBay and Amazon, which command particularly high commissions . In addition, there is no need to hire a designer or programmer, you can choose a variety of templates and innovative designs.

Independence: a Shopify store frees us from dependence and the constant fear that Amazon or eBay will close our account one day, just like that for no reason.

Independent brand: it allows us to move forward in our own way, create our own brand and sell as we please. Using the advanced templates and design, you can create a personal brand for yourself that will take you forward.

Negligible setup cost: The cost of opening a store on Shopify is extremely cheap and is only between $29-79 , depending on the plan you choose. In addition, Shopify gives you 14 free days in which you can try the system without any obligation!

Control: Since you are the owner of the store, you can always improve and upgrade your website to increase sales. Enough with the generic and boring product page of Ebay or Amazon, from today they improve and make sure to convert as many surfers as possible. In Shopify you can improve the product sales page, the cart page, embed pop-ups and more.

24/7 support: Shopify has full customer service support (in English), so if you're stuck or something isn't working properly, there's someone to talk to.

Plugins: Due to the increasing use of Shopify, developers from all over the world produce plugins and integrations that increase the ease of use and work with Shopify. For example, connections to suppliers, manufacturers, logistics and shipping, currency exchange depending on the surfer's location, sending an email to a customer who abandons a cart, and more.

How do clients pay me?

Surfers can be given a variety of payment options. The main ones are payment by credit card or payment via PayPal. Shopify's system also provides information security to a strict standard so that credit and payment details do not leak out. In addition, you can easily connect an automatic invoice system. So with every sale, an automatic receipt will be issued, which you can provide to your CPA at the end of the year (or once every two months for those who are licensed ).

How do you make money from Shopify?

There are countless ways how to make money online with Shopify and with time and creativity developing, people discover and share new methods. We will list 2 particularly popular ways:

Opening an online store for the physical business: if you have a business and an existing inventory and you sell products, why not expand to the Internet? And we don't mean a Facebook page for a business, but a really designed website where every buyer (or in the world if you want) can pay and order the product you offer. With Shopify you can expand your business presence and open your business to another market.

Dropshipping: One of the most common ways to generate income from my work from home is dropshipping . Open an online store without owning a single physical product.
How do you do dropshipping on Shopify? Establish contact with a supplier abroad, agree with him on the price of the products including shipping to the customer and open a designed and branded store on Shopify with the supplier's product inventory.It is possible to take a product line of a certain niche from Ali Express, where the prices are extremely cheap, build a branded online store for it, brand it as a high-quality and prestigious store and sell it at a profit. From the customer's point of view, you are the supplier, so the more you present a quality brand, the more people will pay. Here is a real example we came across, a site for selling clothing products, which brands itself as a luxury store called P&M FASHION. The price of each product on the site starts at about NIS 100. But in a quick search on the Girbest website, we found several watches that appear in this Shopify store, at hundreds of percent lower prices.

Importing products: Do you believe in a certain product niche? Are you sure this is the next hot product? You can import products wholesale from a supplier in China or the US and open a suitable online store. Here are some options on how to find what to sell online .

Selling courses: Do you have an online course that you built? You don't have to sell only physical products in my shop. You can also sell digital courses you built, workshops you offer, etc.

Selling digital books: Have you packed some knowledge into a written book? Have you written an interesting book and you want to sell it online? Here too, you can set up an online store on Shopify and offer your books for sale in hard copy with delivery to your home or as a digital copy of your choice.

find the differences:

(Chinese Gearbest website)

(Shopify store)

Probably if we check about all the products in the store, we will see that they all originate from the Ali Express or Girbest website and at significantly cheaper prices. There is no doubt that the profit here is huge . What is amazing about Shopify is the special tools it has, which simplify the work, you can "import" any product from eBay and AliExpress easily and with the click of a button.


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