10 Steps to start making money with Fiverr

Earning money with Fiverr is one of the most attractive strategies that freelancers use to boost their finances and spread their services worldwide.

If you are a self-employed professional, or if you are thinking of becoming independent soon, it is important that you know that this platform could become your best friend.

Fiverr is an online market of Israeli origin that promotes the diversification of independent services, and therefore, could significantly contribute to your financial freedom.

Use Fiverr to generate income online:

Earning money with Fiverr from scratch will take you a bit of time, but we still want to emphasize that it is not an impossible mission.

Currently, more than three million users use this platform constantly, and the vast majority take advantage of it to multiply their income and attract customers around the world.

Today we would like to tell you how you can expand your business online using Fiverr . If you have access to the Internet, and an electronic device, the next step is to complete these ten steps:

1. Sign up and create your profile

The first thing you should do is sign up for free on Fiverr . This process is completely simple and will only take a couple of minutes.

Once you are part of this great community of freelancers , you should start working on your seller profile.

The more explicit and complete your profile is, the more confidence you could inspire in your potential clients.

Fiverr gives you the option to add a profile photo, write a short bio about yourself, and offer relevant information to potential buyers through a description.

In the same way, you can specify the languages ​​you speak, and include links to your other social networks such as LinkedIn , Google, Facebook or Twitter.

In this step it is also important that you define the skills or abilities that you have as a freelancer.
For example, if you have experience as a translator, designer, programmer, or copywriter, you should make sure your clients know it.

It is also recommended that you post your degrees and certifications, as this supports both your knowledge and expertise (and also has a lot of weight in the purchase intent).

2. Research supply and demand on Fiverr

To make money with Fiverr you need to research your own market. This means browsing the platform and accessing the categories of services that you intend to offer.

If you want to provide digital marketing services, you must access that category, then the corresponding sub-category and finally analyze the profile and prices of other sellers.
You can do this work easily and quickly through predetermined filters, such as: service options, "pro services", budgets, etc.

Wondering why it's so important to know how much other sellers on Fiverr who offer the same services are charging?

It's simple: this way you can make better comparisons and define rates that are really attractive and competitive for your buyers.

You should keep in mind that the minimum amount you can charge for freelance work on this platform is $5 dollars.
In other words, you have the freedom to price your work based on your skills, knowledge, experience or acquired skills.

Setting rates arbitrarily is a mistake:

But this does not mean that you can set rates arbitrarily. On the contrary, when doing so you should consider some basic aspects such as:
  • The level you have as a seller (if you are just joining Fiverr your level will be beginner).
  • Your differentiating elements or competitive advantages.
  • The average price of the services your competitors provide on this site.
That is why it is so relevant to investigate the current market and analyze the offers and demands that exist around the services that you want to offer on this site.

3. Earn money with Fiverr after creating your gigs

“Gig” refers to each service you create and publish on Fiverr. For example, if you offer a graphic design service that would equal one gig.

Basically, it is the term that the platform uses to refer to each service package.
As long as you are a beginner you will only be able to create three gigs. But as you level up this option will become more flexible.

In your profile you can have three different gigs: one about writing , another about translation and another about design (just to give you an example).
So you have several ways to earn money with Fiverr from wherever you are, as long as you set up good gigs and have a great profile.

How is a gig structured?

A gig is structured at three levels and you define them yourself. However, most sellers follow the same pattern and identify them as:
  • Essential.
  • Standard or intermediate.
  • Advanced or premium.
Let's say you offer writing, your basic gig includes a 600-word piece with no search engine optimization, and your price is $5.

While the standard gig includes a 1000-word note without SEO optimization and its price is $10 dollars.
And finally you have the premium gig that includes a 1200-word text with SEO optimization and its price is $15 dollars.

You see the difference? At each level you offer a plus and that is why the prices vary. Although the most important thing is that you offer up-to-date, valuable services at competitive prices.

4. Customize and publish your gigs

When you have customized your gigs, that is, when you have defined their characteristics, descriptions, prices, photos or videos, you must proceed to publish them.

In this way, your profile will begin to be displayed in the category that corresponds to it and that you have defined yourself.

In simple words, you will be one step closer to generating income online with your services as a freelancer.

5. Download the application on your mobile

Downloading the mobile app on your smartphone is essential to making money with Fiverr.
This is because time is a critical success factor in this freelance job market.

Responding to messages from your potential clients immediately influences your statistics, and the better your numbers are, the greater your chances of leveling up.

Therefore, you should make sure to activate notifications in the app so that you can manage your profile, or your messages, in real time and no matter where you are.

6. Send offers with your services

At first it might cost you a bit to get hired. Especially since your profile will have a beginner badge, and you won't have reviews from old buyers.

However, you cannot sit idly by, or simply wait for someone to hire your gigs one fine day.
A good way to take action when you're debuting as a seller, and you want to make money with Fiverr, is to access the offers that some buyers have published in the requests panel.

These offers are public. That is, any user can see them and send a job proposal to their creators.
At the same time, you can filter them to access those that are related to your category of services; and if you consider that they really interest you, you could make an offer.

You should know that you will not only be competing with other sellers, but that the decision to be hired will depend solely on the buyer.

If this advice interests you, you should access the section called "Buyer requests", since that is where all the offers on the site are listed.

7. Take care of your reputation as a Fiverr seller

If you really want to make money with Fiverr you need to take maximum care of your reputation as a seller.
This means that the quality of your services must be superior, and last but not least, it must be guaranteed.

If you do a poor job, or if you decide to ignore your customers' requests, you risk getting a bad review because they will be dissatisfied with your services.

Think about it, who would want to hire your services online if your previous buyers do not recommend them?

Keep in mind that a good review will not depend solely on the final result of your work.
This may be impeccable, but if you don't know how to communicate , be cordial or respectful with your buyers, you will hardly be successful.

8. Share your gigs on other networks

Promoting your gigs on your social networks like Facebook , Twitter or LinkedIn could increase the reach of your services and help you capture the interest of new clients.

This step is as simple as copying and pasting a link on those networks that will redirect your users to your Fiverr profile.

But before doing this you must make sure that your profile is fully optimized. Check that your details are up-to-date and correct, that your photo is professional, and that your gigs are active.

9. Take courses and expand your services

Another great strategy that you can carry out to make money with Fiverr is to constantly update yourself.

Remember that knowledge is power and that the more up-to-date and qualified you are about your profession, career or trade, the higher the quality of your gigs.

The good news is that this platform has its own bank of digital products . It's called “Learn” , you can access it from its home page, and it's full of very productive online courses.
As if that were not enough, they are taught by reliable and recognized experts who will help you successfully professionalize, and scale your services as a freelancer in the right way.

10. Respect Fiverr standards

Adhering to some basic standards is also crucial to making money with Fiverr. In case you didn't know, this site is responsible for evaluating your profile on a monthly basis.
During this evaluation, it analyzes some indicators of success, such as:
  • The number of messages you have replied to.
  • The time it takes to reply to people who write to you by private message.
  • Percentage of orders completed (must be at least 90%).
  • Number of orders completed in the established time.
  • Days without receiving warnings from Fiverr, etc.
If you don't pay attention to those requirements, or neglect your profile and activity on the site, you could be removed to a lower level, and much of your effort as a seller will be wasted.

Start earning money with Fiverr from scratch:

Making money with Fiverr from scratch is completely doable. And according to a Forbes report , the top sellers on this platform generate up to six figures annually with their gigs.

So, if you work independently, are talented and good at what you do, you should join this community of freelancers as soon as possible to start turning your finances around.

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