The 14 best free link shorteners without advertising

If we talk about URLs, a maxim to keep in mind is that less is more. Internet users don't like to come across a long and complicated address, and therefore neither does Google. Therefore, in this post we are going to talk about the best link shorteners available right now. That is, those that work best for us, and for free.

14 tools to shorten links and urls for free

The best online tools to shorten any type of link. Some even allow you to do it without having to register:


One of the most popular URL shorteners is Bitly , which is not surprising considering that with its free version you can do a lot of things. Among them, customizing shortened URLs , obtaining geographic information from users who click, tracking clicks, etc. In addition, it allows you to perform these actions on a large number of links (500 personalized or 10,000 non-personalized).

On the other hand, if you access a payment plan you can enjoy other options, such as QR codes , more information and brand links.


One of the most significant advantages of the Tini.CC platform is that the use of your shortener does not require registration or complicated steps . This thanks to the fact that the tool is present when entering the official page.

However, registration is required if you wish to gain access to link tracking statistics. Only in this way will you be able to shorten, track and manage all your links without major complications. Therefore, it is not only a tool that is quick to use, it is also one that can provide you with a complete benefit and according to what is expected. is one of the platforms of this type, and we also classify it as one of the most efficient in its function. With this tool, you will not only be able to shorten your links, but it also ensures that you get complete control of all your social networks through the Hootsuite control panel ; which you will have at your disposal, even if you use a free or paid plan.

This version of in the Hootsuite control panel focuses on providing the user with greater security; offering you easier click tracking, easy-to-understand usage options, a more intuitive social media manager. In addition, to implement a function to schedule messages and give exclusive follow-up to important conversations.


In the case of Rebrandly , there are two options to use it: register and log in, or add it as an extension in Firefox. From there, this URL shortener differs from others in that the statistics it offers are private (in other cases they give this information, but it is public).

Another aspect that Rebrandly stands out for is allowing you to customize the URL to a greater extent , and not in a basic way, as is the case with most tools of this type. With its free version you can make up to 1,000 customizations within the same domain. And you will also be able to create QR codes, so it's not bad at all.


Bit.Do is another option that you need to know about. With this tool you can reduce the number of characters in your link; like customizing URLs, generating QR codes and knowing the tracking statistics of all the links you edit on your portal.

On the other hand, this platform also promotes a tool that will help you hack your domain name; so that you can integrate it into the links of your brand or niche in a simple way and without overextending the length of the URL. In addition, you will also be able to see the statistics of your links with a password for greater protection of your information.


Cut.Ly is an easy-to-use tool, with which you don't need complications to make the most of all the benefits it offers. Without any registration, use your link shortener, and if necessary, customize the link to increase your traffic. If you wish, you can even add its shortener to your browser's toolbar ; without costing any plan.

If you want to have more benefits, then if you require a registration on your portal; This process is not very complicated to carry out, since the data requested is basic. With this you will be able to access the statistics of your links, as well as see the number of clicks and mentions that your shortened URLs have had on social networks.


Surely, you still did not know about the link shortener that the Twitter platform includes for the benefit of all its users. We are talking about, a free and easy-to-use tool that will help you convert any long link into a URL of only 23 characters ; which allows other users to place more trust in the shared link, and enter it without problems.

If this information is new to you, you will surely wonder how to use , and the answer is easier than you expect, because with the simple fact of copying and pasting the URL in the text space of your Twitter profile , you will notice how the link is reduced. This will help you get more space to write the text of your choice and thus share the complete information.


By using Hyperlink you will be able to access interesting data per click, such as the device from which it is made or its location . You will also discover user reference information. On the other hand, you will receive an immediate notification when someone clicks on your link, or you can change this option to an hourly, daily or weekly summary.

You also have at your disposal a live monitoring panel . Now, in this case, custom domains are only available in their paid version.


Is.Gd is a platform where you can shorten URLs without registering , and also customize the link and track the links also without the need to log in. It also allows you to create QR codes from shortened URLs.

At the design level, it may not be what takes the cake. However it is a simple solution to use.


Like the aforementioned shorteners, ClickMeter not only guarantees its users to shorten a link; it also prioritizes making the most of its customers' URLs. Guaranteeing payment tools such as the option to target the visitors that generate the highest conversion rate; the possibility of knowing if there are broken links, latency, blacklist or click fraud .

Although the services that ClickMeter offers are not entirely free, the prices of their plans are not excessive; Well, the cheapest plan is $29 per month. And it gives you a year of data storage , 25,000 events a month, and more than 100 available features.

11. T2Mio

In T2Mio there are two interfaces:
  • One of them offers geographic information about the users who clicked.
  • The other contains data about the browsers they used, the devices, etc.
Knowing all this, important keys are obtained when designing a strategy , so it does not hurt to have these references.

Along with this, another point to highlight about this platform is that it allows you to create QR codes as soon as the URLs are shortened. It should be noted that T2Mio has a payment plan that can be very valid for those who have a business. In all other cases, its free version may be more than enough.

12. Yours

The peculiarity of Yourls is that it is not a web page, but an open source system that must be executed on the server. Well, once this is done, with Yourls you can use a bookmarklet to shorten URLs with just one click. It also allows you to choose between whether the addresses are private or public.

In addition, Yourls offers tracking options that can be interesting. If what you want is a tool that allows you to access a higher level of customization , perhaps Yourls can be quite useful for you.


Among the most notable options of Clkim is its function to perform destination A/B tests , which allows you to discover which landing pages are obtaining the best conversions. On the other hand, this platform has some targeting options that are based on custom lists of users who have entered the URL.

Clkim also makes a difference because of its intelligent redirection system , which works quite well. The URL can redirect users based on location or mobile operating system, based on contextual triggers. This allows these people to access the page in the way that is easiest for them.

Now you know which are the best URL shorteners , have you decided which one to try?


At TinyURL , a veteran of URL shorteners, you can shorten URLs and customize addresses without registration . Something especially interesting about this tool is that you can add it to the toolbar of the browser you use, for greater comfort. It also gives the possibility to discover basic data of the links.

On the other hand, it is a very easy-to-use platform and it has the advantage that all the actions it allows are free. That is, there is no payment plan here . So it can be said that it is a very valid and competent URL shortener.

Other url shorteners that allow you to earn money

If you are looking to make money using a url shortener, the following tools are the best to do it:

Without a doubt, the most curious thing about is that it allows you to monetize . That is, every time a user clicks on the shortened URL, they will be redirected to a page with advertising. A few seconds later, you will be shown a message offering to continue on the page. Well, simply for the fact that a person sees those seconds of advertising (which is 5 seconds), you will get a commission. Profits can be withdrawn from 5 dollars.

But has other advantages, since it has a statistical panel to track clicks, it allows you to create up to 20 URLs at once, and it even gives you the option of earning money without having to cut links. is another option that allows you to earn money with shortened links . With this tool you can monetize even when a user shares a URL that has been shortened with it on their social networks.

You can use on your website, but you also have two other interesting options: install it as a WordPress plugin , or access the platform through a Google Chrome browser extension .

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